September 20, 2010

New Light

It's the first day, in a new light,
I can hear the dawning drums outside,
It's a new way and a new sight,
There's a reason, not to hide,

Oh the pulsing vibrations ringing deep within,
They are rising, as the heart sings,
Can you hear the sound within.
Can you feel what this new day brings.

Can you hold your head up high,
Can you see the door in front of you,
The people aimlessly passing you by,
Can you feel what's meant for you.

It's the first day, In a new light
It's the first of many you see
Open the eyes to such a sight
Let it all go, come on be free

Open the doors, let it all out
Like a river flowing out to sea
As we see what it's all about
You've let it go, now your free

Jennifer Don © 2010

The Canvas

There's a Canvas, waiting for your Art,
Waiting for the words to flow from your heart,
Waiting for the picture to be painted tonight,
Eager to share the magic of a shining light

No longer left blank as the magic does flow,
Pictures to carry no matter where you go,
Release the rivers that run within,
Let your canvas fill right to the brim

Carry the torch that burns with passion
Kept alive and free, not under ration
Let it shine with no hesitation
Share your art with every nation

The torch of life is alive inside
It's time to share, no reason to hide
Shine your fire, and watch the magic dance
Fill that canvas, now is your chance

The canvas awaits the desire to create
The creation of magic, it does await
Come alive the pictures will tonight
Shrouded in that creative light

Jennifer Don © 2010


Alone we may say, we may be,
But in truth and total honesty,
We are far from the divides in sight,
We are one, you and I, together in the light.

Upon the beaten path, or ragged road.
Within our hearts, we are one hear the code...
Lift the eyes of truth and light,
See beyond the edge in the dark of night.

See beyond the void that fills the eye,
See above to the stars that fill the sky,
Alone you say, not ever, not tonight,
I'll stand with you, whether by you or out of sight.

Alone, not ever shall you be,
I am with you, and you with me
We stand Alone, together, as one.
Through each day our battles shall be won.

Jennifer Don © 2010

Currahee - * We Stand Alone, Together! *

September 16, 2010


Flitting butterfly hopping from flower to flower
From strong tree to tree
Dazzling the eyes of the beholder
Of the magic to see

Sunning your wings in light
As the daylight brings
Angelic little beauty
Stretch those wings

Rejuvenating your energy
Showing your colours so bold
In this new age you shine
My heart on you is sold

Stunning colours of royal blue
Rimmed with black and white
Growing ever more regal
In your throne of golden light

Is it any wonder
Your the monarch of your kind
So gentle in your very being
So graceful within the mind

Jennifer Don (c) 2010


The fever is burning
The fire is rampant
The doctor is coming
Ready to stamp it

Ready to fight
To chase it away
All through the night
Not letting it stay

The doctor is winning
The hardened fight
The fire is fading
Into the night

Spirits are lifting
The battle is won
The doctor is going
The job is done

Jennifer Don 2010 (C)

September 13, 2010


Give me a sound proof room to scream and shout.
Where no-one can hear as I let it out.
Like an over flowing river it may run.
For it then to dry under the days warm sun.

I'd rather run with the wolves so free.
To be one with the earth my spirit free.
Sheltering from the Storm that ravages the land.
With the smallest of hope someone may understand.

That even inside a storm can and perhaps will grow.
That there is only a few ways to let it go.
It is there that the mind remains it's best.
No matter how strenuous the test.

How alive the eyes reveal the inner soul.
Even when struggling to reach that goal.
How alert it becomes when a new road comes along.
With the key to the heart sings a new song.

With a new path comes a new challenge, a new day.
A new outlook on life, a brand new way.
Still the storm bides it's time inside.
No where to run, with no place to hide.

What's left to do but stand and fight
Face the storm even if it takes all night
Even if it means a head on collision
At least then I may see with clear vision

Jennifer Don 2010

September 12, 2010

Out There

If there's anybody out there,
Can you hear me?,
Can you give me a sign,
So I know that you are near me.
Can you light up the world,
In a flash of a moment,
Can you light up a cave,
That is empty and dormant

Can you light up my heart,
Light up the eyes,
Make yourself shine,
Like the stars in the sky,

If there's anybody out there.
Please tell me everything will be all right,
Show me how to go about it,
And lead me through the morning light
If there's anybody out there,
Guide me through the night,
Even if you have to take my hand,
Just lead me to what is right,

Can you light up my heart,
Light up the eyes,
Make yourself shine,
Like the stars in the sky

If there's anybody out there
And if you can hear me
Listen for my questions
Or show me a sign that I can see
Guide me, aid me, show me where to go
Keep me standing strong
Show me the fires that burn with life
Play to me sweet music of natures song

Can you light up my heart
Light up the eyes
Make yourself shine
Like the stars in the sky.

Can you give me a sign
So that I can see
That there's someone out there
Waiting for me
Can you light up the world
In the flash of a moment
Can you light up a cave
That is empty and dormant

Can you light up my heart
Light up the eyes
Make yourself shine
Like the stars in the sky
Can you give me a sign
So that I can see
That there's someone out there
Waiting for me

Jennifer Don 2010 (c)

September 10, 2010


We know it's past,but our thoughts are there,
With silent, whispered prayers.
To those that have gone we hear your song,
To those that remain your not always strong,
Yet our love for you shines like the sun.
As you carry on getting things done
As we remember the event's of that very day
Not knowing really what to say
Watching as it unfolded, seeing it over and over again
Knowing inside those that remain will never be the same

Touched each day by that very pain
Of seeing it happen in the news all over again
The events of that fateful day on September 11th 2001
When the very Earth stopped to grieve as one
For the loss of it's son's and daughters
Our very brothers and sisters
Defiant to those that caused such pain
Standing in unity even in the rain
To the victims of this very day
What is there, that we can say

Jennifer Don 2010

My Spirit Is Free

I have no home to attend,
No attachments to make amend.
Freedom beneath the stars at night.
Free to be that shining light.

To cover many oceans in a day,
Free to do it my way.
No places to hold me down,
No reason to hold a frown.

Flying with the eagles in the sky,
Rejoicing with the wolves and they're eerie cry.
Free to be with kith and kin,
Free is my spirit and soul within

Jennifer Don 2010

September 03, 2010


Ravaging beast within the host
Coursing your way through like a ghost
Venomous disease dare you win
One by one you take over within
Closing out the strength so they are weak
Dimming the light of every breath so they are meek

Such vermin in the mouth of god you are
And yet here you are striding far
Spreading slow but taking hold remaining strong
Deadly, costing decent lives, as if they were wrong
Scurrying from one host to another
Whether it be mother and daughter

Not being picky as to whom you choose
A fight some will be sure to loose
Vermin in the host be gone
No longer I want to hear of how your strong
Take no more hold of the ones we love
Be banished from the lord above

Jennifer Don (c) 2010