October 29, 2009

In The Silence

As I sit in younder silence through the night
Trying not to think of anything but peace in the moonlight
Clearing the mind of all the drabble and shadow
Eluding the grasp of darkness in the meddow

Through the silence a sound rings clear
A flutter of fear for the sound is near
The echo in the wind is carried far across the land
Then a flash of light and an outstreched hand

A spoken word of reasurance this very night
Comfort brought by the warmth of that light
Those words that are spoken are very clear
Comforting enough to take away any fear

From there the light is gone but stars shine bright
The twinking stars bring hope in the light
A knowing that soon things will be clear
Awarness that there is nothing really to fear

Within the silence thoughts now reside
For there is peace, no reason to hide
Clarity clears any doubt from my mind
And now the mind can truly unwind

Jennifer Don (c)

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