December 31, 2009

Unknown Road

On the verge of a new year turning,
Where one ends another is just beginning,
To cast aside the pain of the past,
To carry on knowing true love will last,

The coming new days shine with rays so bright,
Promising desires to set even the darkest mind alight
With hope the power carried forwards in our heart
With our dreams in mind our passion dares not part

The road ahead unknown to all
Where one can make new friends and have a ball
Never ending does the road proceed ahead
where the past is a long time gone no need for dread

The promise of hope and dreams a time of change to come
what will the new year bring the turning tide has begun
so raise a glass in fine fettle to those who stand to your side
Bless all who have passed you by for love does not hide

Stand with pride in your heart and dreams in your mind
For comforts of past find places to reside
The coming year presents new challenges and insight
Fear not the unknown road for there will always be light

Jennifer Don (c)

Star Above

Queuing queuing always waiting
Waiting in line patience failing
Shopper's bustling through the streets
Grabbing the last of those Christmas treats

Snow is falling all around
Christmas now in every surround
Children playing running singing chanting
Waiting for good festive tiding

Parents hiding those last minute presents
Sharing the story's of what Christmas represents
To share in the truth of this loving season
For I can't name such a worthier reason

The Birth of Christ in such stable bare
On that morning with no decorative flare
Of the Journey the wise men did partake
To those gifts they took and did not break

From the star above that led the way
To those events we celebrate Christmas day
Share the memories and give thanks at dinner
For reason's given Christmas is a winner

Those logs now burn on that tender fire
Giving warm glows when people begin to tire
With board games now upon the table
Family's sharing some old family fable

Jennifer Don (c)

December 09, 2009


Oh echo's in the wind how I long to hear your voice
Clear as day I wish it was so, I long hear those words
Echoing through time for all to gain for some it's but noise
For others it is but needed wisdom in those floating words

Oh for echo's in the elongated cave
I want to sit and listen, to let things just be
While I sit in this semi darkened cave
I gaze in all directions seeing what there is to see

When echo's of your words now fade
Another sound beckons the call to be heard
This one is gentle and sounds like a marching parade
A gentle rhythmic drumming so clear can it be heard

While this sound brings in that peace
To which I can relax and take in the coming night
Other thoughts draw a close and soon the cease
Gentle memories come with those echos under moonlight

That familiar voice so longed for but never forgotten memories
A happy thought to hold close within the heart
An echo of the past that's so close and wrapped within more memories
Forever treasured echo's that I wont ever let part

Jennifer Don (c)


Silence, what is silence
For there is no echo
For there is no sound
The silence is all around
When the world goes to sleep

In the night the silence grows
Not entirely as nothing stops
But silence is peace no sound
There be no voice to awaken
There only be the tune of earth

The birds that sing for your silence
The tree's that talk in the wind
The grass that bends and sways
The animals communicating
From one to another the silence invokes

It's peaces springs forth
It aids the thoughts of clarity
It aids the steady mind
The silence merely metaphor
For in the silence is many sounds

Jennifer Don (c)

December 02, 2009


Sometimes I wish for that little bit of peace
To still the mind, for noise to cease
Sometimes I pray for things to change
Knowing that in time things change with age

Sometimes I sit and ponder the world today
Trying to find the right words to say
Sometimes I sit and shed a tear or two
For reasons within that be so few

Sometimes I'm not myself but remain with pride
For I know within I have nothing to hide
Sometimes I see things that others may miss
Things aren't as the seem so don't dismiss

Sometimes I wish I was alone to think
But then I think I don't want to sink
Sometimes I wish that others will understand
To know how things are with out any reprimand

Sometimes I wish that the way to go was so clear
So that I may then have nothing to fear
Sometimes I Think of those who give support
Courage then builds as does surround support

Jennifer Don (c)