June 17, 2009

Love Remains

This poem came from a request from a very special lady In Mediumystics . She had emailed me asking If I would right a poem for her daughter whom as you all know is greiving at this moment. So I couldnt turn her down and I ended up with this.

Love Remains

There's that same familiar smell again
A gentle stroke through my hair
A whisper in my ear saying I love you
A tender touch upon my cheek
A tear now falls upon my face
One of love and remembered grace
Warmth now surrounds me in memories

There's that gentle touch again
One I remember so dear and rare
Oh my gentle love I miss you so dear
Now the memories come flooding back
Shared with even more tears
I feel myself wrapped in someone’s arms
Again there’s that old familiar smell

When I turn to see who's there
I am but alone in thought
I hear the words I am here in your heart
I’m not there in person
But our spirits shall never part
I have never left and I’m with you now
Again that loving warmth surrounds me

I sit down now with tears a plenty
Not of sadness but of memories
All the good times we did share
The spirit of those I've loved and lost
So tenderly held within my heart
So full of love for them it will never part
I turn to see a rose so perfect and blue

A rare rose but delicate and true
A gift to me but from whom
There is no note attached only the whisper
Whispered in my ear... For you with love
I am here with you now and always
Please take the rose and keep it close
That familiar voice now fades

I know whom it was I had heard
But did not sink till I truly knew
I've felt them here with me always
That tender warmth of their love
And now the rose a gift for me I’ll treasure
Forever always to raise that smile
Within my heart they shall never leave

Jennifer Don © 2009

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