December 31, 2009

Unknown Road

On the verge of a new year turning,
Where one ends another is just beginning,
To cast aside the pain of the past,
To carry on knowing true love will last,

The coming new days shine with rays so bright,
Promising desires to set even the darkest mind alight
With hope the power carried forwards in our heart
With our dreams in mind our passion dares not part

The road ahead unknown to all
Where one can make new friends and have a ball
Never ending does the road proceed ahead
where the past is a long time gone no need for dread

The promise of hope and dreams a time of change to come
what will the new year bring the turning tide has begun
so raise a glass in fine fettle to those who stand to your side
Bless all who have passed you by for love does not hide

Stand with pride in your heart and dreams in your mind
For comforts of past find places to reside
The coming year presents new challenges and insight
Fear not the unknown road for there will always be light

Jennifer Don (c)

Star Above

Queuing queuing always waiting
Waiting in line patience failing
Shopper's bustling through the streets
Grabbing the last of those Christmas treats

Snow is falling all around
Christmas now in every surround
Children playing running singing chanting
Waiting for good festive tiding

Parents hiding those last minute presents
Sharing the story's of what Christmas represents
To share in the truth of this loving season
For I can't name such a worthier reason

The Birth of Christ in such stable bare
On that morning with no decorative flare
Of the Journey the wise men did partake
To those gifts they took and did not break

From the star above that led the way
To those events we celebrate Christmas day
Share the memories and give thanks at dinner
For reason's given Christmas is a winner

Those logs now burn on that tender fire
Giving warm glows when people begin to tire
With board games now upon the table
Family's sharing some old family fable

Jennifer Don (c)

December 09, 2009


Oh echo's in the wind how I long to hear your voice
Clear as day I wish it was so, I long hear those words
Echoing through time for all to gain for some it's but noise
For others it is but needed wisdom in those floating words

Oh for echo's in the elongated cave
I want to sit and listen, to let things just be
While I sit in this semi darkened cave
I gaze in all directions seeing what there is to see

When echo's of your words now fade
Another sound beckons the call to be heard
This one is gentle and sounds like a marching parade
A gentle rhythmic drumming so clear can it be heard

While this sound brings in that peace
To which I can relax and take in the coming night
Other thoughts draw a close and soon the cease
Gentle memories come with those echos under moonlight

That familiar voice so longed for but never forgotten memories
A happy thought to hold close within the heart
An echo of the past that's so close and wrapped within more memories
Forever treasured echo's that I wont ever let part

Jennifer Don (c)


Silence, what is silence
For there is no echo
For there is no sound
The silence is all around
When the world goes to sleep

In the night the silence grows
Not entirely as nothing stops
But silence is peace no sound
There be no voice to awaken
There only be the tune of earth

The birds that sing for your silence
The tree's that talk in the wind
The grass that bends and sways
The animals communicating
From one to another the silence invokes

It's peaces springs forth
It aids the thoughts of clarity
It aids the steady mind
The silence merely metaphor
For in the silence is many sounds

Jennifer Don (c)

December 02, 2009


Sometimes I wish for that little bit of peace
To still the mind, for noise to cease
Sometimes I pray for things to change
Knowing that in time things change with age

Sometimes I sit and ponder the world today
Trying to find the right words to say
Sometimes I sit and shed a tear or two
For reasons within that be so few

Sometimes I'm not myself but remain with pride
For I know within I have nothing to hide
Sometimes I see things that others may miss
Things aren't as the seem so don't dismiss

Sometimes I wish I was alone to think
But then I think I don't want to sink
Sometimes I wish that others will understand
To know how things are with out any reprimand

Sometimes I wish that the way to go was so clear
So that I may then have nothing to fear
Sometimes I Think of those who give support
Courage then builds as does surround support

Jennifer Don (c)

November 18, 2009


A fire ravages within my ether soul
Contorting what I've known to distant mere memories
Anger grows with seeing revenge a goal
But then to seek revenge wont that cause more rift than harmonies

Growing now with passion burning scarlet red within
Burdens and past taking its grasp tortured for one deed
Redness fills the sky is this my injustice that deepens within
Can I find the courage to proceed and follow every need

The lusting greed when anger rises
Spreading about like power ruling the mind
Uncovering a core supply of many hidden surprises
To beseech thee in power equal to that of strongest wind

Jennifer Don (c)

This was written months ago but was never finished and looking over it now, it's better left the way it is, for any attempt to change it removes the thought and what ever purpose there was behind it which I cant remember now as to what that was, or as to why I had written what I did but there you that's contortions for you


What have I lost and what have I found
Carrying on with the growing sound
Flowing the beat right up the street
If I need a break i'll take a seat

If you need a moment come to me
Come on let your spirit be free
Reach the sky and aim so high
Lighten the mood release that sigh

I shed all my worries through the night
Lightened my load without a fight
Lost in the darkness no not me
Shed all my worries now im free

What I did find it's all around
Instead of being lost I am found
Surrounding me is the love that's here
It's taking away the shadow and fear

So come on now let's have some fun
Together we can get things done
Come along and have a talk
Better still let's go for a walk

Jennifer Don (c)

November 15, 2009


Who would think time would fly so fast
Before we know it's all in the past
But some things will always remain
Simple memories arise again

What's gone we can't undo
In the now we can carry on through
On to tomorrow a new day awaits
Oh how we love these earthly rates

For mother earth and the turning tide
She creates the caves and places to hide
The flowing energy of the steady water
Where some can watch the playful otter

When Father sky decides the weather
Through rain or shine we can stand together
When the birds they fly so high
With the freedom we long for so we just sigh

In the clear of night the stars will shine
A guidance to what's yours and then what's mine
Under the stars while in the dark the night so still
The light is clear and our thoughts go where they will

Where memories come to life like a dancing flame
When we are told to shed the self created blame
Where all doubts are cast aside to make way
For room for light and positives this day

So what has gone before you is now behind you
So aim to look forward in all you do
Respect yourself and what's in your surround
For there's more to life that what's seen around

For Mother Earth is past, Future and ever present
Father Sky is much the same always omnipresent
Time, yes it's fast but don't wish it away
Take the step one at a time and enjoy today

Copyright © 2009 Jennifer Don.

November 11, 2009


Guided by the Harmony
Guided by the love in me
Following along to that soulful song
Fast or slow, It's never too long

Twisting and turning along the road I go
Like following a river watching it flow
Steady steps with that song in heart
Guided by things that wont ever part

Gazing up at the starlings in the Sky
Wondering what it's like to be free so high
Watching all the critters as the day moves on
Watching all go by until my thoughts are gone

Guided in so many ways
Never giving up through the days
Loving life for what it may offer
The magic and mystery rooted from a mother

As the sun now set's in the west
It's time now to get some rest
Wrapped in the comfort of knowing
Love is bound and ever growing

Jennifer Don (c)

November 07, 2009

As I Wake

As I wake up in the morning
As all shadows start to fade
As the new day is now dawning
I listen to the music being played

My nights of dreaming of you
Fade so fast from my memory
As sunlight bounces of the morning dew
Last nights dream is now history

The dream is gone much like you
But memories of you in my heart do stay
Filled again with the feelings I once knew
Happy times are now back to stay

The tears, they do remain
But the memories of you are strong
They may fall like droplet's of rain
But you will always live on

In our memory and our hearts
That bond can never be broken
The love that was shared will never part
It remains a tender token

I know your here with me
I can tell, I hear your song
I know your happy and your free
You are where you belong

We remain connected always within
In more ways than just one, it's true
I know you will guide me so I wont give in
You'll be there in all I go through

Jennifer Don (c)

October 29, 2009

In The Silence

As I sit in younder silence through the night
Trying not to think of anything but peace in the moonlight
Clearing the mind of all the drabble and shadow
Eluding the grasp of darkness in the meddow

Through the silence a sound rings clear
A flutter of fear for the sound is near
The echo in the wind is carried far across the land
Then a flash of light and an outstreched hand

A spoken word of reasurance this very night
Comfort brought by the warmth of that light
Those words that are spoken are very clear
Comforting enough to take away any fear

