December 31, 2009

Unknown Road

On the verge of a new year turning,
Where one ends another is just beginning,
To cast aside the pain of the past,
To carry on knowing true love will last,

The coming new days shine with rays so bright,
Promising desires to set even the darkest mind alight
With hope the power carried forwards in our heart
With our dreams in mind our passion dares not part

The road ahead unknown to all
Where one can make new friends and have a ball
Never ending does the road proceed ahead
where the past is a long time gone no need for dread

The promise of hope and dreams a time of change to come
what will the new year bring the turning tide has begun
so raise a glass in fine fettle to those who stand to your side
Bless all who have passed you by for love does not hide

Stand with pride in your heart and dreams in your mind
For comforts of past find places to reside
The coming year presents new challenges and insight
Fear not the unknown road for there will always be light

Jennifer Don (c)

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