December 23, 2008


Is there ever a time where you feel taken for granted
And left do to things and no one else bothers
Ever think like your the one who always gets things started
And then to try and slip away as to leave it to others

But no-one seems to catch on to what your hoping
In return you get landed with the task all over again
Just one day you hope that their the ones jumping
Jumping to the task and eager that cheer remain

Christmas is here so wheres my cheer
Why am i the one left out in the cold
What can I do to stop these tears
To let them go and again be bold

Where is the fun as it once was
The festive greetings and blisful wishes
Where is my ticket to see the wondeful Wizard of Oz
Blissful wishes, thoughtful hugs and kisses

Jennifer Don (c)

December 18, 2008


Well the poem might say it all but, as Christmas is coming it makes you think of those who wont be there in body to celebrate it with there family. This Christmas so far is already being a hard one for me especially the last few days and even now as I write it hasn't taken my mind off things


I'm tearing to pieces inside
All this hurt I want to hide
I don't know whether I am coming or going
But the tears they keep on flowing

All this starting and stopping
My mind keeps on hopping
From here to there
In reality I'm going nowhere

I'm no good to anyone while I feel like this
Shedding tears for the ones I miss
Within I am screaming
I wish I was only dreaming

I know that I am not
I have never forgot
I am not sorry I feel this way
I just wish this hurt would fade away

I know over time it will
But for now I feel it still
I don't regret
It's emotional debt

I have bottled it in for so long
It's time to release and not through song
It's time to gather myself together
And keep the memories forever

Jennifer Don (c)

December 14, 2008

For The Sake Of Telling The Truth

This is just something I personally feel strongly about and some things that need to be said to others arent for the sake of telling the truth incase those uttered words cause more damage than good. So please think before you make your move

For The Sake Of Telling The Truth

For the sake of telling the truth
To some truth be lies and lies be truth
Twisting turning rotating till it fits
Shreading dignity into bits
Concocted stories and twisted facts
They say think before you act
Distorted words strewn together
Don't they see Friendships wont last forever
For the sake of making their lies fit
Some are made to hold tight there lips

For the sake of telling the truth
When truth be lies and lies be truth
Searching , Seeking , getting to grips
While they laugh and take the rip
We still Stand together this dawn
United by the same song
Standing for the Truth inside
Nowhere to run , nowhere to hide
Biding our time Just holding on
Watching waiting , not on the run

Jennifer Don (c)

My Treasure Forever

This poem is well as you will see is about the bond I have with both my dogs who are brother and sister.. I say My dogs when in fact one is mine the other is my brothers but I love them both as much. I could have put alot more into this poem but I decided no , save the rest for maybe another poem one day or just for me. Will give me something to do.

My Treasure Forever

The Treasure in my eyes
It's no big suprise
A ray of light
On the darkest of nights

Oh no there's two
Oh my what do i do ?
Double trouble no double the fun
Sticking together like bubble gum

Never always together
Snarling at each other
Yet never always apart
Entwinde by love in my heart

Purposefully bounding away
Only to be called back and told to stay
Together we are inseperable
Of madness they are capapble

Dividing my time
Between them and Rhyme
When I am at my Low
You wont let me show

The stars in my eyes
You're trying to catch flies
Oh stop that disgusting habbit
I can see you dreaming of rabbit

Together forever we will be
In body then in spirit I will see
But for now your by my side
Waiting for the next low tide

Jennifer Don (c)

December 12, 2008

Losing Faith

Inspiration for this poem came about by reading a post on someone else's Blog, which was entitled Losing faith In Humanity, Because of the Minority. That got me thinking what I had read on that one post well whole blog actually and what I have seen over the weeks

Losing Faith

Losing faith in humanity
All for the lack of Compassion
Through honest sincerity
It's going out of fashion

Losing faith in humanity
All for the lack of Respect
Thoughts running systematically
Burning deep with regret

Losing faith in humanity
All for the the lack of Trust
It surely is catastrophe
When even friendships go bust

Losing faith in humanity
All for the lack of forgiveness
Mainly down to the minority
Lurking in the distance

Losing faith in humanity
Gives me no reason to live
But then turns into harmony
No vindictive lies to give

Losing faith in humanity
May seem all doom and gloom
And even in reality
We hope for good times soon

Jennifer Don (c)

December 09, 2008

What Mediumystics Means To Me

Some of you may not agree with what I have written in this poem but my words are my opinions and my thoughts and feelings as to what I recive and give in this Wonderful site called Mediumystics. This Said site is what I personaly feel helped me to open up and realise a few things about me that back then even I wasnt aware of. This site is where I have met many wonderful friendly people who share the same sort of intrests.