From there the light is gone but stars shine bright
The twinking stars bring hope in the light
A knowing that soon things will be clear
Awarness that there is nothing really to fear

Within the silence thoughts now reside
For there is peace, no reason to hide
Clarity clears any doubt from my mind
And now the mind can truly unwind

Jennifer Don (c)


The Joy of life's desires
Burning brighter than treachorous fires
Filled with hope beaming bright
That inner light keeps growing in the night

Ahh Hope a powerful thing indeed
A hope for every wonder and need
The candle of light within the dark
The hope of life with Noah's Ark

As the falling rain clears the air
Changes aspects that may seem fair
Fair or not the balance is clear
And from within hope stays near

Hope a powerful desire of life's journey
No one can take it from you not even for money
That flame that spurs you on through all
Through the shadows into light we have a ball

Jennifer Don (c)

October 22, 2009

Swirling Confusion

Trapped within a vortex of thoughts
Spinning ideas mixed with emotions of all sorts
Further within there is a place where I wont go
Where there is things I hide you wont want to know

Into the darkness of the abyss is were they stay
Left to stay forgotten about untill another day,
Swirling in thoughs weaving through them all
Sometimes then I hit a brick wall

To stumble a little then regain my place
Moving around and setting another pace.
Finding a new direction there to take
Seeking answers I may have to pause for a break

To listen to the wind or the call of nature
To read the sounds not worry about my future
Within the confusion why isnt there more time
Grant me space while I pray for things to be fine

Jennifer Don (c)

Not sure where this one came from, again it might have been something that I was picking up from a friend for I know that its not me to feel this way and It wasnt how I felt when I was writing.


Wish I was dreaming to be in a place pain free
Dreaming of lands filled with hope for you and me
Dreaming of the gentle flowing tide
Dreaming always to lose the feeling of having to hide

Dreaming of lands where there is peace and serenity
Dreaming of things where it might be destiny
Dreaming where dreams really do come true
Of places where we will all pull through

In the lands where we can relax and just be
Where our sprit is completely free
where conflict and war is none in land so sound
No need of chains for whats to be bound

Where a person is free to be as they are
Where travel is easy and no need for a car
Dreaming of change and possibility
Dreaming of fufiling one's Destiny

Dreaming of being complete to make on happy
Dreaming of things that could even be soppy
Dreaming fills the heart with Passion
Dreaming fills the soul with compassion

Jennifer Don (c)

Lost Within

I'm lost within my mind feeling confused
Often left wondering why do I get refused
Have I done something wrong would you tell me
Is it because I am not how you want me to be

I am lost within myself its true
I often struggle to find my way through
From the morning when I wake
To the night when the skies may break

Uncertainty draws in searching nearer to me,
Why can't it leave to let me be
In the cold of night I seek shelter from pain
Within the arms of one close I can't feel the rain

Why cant I have the comfort that I seek
To be cared for so things don't seem so bleak
Why can't I be shown some promise in Life
Can someone please take away that strife

Why can't I have some of the good things like you
I have my dreams shouldnt I be granted them to
Instead my world seems to come crashing down
I wish things would sooner turn around.

Jennifer Don (c)

Another one where I was picking up from someone else.

One Voice Of Change

A child was seen talking to the sky
Gazing up, hands clasped with a tear in his eye
It was heard what he did say
I still remember the story to this day
His voice was one with his surround
It did seem he was attuned to all around
His body so small and tender very gentle
His cry was loud to the sky but he did waver little

Oh dear father above me now please dont go
Please can you tell me why is it so?
Please can you tell me why the hunger and pain?
Please why is there no shelter for me when it may rain?
Please dear father in the sky listen to my cry
Can't you see these tears that fill my eyes?
Is this how It is meant to be?
Please can you tell me why is it me?

Please dear father why do I suffer?
Am I not a child of God born to my mother?
Do I not deserve to be loved as a child of God?
Am I not worthy of the good in life dear lord?
Have I upset you in anyway?
Can you tell me why I suffer this way?
Do I not deserve to live as most children do?
To learn and play please I ask these of you

As the boy filled deep with sadness inside
For tramua filled his life he had no place to hide
Tears now fluently streaming down his precious face
Flowing downwards in the most steady pace
A child so young should not suffer so
What can you do and where can you do
He regained him self and wiped those tears
Then came a reply to his cry as if to settle those fears

My dear child there on earth's ground
I will not leave you I am all around
How can I answer in a way you will understand
You have opened your heart and felt first hand
I fill with sorrow when I think of what i bestowed to you
When I think of all the pain and sorrow that you go through
Knowing its within my power to change these ways
Yet if I interviened how will you all learn through the days

My dear child do not cry please understand
I grant you my unconditional love so you may stand
I grant you the freedom of choice
You already know how to use your voice
I'll grant you wisdom and strength to aid you
To help the world become aware of those that suffer like you
I gave you these things to make a difference
No change will happen in an instance

Your are my beloved child I promise you
Time will change and it starts with you
My precious child please do not cry anymore
I will carry you when your burdens are sore
I will lift you up when the time is right
My love for you goes on through the day and night
Your pain and suffering will aid to the change in life
When others become aware of the pain that is rife

I am sorry that it was you I chose to bestow my greatest gift
But I could not see a more worthier person whom i would sooner lift
I could see no other better for this role than you
A glimmer in hope in all that you will do
YOu were brave when you came asking of me
You will be rewarded and soon you will see
You are the first who saught answers for the pain
The awareness of others will change you do not suffer in vain.

Jennifer Don (c)


Even through the dark what I feel is real
Deep inside is all the pain I feel
Thrown away into the abyss where it will stay
A new day dawns and all is on it's way

Through the storms i'm all confused
I'm torn in two ill be refused
The mind is running overtime
I hope it don't last I long to be fine

My heart bleeds forgive through my burdens adue
I call for closure forgive me please I ask of you
Heal my wounds wont you please im in pain
Cleanse my soul in the showers of rain

I'm drowning in the tears
Please take away these fears
Release my heart from that steely grip
Release me please before it may rip

I'm in a point of uncertainty
It's how I feel it's insanity
It's not so real you to but me
It's there inside I want to be free

Jennifer Don (c)

This poem isnt about me but what I was picking up from a friend and well couldnt stop the fingers when the started lol

October 18, 2009

If Life Was Simple

If life was simple where would we be
Happier ? contented ? perhaps maybe
How we wish for a simple trail
One thats full of colour not so pale
Always seeking the easy choice along the way
Looking for the simple side all through the day

When in man's reality its not to be
Life isnt easy but we fail to see
The aspects in life in where we learn
Longing for love in comfort is what we yearn
Always trying to do what we percieve to be right
Always trying to not back down without a fight

Complex matters add some spice and diversity
Nothing is how it seems to be in mans mystery
But life however we see it to be
Is neither simple nor hard and so you see
Life is as it is filled with challenges to ungergo
Keeping us on our toes and so we flow

From one thing to the next always moving
Through our struggles and triumphs always loving
Where would we be without the challenge in life
Where would man be without his beloved wife
Where would you be if everything was simple you see
Without the challenge of life where would you be

Jennifer Don (c)

Wounded Soldier

A wounded soldier battles not in vain
Fighting on through all the pain
Fighting for what he believes is right
Defending the innocent with all his might

Carrying on for his very survival
The soldier battles not in denial
Thinking of his family back home
Wishing he was on holiday in rome

Dodging the bullets as he goes
Keeping a watchful eye for his foes
Over the noise shouts are heard
Soldiers calling out not being reserved

Gun fire blazing through the air
Soldiers trying to be fair
But in battle love is never last
Defense is first surival can be fast

Over the shouts a voice is heard
This isn't what I deserved
Please tell my wife and children
That I will always love them

The war crys of the wounded soldier
Rings through the air as night draws colder
A cry that will last in the mind forever
A cause they fight for we do well to remember

Jennifer Don (c)

Self Clarity

I've heard the words muttered so often now
Questions asked by many looking where to go
"Whats my purpose whats my role?"
"Can you please tell me I just want to know?"

