November 11, 2009


Guided by the Harmony
Guided by the love in me
Following along to that soulful song
Fast or slow, It's never too long

Twisting and turning along the road I go
Like following a river watching it flow
Steady steps with that song in heart
Guided by things that wont ever part

Gazing up at the starlings in the Sky
Wondering what it's like to be free so high
Watching all the critters as the day moves on
Watching all go by until my thoughts are gone

Guided in so many ways
Never giving up through the days
Loving life for what it may offer
The magic and mystery rooted from a mother

As the sun now set's in the west
It's time now to get some rest
Wrapped in the comfort of knowing
Love is bound and ever growing

Jennifer Don (c)

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