What Mediumystics Means to Me

Mediumystics is a place I hold in my heart
It gives me strength when I in need
It gives me love when I feel low
A friendly ear to listen to me
The friends i've made through this place

Mean more to me than you could know
It's a place .. yes online
A gathering of like minded souls
Where we come to talk and learn
From one another we all grow

Sharing help and advice
Where and when we can
Mediumystics is more than just a site online
This place is a home from home
A haven from all else

When in here my worries may fade
The flowing feel of good cheer
To Lift the heart when in sorrow
Spreading love and words of comfort
We all work together in helping where we can

Hard work and effort when eager to learn
Multi-Nation's come as one
To sit and chat and pass on what is learnt
Teaching skill's we all have
To those that are willing to learn

Passing words of wisdom through the years
And pray that some may listen to them
It's a place of healing
It's a place of teaching
It's a place that allows free will

No preasure to give a reading
Membership and classes are all free
The only cost
Is love shared
And respect to another

These are my words
My thoughts
My feelings
We are all encouraged
To share our opinions

And as I grow
Upon my path
Mediumystics will always be
In my heart
As will those I hold so dear

Jennifer Don (c)

Missing You

This one I had written on the aniversisary of My grans passing which is also the same week as my late Grandad's , that was also the same week that my grampa had been gone from us four months so as you can probably imaging emotions were abit squewiff lol , but then we are humans after all aren't we but I didnt let my emotions get the better of me so instead i turned to writing again .. words on paper are better than words in thought it allows you to clearly express your feelings.

Missing You

Not a day goes by
Where you don't join my thoughts
Not a night goes by
Where i don't talk to you
Your in my heart and always will
There to stay for all time
No need for tears I hear you say
The tears I shed
Are tears of joy
The memories of the good times
That we shared forever to be told
This day and that we have come to pass
Your by my side so I dont ask
And this day we share our thoughts with you
To rest and rejoice in the good you have done.

Jennifer Don (c)

In search

Again this poem is linked to the last one in which i have posted entitled My Words to Thee

In Search

Oh through whispered word
Running through the world
Like chinese whispers changing as it goes
From this to that and soon we forget
What thosee first words were
And what the truth behind them were
From saying one thing to the next
It's easy to see how things are misunderstood
Changing words along the way
Getting further and further from where you want to be
I say to all let's stand back just for a minutie
And view this all from a new distance
Change your view and see what happens
Is it clear or still hazy
There are questions being asked
Answers being sought
Words being altered
Accusations being made
Reputations being shreadded
All at what cause
Searching for the truth

Jennifer Don (c)

My Words to Thee

This poem came about one day when accusations were being made , lies stated , hurtful words being used to attack others with for no real apparanet reason other than Truth. I wasnt happy in seeing what I had seen how adults were talking to other adults the language that was used there Is beyond me or should I say I wont stoop so low as to use what words that was being used. So I stepped back and started writing :)

My Words to Thee

I see the truth when i am there
I see the lies behind my back
I know not what caused this muck
I know that I do not get stuck
I know that in my heart and head
I am as honest as can ever be
I am not a person of Hatred and Lies

I tell of Honesty and open my eyes
I can share what I have to say
Deep within I want to play
Let me sing and be Joyous too
But more so I ask you
Watch the words you choose to use
Read them over and think them through

Too many times have some been attacked
Too many times have some been hurt
Even now , Even here this goes on
Even till the end of time
This shall go on and on
Let's open our hearts and have some fun
Change the tone of what has been done

Time itself is a healer of all wounds
I understand some need to talk them through
I understand the pain some are in
I share my thoughts to all in need
And send them love and Angel guidance to there need
Some may not want this though
It is there choice and I must accept

But the thought is there if they change there mind
My heart is open to all
I don't hold what I need not
I have learned to share the love i've got
And here and now I say to you
My wounds are deep from times of past
Through grief and hardship and people too