Wanting to know but not searchin the answers
Wanting the clarity without doing the work
Asking others instead of themselves
Asking always looking for that bit luck

"Why am I here and why now?"
"Why all the pain such hurt?"
"Why do things have to be how they are?"
"Will things ever clear from this little rut?"

All aspects of living life it's lessons
Just look within your answers be
Lift the shell within and you will see
Maybe not now but soon it will be clear you'll see

"How do I see what is not there?"
"How can I Trust what I cannot see?"
Open your eyes within your mind look deep
Clear your doubt and let you flow to be free

Trust not that of that which is material
Trust in thyself for thou heart really does beat
Hold your own within your mind and vessel
Follow the growing intuation it's your beat

"But why, what is there really to see?"
"How can I be sure this feeling is really me?"
"Are things really clear when I search?"
"How come its still hazy Is this how its meant to be?"

Give some time your patience is needed
Allow it to come don't rush it, let it be as it will
Give to yourself your whole spirit within
Allow your mind to open, to clear to follow as you will

In time it will become clear to you
Have a little patience and believe in your self
It will not be clear to begin with but it is there
Allow things to come when time is right trust thyself

Jennifer Don (c)

October 12, 2009

Not as it Seems

There's growing new sensations
And its not from Occupations
For the fire's burning deep
Through shadows it wont sleep

Turning all into the embers
Sharing light that is ever so tender
Sharing love all through the night
Discarding all in rising light

Leaving the past where is should be
Setting your heart and spirit free
Living in what is always the moment
Come om lets forget all that resentment

Bring to you the chants of life inside
For your choice in life is yours to decide
So stop looking back lets get moving on
Lets face the fears all through the dawn

For nothing is as clear as day
A times things won't go your way
And nothing is as dark as night
So look beyond the shadow into the light

Give yourself the hope that you seek
Loose the fear, regain your countrol over the week
Lets keep on running with the gift of life
And toss way all your worries that cause the strife

Shining down on you is the gift from above
The rain that falls is the tears of love
The sun that shines is the warmth inside
So chase that fear from where it may reside

Jennifer Don (C)

October 11, 2009

Lost No More

In the point of no return the stars did shine
To guide the way forward away from the darkened mine
To show you the path that leads your way
To take your fears away as you pray
Moving on up to better sights
Leading away from the lonesome nights
A single path a single soul did take
A journey new then one did make

Reveling in the hope that new road did bring
A blossom of joy for the soul did sing
The shadows are fading now out of sight
As the single soul walks with many in the light
Once feeling lost and now more found
Things have turned themselves around
The darkness gone, the light returned
The path now clearer where fire once burned

Those once desolate plains now shrouded in love
The gift of life shines down from above
As the soul goes onwards to newer hights
The chains once bound are gone to reveal new sights
That trust of ones feelings regained in joy
That faith of thought knows its not a ploy
Desperation once filled that vessel deprived of light
No longer the case for this loved soul so bright

Who once wondered why things happened in the past
To learn they're pain would never last
Long into the night did that soul sit and ponder
The stillness of air helped them as they did wander
That time to sit was all that was needed in time
That soul did learn that all was going to be fine
Some patience and trust was all it took
The time to find oneself and truly look

Within honest open eyes so dazzled and bright
The founder of this soul beams with new found light
No longer lost along the way, now found and wrapped in love
A tender moment of rejoice with a fallen tear from above
A new awarness then did awaken within the heart a new fire
Within them growing that awaited strength and desire
Courage building the path now ever more clearer
As the morning light comes bringing hope ever nearer

Jennifer Don (c)

October 07, 2009

Wolf of Night

In the silence of the ageing night
Shadows cast from the growing moonlight
With its rays now shining down upon the tree's
Where shadows dance like flames in the breeze

Within the moonlit shadows a wolf does hide
Hunting for food reveals the darker side
The hunger running through the wolf's pulsating veins
A need to eat before it rains

Oh the silent hungry wolf of night
Darting from shadow to shadow avoiding the light
Going to ground when the wind does blow
So as not to alert any nearby foe

So as not to reveal that hiding place
For if revealed the wolf will have to up a pace
The rain is near the wolf must move on
To track the scent of food before its gone

Through the bracken the wolf spots it's pray
Creeping closer over the branches in it's way
A growling lunge and it is done
Wolf can feast on the prize it's won

Once fed and full the wolf resounds it's song
A cry that rings through the chilling sky before dawn
The wolf now resides contented ready to rest
For now the wolf can sleep and rise its best

Jennifer Don (c)

Dream Time

Into the night our dreams do shine
Through magic and love so divine
They weave through the jungle of thought
Making they're way to places we cannot

In the mind our dreams are alive
In the zone where our soul can jump and jive
Where stars are home and lights aglow
Where wisdom comes from the river flow

Where the animals show no fear
No matter what is very near
Where anything is possible tonight
Dreams come alive in the night

Free to be that of which they are
Where the mind can journey far
Where the desires can play
In all desires which ever way

Where magic shines eternally alight
Shineing bright through the darkened night
Leading the journey your heart will beat
So dance to the rhythem follow your feet.

Jennifer Don(d)

Voice of Thought

How do I express these feelings
To give an honest word with meanings
How can I control the way I feel
Without loosing how I really feel

How can I speak what I want to say
When upon this day im lost for words along the way
How do i adjust to new sensations
Adapting now with no explinations

How can I feel the way I do
Make sense of how I feel for you
When each one is really new to me
With a part of me now wanting to be free

How do I reach for the dreams I see inside
How do I balance each from where they reside
Making sense of it all is hard to do
When I feel this way about you

I can't control what I feel for you
I runs right through me in all I do
Exploring the feelings in steady flowing time
Living them through untill each is fine

I am hoping that you know within
That how I feel wont give in
What is this sensation running through me
Why when I think of you I yearn to be free

Is it normal to feel the way I do
Do you ever feel this way too
Each time I think or talk to you
Those feelings arise as they do

Jennifer Don (c)

I Am .......

I am that whispered voice within the air
The gentle breeze that blows through your hair
I am the shadow upon the wall
I am there when you're having a ball

I am that gentle breeze at night
I am the warm loving light
Follow the guidance of your heart
For there I am and I will not part

Loving you always for the love you gave
Judging you not for how you behave
Forgiving you always for what you have done
Loving you always for the hearts you have won

I am the stars up in the sky
I am there to lift you up high
I am the grass beneath your feet
Follow your heart and listen to the beat

I am within you and you within me
I am the power of all to be free
I am the light that shines for you
I will be there always in what you do

Loving you always for the love you gave
Judging you not for how you behave
Forgiving you always for what you have done
Loving you always for the hearts you have won

I am the strenght granted your way
I am the hope that makes your heart play
I am the love thats always around
I am there in every surround

I am the support and aid to control
I am there when you want to stroll
I am the wind upon the shore of thought
I will always leave you not

Loving you always for the love you gave
Judging you not for how you behave
Forgiving you always for what you have done
Loving you always for the hearts you have won

I am within you and all around
I am in each and every surround
I will be there always through what you do
For I will tell you .. I am You

Within the mind dreams really do come true
I am the light that shines forever within you
I am the surround and all you see
We are one so lets be free

Jennifer Don(c) 2009

Dragons Den

If your lumbered in room seven
With a Dragon in the den
Then your haven't gone to Heaven
So perhaps think again

But count youself so lucky
It's a room and not a cave
As Dragons can be touchy
So pray that she behaves

If your brave enough to chance your luck
Then some presents is a must
I only pray that one is not a duck
For it may then turn to dust

A fair few now have been on through
Soon I'll bid you well and run
And there I leave the Dragon's queue
For I have already had my turn

So fair you well my trusted freind
I wish you all the best
My prayers for you will never end
But I really do need some rest.