I know what it is like to go through so much
But that is my troubles my wounds my own
I chose not to share but then again my choice
I don't begrudge those that wish to share their pain
It's there healing and leave it be
This is my truth so may it be
Taken in Honesty as intended to

Jennifer Don (c)

Where to Turn

This poem coincides with the last one I have posted Love and Light. Together I personaly feel they are linked but that wasnt how it was inteded at the time lol its just how and when they were written which is in the order i am posting here

Where to Turn

Through the darkness we all tread
Not forever just in dread
When we are confused by feelings low
When in our heads we don't know
Where to turn and where to look
Thinking of throwing away the book
Blaming all who stand in our way
Never really knowing what to say
Then one morning we awake
To the dawn of a new day break

And within us then something stirs
A new lease of life inclusive of spurs
A new hope shattering our fears into light
And all of a sudden things seem so bright
No longer alone in the darkness to tread
A new day dawns no need for dread
Now we know which direction to take
Time to apologise for all heartache
To know when to say i was wrong
To admit my faults and then move on

And in return learning I am strong
For moving on and admitting i was wrong
Now to the light i turn my head
To guide me along as i tread
And pray it last to keep me right
And in return i seek no fight
We live our life how we intend
Not to blame another for what we can't reprehend
Taking on board all desires and passion
Move on with life in a worthwhile fashion

Jennifer Don (c)

Love and Light

Needless to say not much explination needed on this poem. I will let you work out what it could relate to

Love and light

Living in a world of shame
Full of hatred and pass the blame
When will people see
How hurtfull these things can be

To tell of lies and believe there true
Oh just what can you do
When degrading souls say your to blame
Do you take the arrow and suffer the pain

Do you fall and back down to there games
Or to stand and watch them act like wains
To send them love and light
And pray the angels guide them right

In your heart you do you best
To ask for guidance and lay to rest
To put aside all hatred and shame
To live and be free of there games

Instead of choosing to live in the past
Allow it to go and leave your soul so fast
Move on up to the world so present
And to look to the future in the moons cresent

Share the love and light that shines so bright
And relax while watching the stars in the moonlight
Looking aheaf to all good on earth
To dock your worries at the next bearth

Jennifer Don (c)

Wolf Rising

Ok this poem came about when I was told by my guides what name they had given me. Using that name and one other I use elsewhere together with word play that someone I was chatting to one day. Those names if you dont already know are Wolf Rising and WhiteWave ... well those two and Jend of course lol. This poem may also give you a connection in a way to one animal that I look to for guidance having two as animal guides and all lol .

Wolf Rising

The wolf that rose from the wave so white
With eyes that glisten in the light
With ears that stand alert and sharp
No howl is ever worse than a bark
Like and eerie cry
Ringing through the nights sky
Reuniting pack and kin
Bringing together the love within

That wolf that rose from the wave so white
No longer alone to stand the night
Now together among the pack
They howl as one in the dark
From the young to the old
Together as one their ever so bold
The family ties are bound so strong
That nothing can stop them sharing their song

That wolf that rose from the wave so white
Her coat shines in the moonlight
And is now the alpha of the pack
Teaching pups the laws of the track
Guiding what is right from wrong
Teaching from morning until dawn
When at last the pups shall sleep
She can hunt and have her meat

Jennifer Don (c)

Who Are you to decide for us ?

Ok this poem may seem a little harsh in a way but the insperation came to me after seeing how a friend and fellow collegue were being treated on day and well with everything else that was running through my head at that time probably didn't help me any but like someone I know says it's good to just get those words out. It takes them off your mind and allows them to be free.

Who are you to decide for us ?

Who are you to deny me my rights?
My freedom of speach
The act of rights
Who are you to tell me ?
To do this, not that
To eat this , not that
To drink this not that

Whatever happened to Democracy ?
Whatever happened to free will and choice ?
To live our lives as our own
Not live anothers
Under one govern yes !
But ! Let us choose what's best for us
What we can do within reason

What we an eat or drink
To do as we please within limitation
Tis our life we live not yours
And time is of precious comodity
So to stand in our way and dictate to us
Is to take from us something we wont get back
So I ask again

Who are you to deny us our rights?
Who are you to tell us what we can and cannot do?
Who are you to tell us what we can eat or drink ?
Who are you to stand in our way?
For I can make my own choices !
Live my own life!
Walk my own path !