So if your lumbered in room seven
With a Dragon in the den
Remember it surely isnt Heaven
So its time to think again

For this dragon has good taste
Nothing really but the best
She really takes her time why haste
Savouring the moment with a rest

Jennifer Don (c)

Be Free

Through the burning embers
The light distends like fingers
Flickering and dancing through the light
Reaching off into the distance of the night

Warming the body with its glow
Flilling the vacant spaces as its flows
Reaching into the caverns of thought
Into the web of life so taught

Awakening a call of sacrifice inside
A Calling to release the control that may reside
To release is then to gain some more
You then see you gain control for ever more

Awakeniing the inner control over perception
Mans perception that runs through every section
Break the chains and take new ground
Tonight as fires burn its you you've found.

It burns away the old perceptions with delight
Burning away things of old, well into the night
The birth of self empowerment has now taken its hold
With you to stand always firm and bold

Jennifer Don (c)


I question the mind of thyself
In thoughts thou seek the answers
Where eyes can not truly see
Into the depths of the soul I search
I delve so deep in search of answers

To find the things I seek
To feel the things I need
To trust in thy heart
To feel in thy soul
One must know one's self

Inside and out in all the parts
To understand every inch of this vessel
I must uncover every rock in sight
Into the beyond of the soul inside
I reveal the light of power indeed

Self empowerment, releasing the fears
Letting go of those useless things
To grant room to move on and up
I'll walk with the pride I have
With the strength I have found

With the lessons then taught
Through wonderful friends in life
I stand where others have fallen
I aid where others in need
I'll find strength inside from the rose alight

In the sun from morning untill night
Through passion of mind
And courage of heart
All things are possible
So don't fear the hidden parts.

Jennifer Don (c)


Aspects of perception of things in the night
Turned to angles unknown unless looked at in sight
Through deeper thought and introspection
Grant tender insight and bountiful vision
Space and thoughts rolled into one
And then left free to run.

Those angles did they turn to reflect that of mine
To cast new light did they then shine
Creating new line of thought trails of the mind
Where I am lost and directed to a path of some kind
Upon the opening of a channel to walk on through
Where at last Upon the path I feel change in direction too

A direction of growing aid and comfort
A single tear comes to life in a last resort
A reminder of things long gone by
A reminder that things can't change but we can soar high
To reveal the road continues on covered in light
That will remain long through the night.

Jennifer Don (c)

September 08, 2009

An Angel In Our Eyes

An angel in our eyes
An angel in our hearts
Always around and loved so dear
Theres an angel shining in here

One of laughter one of fun
One who loves to get things done
An angel in our eyes tonight
Never a truer one who shines so bright

Like a rose full in bloom
One that played the sweetest tune
A melody of laughter full of delight
For we have you to thank tonight

To lift us up when we are down
To turn our frowns the right way round
To see us straight and aid our way
To share your fun when you do play

For your an angel in our eyes
An angel in the darkest skies
Always around to help us through
To guide us on when strength so few

One of love so tender and bright
A light that shines forever this night
You are loved and adored by many you see
For your an angel between you and me

Jennifer Don (C)

August 27, 2009

In Loving Memory

This poem was written in the memory of my late nana who passed away to the world of spirit to be with her late husband again on the 20th of August 2009. It was written to be read out at her funeral in which my Dad read out. (((((Nana))))) Loving you always and missing you more may you now fly with grampa away from all pain and suffering as you are now free. Rest In Peace xxx

In Loving Memory

As words from thoughts flow through the caverns of the mind
They mix with strange feelings and emotions of every kind
As we remember your life with the memories in our hearts
We hold them with pride for they will never part

And as you walk through the vally wrapped in love
You are free of pain and suffering, and as graceful as the dove
And now to you a rose so sweet in tender loving red
Showered in droplets of morning dew and tears that we shed

Reunited with your one true love and friend
Eternally together forever with love that shall not end
May you now rest in peace in heavens abode
Where our candles will guide your road

Missing you always but we will never forget you
Your memory will live on for we all love you
You were to us our family and friend
And memories of you will never end

Jennifer Don (c)2009

August 10, 2009

Through the Days

Through the shadow into light
The sun has chased away the night,
Morning comes but with warm delight
Setting your soul inside alight

Full of passion and desire
Growing more from that inner fire
The burning strength within the soul
Coming to help achive the goal

Through all walks of life and learning
We all share a common yearning
To trust in ourselves and offer out love
To share the peace within, much like the dove

No matter how far we may tread
We ask for faith and never for dread
No room for fear but it wont go
Not even after the river flow

As we march on through the days
We look to things in different ways
Looking for answers and seeking our truth
We often fail to see our inner truth

But still we shine as day turns to night
We recharge ourselves within the moonlight
Ready to carry on the very next day
Ready to follow our path on our way

Jennifer Don (c)

August 04, 2009

Free Mind

There's a beating drum
Upon the path I turn
To guide my way
On this new day

There's a Butterfly
Flying in the sky
Darting to and frow
Showing we all grow

There's a bluebell over there
Showing peace is in the air
Fill your heart with glee
Let your spirit be free

There's an angel with me
She says to let things be
Happy days are here
There is nothing to fear

Jennifer Don (c)

Beautiful Day

There's a great big beautiful tomorrow
There's a great big beautiful today
No matter if the sun shines through your window
Or if its raining outside this day

For the magic or miracles remain
Tender life full of happiness and love
Everyone has everything to gain
Watch the sign of peace, such a beautiful dove.

For tomorrow's another day
Yesterday has gone so leave it rest
Let's follow the sun shine on our way
Keeping heads high doing our best

Positivity is the key
Love and laughter all around
There's enough for you and me
But let's keep our feet on the ground

So follow the flow,
I can see magic in your eyes
As your watching the shore
Theres a rainbow in the sky

Jennifer Don (c)

Guardian of thy door

The guardian of thy door thy safe keeper
Lay in rest and watched as i doth go nearer
Silent did thou keeper stay
Watching as I walked my way

Never moving ever restful in that watchful place
Knowing thy guardian of thy door's gentle face
The loving connection that doth surround
The joy in life one of many in man's playground

The guardian of thy door thy safe keeper
Watches over me all through day as night draws nearer
My humble shadow follows where ever I go
Even to the riverside watching the river flow

The guardian of thy door my safe keeper
Trusted friend and playful silent seer
Lives in comfort and knows thy place in land
Forever next to me and my patting hand

Jennifer Don(c)

Poem is actually written about my beautiful dog who was laid against the door tonight as she does most nights knowing where everyone is within the house before laying her head down to rest in comfort lol

Diamond in the Sky

Diamond in the Sky

Your the diamond in the sky
The brightest star from way up high
Your the rose within our hearts
Your friendship never parts

Your a growing inspiration
Full of fun and asperation
Your the leader of a gang
Geo Clooney is your man

Your a busy little bee
Full of fun and harmony
Sending emails by the tonn
Your friendship's always number 1

You like the rooms to move along
Just remember your never alone
Your a diamond in the sky
A shining star within our eye

Jennifer Don(c)

July 22, 2009

Duel Partnership

A wolf by night and hawk by day,
Cannot change direct in either way,
Set to carry onwards
Glistening eyes seeing forwards,

Into the night doth spirit travel,
soul alight with sparkle,
Searching common grounds for distinction,
Never alone to suffer apprehension,

Shine does thy hopeful eye,
Tomorrow breaks and hawk will fly,
Leading the path for wolf to follow,
Daylight changes to night time hollow

Flightful eager hawk lead wolf upon passage
Scour the way and give the message
Path be clear so carry onwards with due care
Gentle doth the wolf paw tread where it dare

Obstructive trees are bound to none
Over, under around the wolf be done
Covering the land with immense pace
Shy to none who see wolf's face

Jennifer Don (c)

Break In The Sky

There's a break in the sky
So that I can say Hi
When I'm watching over you
And everything you do

There's a break in the sky
Please please don't cry
I've never left you
I'm there watching over you

There's a break in the sky
Shining rainbow way up high
Whispers in your ear
Please please try to hear

There's a break in the sky
I never will say goodbye
I'm there in your heart to stay
Forever going your way

There's a break in the sky
Sending love from up high
Wrap you up I'm my arms
Causing you no harm

There's a break in the sky
Come now please don't cry
Lift your heart with a smile
Share your love for a while

There's a break in the sky
Please don't be afraid to say hi
I'm with you right there
With you always everywhere

There's a break in the sky
So the stars may shine from so high
There's really nothing to fear
For I'm standing right here

There's a break in the sky
There's no need to say goodbye
As I'm always there watching over you
And I've never ever left you

Jennifer Don(c)

July 10, 2009

Song of the Wolf

I call to thee my pack of kith and kin
Come join me now in our faithful song
Raise your voices aloft and sing from deep within
Let's join together now and show our bond so strong

Our cry of the wild unites us more than ever
Unique in its own special way, the call of our own today
With the power of love and respect for each other
Growing each day our song sounds this way

Through fealty of bond to each other we stand
Within unity of thought and soul we grow
Together with strength forever ready at hand
No burden now can cause great sorrow

We stand as one with the beat of the drum
Ready to stand with pride in our heart
Ready to run and chase at any given turn
Knowing our pack bond will never part

Let's sing out the night full of delight
Devoid of all fear we guard our home
Let's shine with passion burning bright
These woods are ours so we be free to roam

Jennifer Don (c)

Wolf Star

Looking to the sky at night
I gaze in awe at what I see
A wolf within the stars so bright
So tenderly proud and running free

Glowing eyes of ember so full of wisdom
A strength of passion burning like fire
A guardian over the growing kingdom
To shine above giving hope, faith and desire

A wolf star indeed to lead the way
Comes to life for whatever hidden need
Sometimes just so the wolf can play
With no desire for power or greed

To teach us lessons of who we are
To uncover our hidden resources within
Without guidance we may venture too far
The wolf star spirit shall never give in

A star above so bright to lead your way
A support system to help you see more clear
To arise the child within so what we may play
Knowing that what we truly need is always near

Jennifer Don (c)

June 17, 2009

Dancing Wolf

Dancing Wolf

Upon the stirdy branch of the loney tree
Resides the Hawk glaring over what she can see
For over the land not to far ahead
Lays a silent wolf with one paw on his head

Shading those wise eyes from the setting sun
The wolf resides in his peaceful slumber in the sun
There is a howl way off in the distance
The wolf rises in almost an instance

He answers the call of the wild
The song of his heart ever so mild
Now filled with growing joy he prances
Prancing with more joy he now dances

Twising turning all around
Jumping up and going to ground
He wimpers and whines and shakes his tail
As if he awaits for kin to join his trail

Still he dances in the dying sunlight
Now with more bounce as the moon rises tonight
That cry of before again it travels now more clear
He becomes more enthusiastic as travels ever so near

Dancing with the love in his heart
Dancing with the joy that will never part
Danging with passion and pride
Ignited within his soul never taken for a ride

Jennifer Don (c) 2009

Thoughts In Journey

Thoughts In Journey

Entranced with the fire burning within the passion of things to give.
The sound of resounding peace at rest within my soul tonight.
A thought stream trickling as a river with energy to give.
Searching only inwards for the fire burns so bright

A burst of energy renewed coming to life with great passion
A searching moment halted to acknowledge what's come about
A desire now calming to allow the flow of the star light procession
A moment now filled with smiles no space now for a dulling pout

Envigerating energy encompassing the surrounds of that vessel
A host of travel to lead from one journey to another
A passage we must all undertake even if we must whistle
Many lessons of new and old coming together to grow forever

With a mind clear of doubt filled with trust and compassion
A comforting soul has now found the purpose of there journey
Is such comfort and compassion now dying from life's fashion
Looking within we can see that we at times need others company

To help us all acheive our aims that we since let long ago in the past
Encouragement and support from others helps keep us on target
To give us strength through the days long may it last
So let's aid each other oneness in spirit never alone with no regret

Jennifer Don © 2009

Love Remains

This poem came from a request from a very special lady In Mediumystics . She had emailed me asking If I would right a poem for her daughter whom as you all know is greiving at this moment. So I couldnt turn her down and I ended up with this.

Love Remains

There's that same familiar smell again
A gentle stroke through my hair
A whisper in my ear saying I love you
A tender touch upon my cheek
A tear now falls upon my face
One of love and remembered grace
Warmth now surrounds me in memories

There's that gentle touch again
One I remember so dear and rare
Oh my gentle love I miss you so dear
Now the memories come flooding back
Shared with even more tears
I feel myself wrapped in someone’s arms
Again there’s that old familiar smell

When I turn to see who's there
I am but alone in thought
I hear the words I am here in your heart
I’m not there in person
But our spirits shall never part
I have never left and I’m with you now
Again that loving warmth surrounds me

I sit down now with tears a plenty
Not of sadness but of memories
All the good times we did share
The spirit of those I've loved and lost
So tenderly held within my heart
So full of love for them it will never part
I turn to see a rose so perfect and blue

A rare rose but delicate and true
A gift to me but from whom
There is no note attached only the whisper
Whispered in my ear... For you with love
I am here with you now and always
Please take the rose and keep it close
That familiar voice now fades

I know whom it was I had heard
But did not sink till I truly knew
I've felt them here with me always
That tender warmth of their love
And now the rose a gift for me I’ll treasure
Forever always to raise that smile
Within my heart they shall never leave

Jennifer Don © 2009

Oh Morning Dawn

The dawn breaks shedding new light upon the panoramic view
Spreading the warm glowing sun outwards through nights shadow
Seeping warmth and glimmering hope through the early mornings dew
Lifting the spirits of many in the morning sundance through the window

Clearing the murky shadows from our hearts of sorrow and pain
Turning them to the love and support that surrounds us in nature
Even when inside we feel the change encompass us no longer a strain
Feeling that release and sudden rush of conpelment to take a new venture

That new dawn of hope has come when we in need
To raise our spirits from sadness to uplifement within
To allow us to grow in comfort to be able to sow the seed
The seed of hope and dreams we aspire to and all within

Our morning sunrise the birds sing with more upliftment
A growing sensation that now stability of emotions has come
When we allow what we need and release resentment
We shall grow with support when we all see needs to be done

For this new dawn brings inspirtation and reason now to rise
For we awaken from the haze to see what we have since missed
To see ourselfs in new light and then shed our once beloved guise
To be who we were always ment to be even when some have hissed

From the dark of the night to this new dawn so bright
We have since stepped into the change of live and clear that haze
We are now venturing a new ground full of loveing light
With support it surely wont cause us to be in a daze

Oh morning dawn I have thee to thank for such vision and insight
A reason to get up and carry on to overcome what holds us back
A purpose of life that has now grown within and come to light
Oh morning dawn my hopes and dreams have risen to the morning lark

Jennifer Don (c)

June 09, 2009

A Spot of Tranquility

Looking over the landscape to the ocean before me
Glancing out to all the islands in the sea
Admiring the total harmonious beauty of the earth
Thinking that this is my home and resting berth


Watching that busy little fishing port by the sea
Never really noticing before how busy it can actually be
To see the comings and goings of the ferries and more
Realising that the same goings will happen in our universe forever more


Stepping back form the edge to see nature at its best
Watching from above perched within the core of eagles nest
Not a nest itself but a vantage point not many do see
So from me to you It's an amazing spot to sit and watch the see


Away from all traffic and mans handcrafted jungle of concrete
Away to the reclusiveness and peace to the hillside retreat
Among the ruins of once a hotel flowers now bloom with delight
Gather your resources and stop for some rest bite


Taking my path now back down I'll sit with the tree's
To send out my thoughts of peace in the gentle breeze
To welcome the energy of the earth and elements
To think upon my desires and clear all resentments


Within my jungle of thought and peace
It's paradise for me away from all the noise does cease
With nature all around the birds sing with beautiful melody
This a spot not known to many surely is tranquility

Jennifer Don (c)

All images are from aspects of Oban that not many people get to see and each have beautiful aspects to them.