Still abiding by Limitations and law
Yet still free minded and free spirirted
To Stand and be counted

As one famous quote states
" They may take our lives, but they'll Never take our FREEDOM " quoted from Braveheart

Jennifer Don (c)

Raise your head your eyes

Walking around down one day , I stopped and noticed how many people walk with there heads hung low so as not to meet another in the eye . Is this out of disrespect for another No I don't thinks so , I feel it has come with the times, we are moving ahead faster with everything these days and majority of people rush around when instead we should be talking in what is around us.

Raise you head your eyes

Why walk with heads so low?
We are missing all around
Raise your head
Your eyes
And look upon your surround

Why are we so sullen on our paths ?
There is more to see that meets the eye
Raise your head
Your eyes
And look upon your surround

Take in all this world has to offer you
Where is the love that is given so free ?
Raise your head
Your eyes
And look upon your surround

Do you not see ? I for one believe we do
But yet we still do not accept
Raise your head
Your eyes
And look upon your surround

What is there for us to gain ?
What surrounds is most is love and light
So raise your head
Your eyes
And look upon your surround

Jennifer Don (c)

My Dispair

This next poem , fills me with tears even now as i read it through before typing it here. I wrote this one funnily enough on the morning of my grampa's passing , sadly he passed on the afternoon of july the 19th 2008 whilst in hospital after a long term illness. For some reason I must have known that day that he was on the verge of leaving us. So in that respect this poem My Dispair is in memory of my grampa Mervyn Bush.. God bless you grampa and may you rest in peace xxx
R.I.P- Mervyn Bush-
03-01-1934 --- 19-07-2008

My Dispair

As you walk away and leave us here
My tears released
My head held high
For all to see the pain i'm in
After loosing one of my own kin
I wish for time to be reversed
And to be with you again
Like the good old days
I know deep down this wish wont come true
For time moves on
And so should I
And in my heart you'll never die
Even though now we part
It's safe to say deep down in my heart
It wont be long till we meet again
Between the realm
You take the helm
Standing tall , fit as a fiddle
You bring a tear and a smile upon my face
Each and every time I think of you and your grace
So rest in peace
Untill we meet again
Although your gone
Your never forgotten
And in our hearts you've never left
I know we didn't spend much time together
But our bond is true
And down in my heart
I'll miss you

Jennifer Don (c)

Below is the Memorial video I made for the family

Don't Look Back

Well what can I say , this next poem was writtin in conection to letting things in the past go for they are in the past , and in the past they must remain. We can't hold on to every little thing from the past now can we. This poem is also about learning to let go of what fear that may envelop us at anypoint.

Don't look back

The fear within
Dares to take hold
Holding me back
From being bold

What would i do
Without you there
My heart may fill
Full of dispair

The pain i'm in
I feel i'm giving in
The burden of life
So full of strife

What would i do
Without you there
I'll bury my head deep within the sand
And dare not listen to that joyful band

Tormented by demons
Hauntings of past
I yearn to let go
Of my sorrow and woe

Yet each day they take hold
One by one I threaten to release
Yet fear itself
Does not give in

Then one day i wake
My heart no longer aches
My burdens released
The fear deceased

Basking in light
I am full of life
No more sorrow
No more strife

To over come
What has been donw
A wonder itself
At what I have done

To see the light
Not fear the dark
I'm full of life
And I don't look back

Jennifer Don (c)

Relax and be at Ease

Again this was another one I had written after a stressful day at work , but I had made notes for this one while on breaks so wasnt all bad it took my mind off the stress for .. wow 15 mins at least hahaha , well every minute the mind relaxes the more awake it can become and more open to things that surround us.

Relax and be at ease.

The gentle summer breaze
Rustling through the trees
That cool refreshing feel
To put you at ease

Sitting by the stream
You allow your mind to wonder
Drifting away to a world of your own
There you're at rest and your heart contented

You are no longer at that shaded spot right by the stream
Your away in your special place your dream
Thats anywhere your mind takes you
Somewhere where you are happy

From the colliseum in Rome
To a place far from home
A childhood memory
A hopefull fantasy

Anywhere you please
With anyone you choose
Relax and be at ease
For here you have nothing to loose

Jennifer Don (C)

A Nations Flame

This next poem is one of my favourites. Not only does it come from the heart but it shows my love and passion for the country I love and have been brought up in.

A Nation's Flame

There stands the thistle
Out in the drizzle
Standing proud and tall
Tormented by the weather
Standing by the heather

For all to see
To hold our gaze
Ye are a nations flame
And in our hearts
Ye shall remain

Ye stood the test of time
Never out of line
Forever to shine
Our nation's divine
Growing in dexterity
Unrepented for eternity

Standing tall of pride not shame
To bare a nation's heart it's flame
So when we seek our light again
We look to ye
Our Nation's Flame

Jennifer Don (c)

Your Oasis

Ok lol well I havent a clue what I was thinking when I wrote this one but it was written after a busy day at work , so maybe I wrote it with the intentions to relax well it worked then altho it probably isnt written very well and might end up being worked on at a later date... so will say its a work in progress lol :)

Your Oasis

Listen to the waterfall
Crashing down on the pool below
Hear it crash against the rocks upon the wall
The splashes it makes bellow
What's it like ?
Well for me it's
Soothing, relaxes your mind and body
Soaking up the energy flow

Can you see the rainbow through the haze ?
Bright and vivid
Warm and enthralling
Can you hear the birds in the trees ?
Singing away for you as you relax
This oasis is here for you
Your spot your resting place

Sitting on a rock by the pools edge
Do you hear the wind ?
Rustling through the trees
The voices it carry's
Is there a message there for you ?
The leaves rustle behind you
Was it the wind ?

Take a look, venture into the trees
Who is waiting for you,
Is is spirit, or is it the animals ?
Maybe it's just you all alone taking in the peaceful
Energy filled environment that was offered to you
By Mother Nature herself

What's here is yours
All yours and no-one elses
This is your place to seek solace
To relax and renew your energy
Feel the love she gives to you
Enjoy your quite place

Jennifer Don (c)

Realising you

Ok this was one of the very first poems I had started to write, now as you will see lol I aint into using fancy words altho sometimes they fit the bill for what they are used but why use such fancy lingo when simple basics do just as good.

Realising You.

Allow those tears of sorrow or joy to flow.
Let your emotions go.
Cleansing the mind, the body and the soul.
You will go to places only you will know.

Take stock of your actions.
Your thoughts of the past.
Clear them from your mind.
Do not hold on to what was or what could have been.

Allow your mind to be free.
Free as the dove who brings peace and love.
Free as the lion with strength and courage.
Transform your mind into a swan like grace.

Do not haste, why do you rush.
Take your time and go into the hush.
Seek the solace - the silence.
For in this solace you will find Inner Knowingness.

This Knowingness is deep within.
Harness this and let the wisdom begin.
Patience my friend .
Tis not the end.

Falter here and you shall not win.
If you stumble at the first hurdle.
Dare not give in and do not mumble.
For persistance shall pay his dues.

Patience and trust is a must.
For without it we are nothing.
Yet with it we are everything.
Don't forget courage and strength.

Peace and love.
Take that leap of faith.
And be the real you, be who you want to be.
Now how others percieve you to be.

Jennifer Don (C)


Hi all, just a bit about me and what I intend to use this blog for , altho as I progress it might change but thats life huh lol.

My name is Jennifer. I started writing poems back in june 2008 after joining a lovely spiritual website. This in return allowed me to open up and express my feelings more. When I joined this site I wasnt in the best of moods I wasnt intrested in anything back then really. Was more a case of stroling through life with nothing before me. My opinions have since changed. I now see a purpose in life, I have started writing more now and have become more creative in ways I hadnt thought about previously. My thoughts of other people have changed aswell , at first it was a case of I would judge from first meetings but now its more I rather step back and get to know them before i allow myself to make any thoughts about them.

There was a period where i was at my lowest eb , where everything would get to me and I would try and hide away , this is the period i sadly lost my Grampa back in july 2008.
At that point some of the things i had written were deep , heavy , full of emotions , hurt anger , sadness , instead of keeping them in I allowed them to flow to paper .

My intentions with this blog is to be used to collaborated all my work into the one spot where I or anyone else can come to and just read. I have added vids that I have made to this blog aswell as its all part and parcel of Awakening to my creative passion. I havent written to many to date and some arent that good but thats not the point lol , this is for me to keep them all together and hopes that some of you out there might enjoy some of what I have written.

Now all I have to do is gather what I have and post it here so where to begin from the start I think :0)

Now that sounds like a plan !!