June 07, 2009

Mystical Dreamer

Mystical dreamer will help you to see
All of the tendrils in this reality
Through every heartbeat between the world and me
Please show me some pathway to my destiny

Mystical dreamer dancing in the night
With beautiful visions shared with you and me
In the spotlight of the moonlight
Shared in time for you and me

Mystical dreamer come share with humanity
The passion of love and excitement
Through all mysteries surrounding eternity
Help us to live without holding on to resentment

Mystical Dreamer i call out to thee
Envelope all whom believe and don't
No one is excluded from that shining light of thee
Share with all your love even when some won't

Mystical dreamer grant the power to forgive
Within each mans heart the power to love
Within the souls of humanity wisdom you give
Within the eyes of the child shows the power of love

Mystical dreamer may i send to you
All that I no longer need so that I grow in strength
To regain my control between me and you
With courage in heart I can carry on a great length

Jennifer Don (c)

June 03, 2009

Never Alone

Never Alone

When one night did a soul seem so lost
Through all thought in mind within that vessel host
When the tears they did stream down that face
A flow of tears like a river running steady pace

Alas the mind and soul felt so empty
Realisations then did give them hopeful remedy
A hidden path before them did they not see
But it was there beneath them and only for thee

A searching path of wisdom intent
Learning and finding all that's inept
Time will tell when one sees that road
A road travelled alone is heavens forebode

For not one soul wanders alone in thought
There is always guidance, support and lessons taught
When that soul then took that journey
Thought did not cross but time will grant discovery

Jennifer Don (c)

May 12, 2009

Wolf's Bane

With an ostentatious glint appearing within his eye,
A longing, a passion for that run way up high,
Ready to stand and defend if needs be,
Ready to turn and run, to even chase thee

There be no cowardice blood within his veins of emotion
Mere reflex to save what he loves with devotion
Determination of survival instincts encompassing the lands of his home
He carries onwards forever happy and free to roam

To run the gauntlets through the moonlit forest the wild of the night
Lighting the fire within his soul illuminating his shadow with the growing light
Occasionally stopping to take in the glorified call of his pack his song
A cry of placement and reassurance that his pack remains ever strong

Marking his territory amongst his pack he cries the eerie tune so effortlessly
Filling his space and the air with the song of the night so reassuringly
A warning to those who embark their path through his domain
For he his here and he will forever be with his pack he will remain

His lands he will defend until he can defend no more
He knows within one day that day will come but he won’t loose to a boar
Surrounded now his pack gather for their was another in his domain
A single call from off in the distance, a stranger in the forest of wolfs bane

A lone cry within the dead of night, the pack await a reply before determining action
No howl sounds back to the single soul now an outcast of redemption
Wolf bane's pack still on guard, slowly creeping towards the stranger of the night
Within a clearing the stranger quivers, a young female seeking a new life of light

Still the defensive pack surrounds her now watching closely for a sign she may turn
Fearing an ambush the pack stand alert with ears pricked ready to turn
He the alpha walks up to her so brazenly brave with no fear within his soul
He see's what’s within a treasure granted to those who know their goal

He can see she is alone he knows within she is the one who is to change his life
To spend the days and nights with and to bring her into the pack like his wife
The others they are weary, a stranger within the pack but the alpha stands with determination
They trust wolf's Bane with their life and know within he cares for all with admiration

April 30, 2009

Rainbow Pathways

Rainbow pathway leads the way
Take my hand and share the walk
Shed the burden and have a laugh today
As we walk we can talk

Upon the rainbow path tonight
Wisdom given to those who listen
Shimmering stars in the night
Silent whispers truly given

Come now lets take the walk
Travel to new places and witness the new dawn
We will listen should you choose to talk
Upon the rainbow pathway walk you can do no wrong

Healing sensations beneath your feet
Filling all vacated spaces with purest light
Loose yourself on the trail you never know who you'll meet
Come take my hand , lets dance in the the night

The dance of love , respect and passion
Upon the rainbow path lets share thoughts of the soul
Taking to your feet filled with inspiration
The dance of joy and delight, the love fills the empty whole

Upon your rainbow pathway walk tonight
You can sing and laugh until your hearts aglow
A shining star in time you will become under the moonlight
A guiding shimmer in the sky , let yourself just flow

Jennifer Don (c)

April 22, 2009

Medicine Man

On the ever decreasing land
The medicine man makes a stand
A single tear streams down his face
As he has witnessed the changes at tremendous pace

His arms now out stretched and raised aloft
As the wind blows gentle and tenderly soft
He calls out to great spirit above
And asks for the land to be sent undying love

To watch over his people now spread afar
To unite them as one , wherever they are
A shooting star catches his eye blazing across the sky
A granted wish from way up high

A gentle tremor of thunder in the distance
The wind now changed in an instance
A flash of lightning illuminates the sky at night
Showing natures power sending out her light

The medicine man now stands with pride
Taking natures show in his stride
He knows within his prayers have been answered
And he knows that nothing is ever sub-standard

The rolling thunder quietens down to a gentle whisper
And he himself lowers his tone also to a gentle whisper
Now standing drawing breath from spirit light
Recharging energy with each intake of breath this night

Jennifer Don (c)

Free Flow

The Illusions of life does only hinder what is true.
To see that in terms of friends you need no crew,
You are one with the world and one within,
Learn to see what you should see with patience don't give in.

A breath of spirit may lead your way,
Take you by the hand this very day,
Cast out all shadows wherever they may creep
Aid you on your travels no matter how steep.

You walk the path of your choice and keep your light bright.
Spirit walk keeping you hopeful and your soul alight,
Giving you passion to keep on going ,
In a life that is forever flowing,

Spirit minds not of what was only that of what is now.
Spirit judges not of what was and will give a humble bow.
To your honour and place on earth,
You will be guided home wards to berth.

To rest and recoup as you take flight,
To spread your wings and fly into the whitest light
You are one with the source and all around
Free flow does your energy and keeps you to the ground

Jennifer Don (c)

Thus Spirit Speaks

Through a fountain streams inspiration
Words of wisdom and information
The great source of light
Forever stands while we learn to unite

My soul , your soul and that of others
In this source we are sisters and even brothers
Standing together under the rainbow of stars
Never fearing whats in front only looking at our pars

Searching within for answers not yet given
Seeking information to keep us living
When in true form we need not those words
When only time can see why not those words

When out of the light spirit speaks
We in return will always peak
Looking to what can lie ahead of our wake
Never truly certain of what we may then make

When then in our hearts our souls alight
The burning passion glowing even more bright
To spur our actions into thoughtful tasks for others
To aid in knowledge and be a fountain for others.

Jennifer Don (c)

The Joyous Spirit

In shadow light of pasture green
When sapplings grow and sure to be seen
Through fields aligned with purple roses
To shine their lights to eager noses

To dance the dance of inner delight
In gentle winds that blow even into night
To shine a light upon our days
To help take us out of a haze

Rekindling the youth of bygone days
And steads us forwards in our ways
Whispering words into our ears
In hopes that we may just hear

A guided word to put us straight
In hopes we dont return any hate
To take us back to fields aglow
So we may sit and let our thoughts flow

When at times we move so fast and stumble
That we may learn to remain truly humble
Of lessons learnt all in good faith and love
A sign we learn and accept the symbolic Dove

To aid in bringing peace to our hearts
To know that true love never parts
To hear the wonderous sound
That grows day by day all around

Back in shadow light of pasture green
The sapplings grown taller than they have been
Soaking up the energy of a hope filled life
Its time now to cut those hindered ties with a knife

Share the gift from our hearts of light
Allow them to shine ever so bright
That purple rose so tall and full of strentgh
Reminds us all, that all we need is our own strength

Spirit winds and a soul searching call
Answered thougts that grow so tall
Surround you now in ever growing intensity
Nothing harmful only that of reministy

Brings delight to those who have searched
Then to your thoughts that may be pearched
Upon the flows of Joy that ripples in waves
A warm delight now surfs those inner waves

Jennifer Don (c)

April 09, 2009

Spirit of Easter

Easter is once again upon us this year
A time to be thankful and shed a happy tear
To savour what it is that unites us all
A time to laugh and have a ball

To be grateful of the wonderful world around
Not to be taken for granted as the world goes round
A time to remember he who sacrificed his life for ours
He who brought happiness to others for many hours

The rolling of the stone that gave us the chocolate egg a scrumptious treat
A symbol that he had risen again, that we need not retreat
Easter is the time for hope , peace and love
A time where we share that wondrous inner love

A time for thankfulness in our life
And to be grateful that we suffer little strife
Spread the word of the Easter story
And feel the spirit of Easter in full glory

Jennifer Don (c)

April 07, 2009

Stand with me

Another one that was written over the course of a day. What started with only 4 lines and abandoned for most of the day, come night time had grown to whats before you now.

Stand with me

I wanna be , right where you are
Stand with me , don't go to far
Please take my hand and lead the way
Show me what I'm missing this day

Fill the empty spaces with your love
Stand with me amongst the growing foxgloves
Lets take in the view away from all we are free
Please I ask you stay a while with me

No matter what I do
It's happening to me and you
Stand with me and lend me some courage
Help me see beyond all this roughage

Lift me up and keep me there
The only I place I want to be is there
In that spot of gentle harmony
Where my inner soul sings a soothing symphony

Stand with me as I regain my way
Lend me your hand for support I pray
Aid me with some wisdom when I seek
Not to much maybe just a peek

Jennifer Don (c)

April 06, 2009

Join the Dance

Hmmm from music to trail of thought before I knew it I had written this poem.

Join the Dance

Come now, Share the fun and join the dance of joyous life
Spring forth with love and ditch that double edged blade of the knife
Lets dance in unity of the oneness that we all unite
Gleefully proud and courageous under the beam of the light

This is no ordinary path upon the affair or our days
Its the start of an amazing journey and change of way
Strengthening those inner bonds that matter so
Finding a course that we with many places can go

Finding our inner peace from the united dance
Lets sing and dance , laugh and pray, wonder and prance
Unite the power that connects the soul
Reach for your targets and all your most desired goal

Come now and share your light Join the dance of life
Let's loosen all those hidden ties and depart that strife
This day is ours for the taking if we so choose
Our power is there and its no one else's to loose

Always looking for that special place looking to see whats there
Why not seek whats inside during this dance of life please share
Tender moments wrapped in emotions dispelled by growing control
Dancing the night away with many aims and reaching that important goal

Jennifer Don (c)

April 03, 2009

Mighty lessons

After recent events and talking with someone else in the spiritual field over what has happened and such , they suggested that as I write poems and had written 2 within the last 2 days which were the last 2 posted that I write one on the lessons I've learnt over all those recent events

Mighty Lessons

I've learned now that you can find strength in times of weakness
To know when to talk to release all that built up inner sadness
So much hurt that has been felt some more than others indeed
In all life's lessons I feel this is one we all learn in order to proceed

I sit and look back thinking why was it so hard to just let go
To undo the knots and just follow the river flow
To shield myself when I could have done from all the pain
Even though we may make the same mistake all over again

Lessons learnt always the hard way hoping it was a once off
Next time . well I hope there wont be a next time or I'm off
Just in case it does I'll be much better off knowing what I know now
Next time I wont suffer this much pain mistakes I've made I see now

Hurt caused by others only hurts is we allow it so
This another lesson that will happen even following the flow
A mighty lesson to learn but one of power within
To learn that all our power lies inside so don't give in

To learn that you can only control what you have to give
Nothing else in the world can take that power to make you live
A resilient source and the greatest gift one to cherish not tarnish
Let bygones be bygones and stead yourself well to the finish

Lend a helping hand to others away from the growing action
Helping in the background works the same or better without the suction
Without being caught in all the action around those seeking help in life
Another lesson learnt in my ever growing book now with less strife

It's time now to turn the self revolving tide
And find where my inner powers may reside
To bring them back from being locked away
And start afresh on the dawn of a new day

Jennifer Don (c)

Inner thoughts

This one connects to outside looking in, in the way that they have both arisen from hurt that I've felt recently.

Inner Thoughts

Have you noticed when things are going great
A disturbance does the world create
To turn your world right upside down
When your smiles change to a lowly frown

When peoples anger turn to hate
When aimed at you , life doesn't seem so great
Then feelings surge from deep within
A rising pain of hurt starts to begin

All created from actions of one soul
One individual while loosing sight of their goal
Blinded of their actions only feeling whats inside
Never truly seeing what their doing on the outside

Never really knowing, never truly seeing
How much hurt their causing to other human beings
Unnecessary hurt and shattering torments of lies
I wish that all of that would quietly die

There is no need for one to cause another hurt
Deep down with so much pain we all hurt
Lets bring the love of above back on in
Let it sink filling all gaps deep within

Jennifer Don (c)

Outside Looking In

This poem came about after recovering from something that I allowed to get to me and what that was hurt me inside so much so I needed to go and sit and really think things through about where i was in life and where I wanted to be

Outside Looking In

Encrusted by their own intentions and greed
Selfishly living by their own desires and need
But true desires of best intentions are never met
Days go by and still they run from karmic debt

I often wonder within why can't they see
I so want to tell them but then I leave it be
Why waste my time talking when I wont be heard
I then start thinking how far can I tread

My thoughts are running wild after seeing so much controversy
So many feelings rising in this fast turning catastrophe
Why are humans so intent on seeing others hurt
Why can't they all see that more and more will be hurt

Is there no end to their cruel games
I can still see them all acting like wains
Shouting and balling through the torrent of lies
I wonder as I watch ... will someone pass me a pie

I pray for that torrent to end
No bows to break , let it flow around the river bend
Release it all and then let it be done
I pray for inner release and ask let thy be done

Jennifer Don (c)

March 31, 2009

From Dark to Light

This came about one monday night after being feeling really low and didnt want to feel that way any longer. Thankfully there was someone around who was also feeling the same way kinda and i think we both picked it up from each other and helped each other bounce back that night.

From Dark to Light

When filled with sorrow one monday night
Looking to take away some sorrowful pain that night
To release some deep down hidden pain
And return to stable mind frame again

To sit and ponder through past events and memories
I needed the lift and to clear the pain and worries
I looked no further than where I was this darkended night
For right there not far was one light so bright

Dazzling before my eyes one so clear and standing strong
A galant yet firm shell for and exterior ringing with a happy song
Not a song audible to ear but vibrations of energy so clear
With this soul some do not dare but there is truly nothing to fear

Some clantily laid banter with spirits so clear
A closer bond than some shed tear
For deep within all have suffered the same in some point in time
And it takes another to help see what is in the divine

Without that shining star that dark and gloomy monday night
My heart would have sunken even more in plight
The tenderness from within one soul not as some will see
Another in searching for similar paths treading the same as thee

Not to say a word to anyone for reputations to preceed
A firm defense and outer shell with a very kind heart indeed
Not to say a word to any soul as some will stay where its meant to be
Between the realms of spirit and here and then between you and me

Jennifer Don (c)

This should have been posted few weeks back just before - Our Rightful Way , i must have forgotten to add it but now here it is lol

March 25, 2009

The Beacons Within

This one came to me this afternoon sort of. I kept having the beacon of hope, the beacon of love running through my head and had only written the first stanza today being March 25Th 2009.
Anyways four lines and nothing more so left it and thought no more of it then as i was heading off to bed I actually finished it

The Beacons Within

There's a beacon a glow inside of me
Not of one but two maybe even three
Within you too , there is a beacon aglow
For many reasons these beacons flicker and grow

I see one as my Beacon of Hope's and Dreams
It leads my way and keeps be positive by all means
My hopes will always out way the fears I hold
Keeping my head and helping me stay bold

I see another as my beacon of friendship
That also extends outwards to my kinship
No one can I turn down when they be in such need
My ear and passive listening is all I offer so you may proceed

I see yet another, My beacon of respect
One think I know I can't be without I have no regret
I have faith in everyone to see thy selves as they should
Some wont even look although I really wish they would

I see another a beacon so bright my beacon of love shines globally
I extend to you and all around me in hopes that love never fades away
I ask only that you in return share it with all who cross your path
Be they right or be they wrong never is love denied as it makes us laugh

Jennifer Don (c)

March 20, 2009

The Trinity Within

This one came about last night -Thursday March 19Th. Talking of ignoring thy spirit guide who grows more inpatient they more I make him/them wait. Was discussing something that they had shown to me and out of the blue comes .. The power of three in the trinity be working united for the greater demise nothing more but the good will rise. I knew exactly where this had come from after seeing it written down and I know why it was given to me but again he can wait.
So after leaving what he had said to me for the night I come to read it this morning then the poem just followed.

The Trinity Within

The power of three ,
In the trinity be ...
Working united for the greater demise ......
Nothing more but the good will rise

One will tend to the higher core and see to the above
Working with thyself setting limits within thy glove
Building the core and all else that deems right
Even working on through the long night

One will see to our lower paths and all else below
Making sure that we are aware and keeping us mellow
Tending to the needs of thy lower self indeed
Making us aware of our other levels so that we may proceed

One will see to the center core within the mundane
Teaching from the heart and sharing that wisdom again
Allowing the steady flow of new learning to sink in
Helping us all to find our central core within

Each to there own and but never apart
The teachings are separate but from us they don't part
But comes a time when they do unite
There teaching is no end not even at night

They work with us even when we don't see
Always teaching and helping for they share whats for thee
One 2 One teachings so that we may then grow
Inwards for thyself and spiritually we can row

Remembering that the power of three ,
Within thy self the trinity be
Working united for the greater demise
Nothing more but the good will rise

Jennifer Don (c)

March 19, 2009

Our Rightful Way

Sitting up late one night working around the spiritual nature what arises to me only that of the following words ... under the moonlight rays somewhere near old oak bay, glancing out to the ocean waves thinking of all my days wishing i was brave .... I sat and i was like huh where and what was that lol. Then i secumed to the thought lets put it in a poem and the rest just flowed and for me it felt so weired for what i had written made no sense to me but other made it out rather clear lol

Our Rightful Way

Under the moonlight rays
Somewhere near Old Oak Bay
Glancing out to the ocean waves
Thinking of all my days wishing I was brave

Thinking now If only I did what I first thought
Instead internally I had only fought
Between my thoughts and Intuition
I'd give a second to be back in that situation

One more moment to be with thee
On tender moment that I may see
I can thus only now Hope and pray
That there will be another way

Oh moon so bright this glorious night
Please shine for me and stay so bright
Lighten my path so that I may see
A way round to be at rest within me

To travel the road so burden free
I can only pray that one day the soul will see
Guide me now through what lies ahead
Place me in a way that I may now travel in good stead.

Jennifer Don (c)

March 12, 2009

Parted now Connected

The dragon has much to teach and we much to learn.
The burning passion to fly that we so deeply yearn
Tenderness all hidden within the scaly outer of such fine a being.
No more magical than the unicorn so glorious in seeing.

The tender loving nature of either soul entwined together as one united
From that same growing source of light what wraps us all so as not divided
Through magical mysterious the two entwine steadily following feet
There patience and balance following the universe and its beat

Come a time when they need to part through heart
Never truly separate from one another although friendships do part
Journeying individually along there way one soaring through night and day
The other free to run and cast its shadow in the moon and play

Apart for now they may so be but never is spirit for they are tied
Connected to the same source within us all that spirit never died
Divine essence and integrity does us surround
Simple basics of love and harmony can be profound

While along this time they use for thinking
Realisations made with deep down brainwaves and water drinking
Space to release all unseen hindrances and ties
Knowing that inner intuition never lies

Yearning now for that once lost beautiful elegant bond
Forever moving forward a connection again growing so fond
To be united tis what they both pray for each and every day
Little do they realise that path was not a parting of there way

The dragon so humble and strength and elegance with rapturous beauty
Humbly soaring above the lands with tender flight and mildly moody
The unicorn trotting steadily pacing along the rivers tide flow
Now with thinking the emotions within they start to grow

A passion of what was now changed but still united
The bond once shared and parted and never truly divided
Blinded by a change in paths lead to part for some of there way
This the learning of the universe way this day.

Jennifer Don (c)

March 11, 2009

Take his hand

Well I think this poem says it all don't you ?

Take His Hand

Take his hand and he'll leadeth
Take his hand and he'll shineth
Take his hand and he'll speaketh
To thee

For you are his children
His glorified children
His beautiful children

Take his hand and he'll leadeth
Take his hand and he'll shineth
Take his hand and he'll speaketh
To Thee

Raise you head to the world
And show the whole world
That you love the world

For you are his children
His glorified children
His beautiful children

So take his hand and he'll leadeth
Take his hand and he'll shineth
Take his hand and he'll speaketh
To thee

Jennifer Don (c)

March 10, 2009

I Pray Tonight.

I havent fully decided on the title for this poem, This poem has been coming in small parts over the last 2 days along with some other things but thats for another day :). Anyways for now this poem is called I Pray Tonight.

I Pray Tonight

I pray tonight to help me through
The lonely road I've stumbled on
I see the days turn into nights
And in my heart I'll carry on

I'll stand and fight for all its worth
I wont give in I'll persevere along that road I travel on
With my head held high whilst in my soul
The pain resides deep within

Oh I pray tonight for just a simple song
To help me walk on through the rain
Oh anything for a simple tune
To help the pain slip away

In any case I wont back down
I'll stand my ground and carry on
All through the day and into night
My head stays high from positive grounds

Oh I pray tonight for my support
So I may see whats in my way
Along that road I've stumbled on
I've found the way to walk on through

Jennifer Don (c)

March 06, 2009

Universal Drums

This one came about with some help from my spirit guides. With using a song to connect to them and that song it self to me is also a connection to all around us the pulse of life that runs throughout the universe all beating to the same harmonious tune.

Universal Drums

The humble beat from the drums
Da dum da dum da dum the pulse of every growing life
The warmth of energy throughout no way it burns
Da dum da dum da dum no ties to sever with a knife

Twisting , turning, strengthening all connections
Da dum da dum da dum , the growing beats
Stretching out like long limos in all directions
Da dum da dum da dum, from the little lamb that bleats

To those who sit in the park and eat
Da dum da dum da dum , the glorifying beat
The drums of life stringing everything together so neat
Da dum da dum da dum, oh what a feat

The pulse of all life on earth
Da dum da dum da dum the heartbeat of our soul
Our spirits tangled within all on earth
Da dum da dum da dum , reaching all its goals

Stretching out to form all kinds of tangents
Da dum da dum da dum, gripping all in its bonds
The humble beats forming the tangents
Da dum da dum da dum uniting all with the same songs

They show more in drums than some will see
Da dum da dum da dum , they drum the rhythym of the universal beat .
They give inspiration when I ask of thee
Da dum da dum da dum The ilustiral tell tale signs of life all around our feet

The universal drums forever beating in time
Da dum da dum da dum , A gift to use from the everlasting Light
A wonder for those who wish to hear , its not all mine
Da dum da dum da dum , Something to stirs us and we take flight

The universal drums beating in my heart
Da dum da dum da dum,Always to that steady da dum da dum of lifes heart beat
And when its time for us .. the drums will never depart
Da dum da dum da dum, Extraordinary signs of nature thats no mean feat.

Jennifer Don (c)

March 03, 2009

Love Life not Live Life

This one came about when responding to a comment elsewhere on another one of my poems. I was replying and ended up writing love life not live life for the sake of living but for the love of giving. 10 mins later and you see where that got me. Now i truly wonder where these bursts of inspiration keep coming from.

Love Life not Live Life

Love life not live life for the sake of living
But for the tranquil love of giving
Much to see in our road ahead
Our past is since long gone dead

Love life not live life for the sake of living
Spare the thoughts through times moving
All that speed and fast pace action
Can lead one into distraction

Love life not live life for the sake of living
But for the passion not need of having
Share with many the love in your heart
Tread not carefully for love wont part

Love life not live life for the sake of living
But for the happiness forever giving
So much to learn and forever teaching
I say teaching for it isn't preaching

Love life not live life for the sake of living
I will never fail through constant moving
Moving withing the searching passion
Not a craze nor a profound fashion

Love life not live life for the sake of living
Spread out the love that truly keeps on giving
Bring peace to many wonderful hearts
The passion and love never departs.

Jennifer Don (c)