March 31, 2010

Grace Of Meadow

Sat upon the mossy rock in the meadow,
Was a butterfly of golden yellow,
So still it chose to stay,
In the warmth of this a sunny day,

To gaze your eye's upon it's grace,
In nature it's essence is in place,
Transformation of your mind to clarity,
Where things now become so steady

To then notice the purple flower down on my right,
Surrounded by daisy's in a ring of white,
A gentle place for where it stands tall,
In it's spot even with strong wind it shall not fall

Now over to the right there is another circle round
Within this spot an Angel is now found
Not of form but of that gentle light
It's essence such a tender pure sight

Such calm clarity fills this meadow spreading free
To hear the words, Go with the wind and what you see
Free yourself from all chains We are here
We will guide you, you have nothing to fear

Jennifer Don © 2010

March 17, 2010

Here I Am

All along the distant shores,
I see the lights, the lights aglow,
From this place i know inside,
That all is calm do hide,
For here i am, right next you,
Here i am what shall we do,
Here i am, always to stay,
Here i am, I'll walk your way

All along the road across the sea,
Is so many places we yearn to be,
Where we can leave the world behind,
And live and new and settle life,
So here i am, call to me,
Here i am, where i'll always be,
Here i am, I'll help you through,
Here i am, what shall we do

All along the way ahead it's true,
The road before its there to travel through,
Don't forget, oh don't forget,
The challenges we have set
For here i am, ready for you,
Here i am, I'm here for you,
Here i am, just call to me,
Here i am, cant you see

Here i am, just ask me please,
Here i am I'm on my knees
Here i am, all day long,
Here i am when you are strong,
Here i am all through the night,
Here i am when the moon is bright,
Here i am in mornings dawn,
Here i am let's stay strong

Jennifer Don (C)2010

Walk With Me

Come now, let's take a walk at dawn,
Through the arch forever strong,
See the path before your eye's,
That's the road that reaches high,

Come with me to a peaceful place in time,
To a place were there is no line
Pass the turning tide let it go inside
Pass the torments come don't hide

Come walk with me, lend me your hand
Walk with me there will be no reprimand
All I ask is that you walk with me
Settle your doubt and just be free

Share your questions ease your thoughts
Know your way where answers are sought
Know that life is a test of faith that's pure
Where love is full of that I'm sure

Jennifer Don (C)2010

March 15, 2010

Pure Heart

I know a heart so gentle and pure
A friend for life of that I'm sure
A modest soul beyond many years
Able enough to ease your fears

Encouraging you forwards forever more
Who will speak they're mind as done before
who loves to laugh and loves to play
who's words live long all through the day

Who put's others first and sees to self last,
Who knows when to let things go past,
Who's shoulders are broad and bright,
Who's love is clear each and every night

Through each day that pure heart is there,
Who's caring heart is full of flare
Who's love for you is endless that is clear,
Who holds you tight when you show fear

I know this heart not fully that is true
In honest faith it guides me so I'm never blue
A rose to treasure with no obvious thorn
To know within that love lives on from where it's born

Jennifer Don (C) 2010

March 10, 2010

Unravel The Pages.

Delve into the depths as the pages unravel.
To fill you with magical mystery as you travel,
As the meaning of life unfolds,
To each they're own story is told.

No secrets will ever be revealed
That book is strong and tightly sealed
Transported to a place where magic is found
Where the music of nature is all around

With fields filled with Unicorns and dragons abode
Where questions and answers are upon every road
Where faeries dance and the elves sing
Where magic and love is tender like a golden wing

Where magic connects to the unknown and fantasy
Where love is truth and all things a mystery
Where balance is free and all flowers bloom
Where all around is nature's sweet perfume

Where upon the pages of this unfolding book
There is meadows and a steady running brook
Where all worry is gone and peace lives on
And so this tale ends here until tomorrows dawn.

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

March 09, 2010

Be One Be Whole

I tread with caution as I weave through these trees,
To turn my head at every sound upon the breeze,
With words in the air and eye's that stare,
I keep watch for any signs of a bear

No bears are here the voices call out,
This place is sacred enjoy your walk about.
Revive the instinct within your heart and soul
Let your mind and body be one be whole

You come in search of answers but you see,
You know within what's right to set you free,
Come and join me by the strong tall tree,
Sit upon the roots, close your eyes and see

You won't see me but know my energy is clear
I'll grant you safety, in this place have no fear
I am with you always in all that you do
And all my love is unconditional and sent to you

I dare not doubt those words spoken to me
I trust those words, with truth I feel them to be
In safety I know I can relax now upon this sturdy tree
So much so I close my eyes and there I am, I am free.

Such a place of peace and contented bliss
In nature and mind a place not to miss
Where peace is granted and love is found
Where I can be one be whole in natures sound.

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

March 08, 2010

Wolf Heart

A wolf heart beats with intensity,
It's strength a growing curiosity,
Call to me my animal kin.
I feel your spirit waver within.

Sing to me your powerful song.
Show the world the pack remains strong.
Over under near or far rejoice the call is now awake,
Within the hearts wolf soul shall not break

With your direction our way is found
Paths be guided by your magical sound
Be it night or be it day
The trusted wolf will know the way

The elixir of life beats through every vein
Through yours and mine it's all the same
The air that surrounds your mysterious face
I take pleasure in seeing your profound grace

When our hearts beat together as one this night
In unison our spirits grow close they don't fight
Call to me my wolf brother our souls are one
Sing your song as I beat the awaiting drum

Your heart is strong, so full of love and compassion
So misunderstood and never conforming to fashion
Your pride alive burns from your ashen eyes
To light up my heart and the darkest of skies

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

A Gift

Within your hand and that of mine,
There is a gift so divine,
Will you share yours with me,
And I will share mine so you see.

How the balance unfolds like tiny wings,
How life will in it's calm truly sing
How that gift will bring such joy,
Even when some are shy or coy,

Within the hearts we are the same,
The love to give is surly no bane
No pain to bare alone and cold,
Take my hand and let's be bold,

Let's share those wings for all to see,
How life with love is where we'll be
Little flutters pass from one to another
Where in life we are one with earth our mother.

Jennifer Don (c)2010

Self Pride

I have searched and searched,
Alas no off switch so now I perch,
Unfolded from the pages that turn,
As I sit and listen to that drum,

Where upon a moment a whispered word,
To reveal the wings of such a proud bird
Unfold now in all it's glory and pride,
An elegant hawk show's no earthly divide,

Where upon it's knowledge the sound it free,
Where in it's sight it's path to see
A gentle soul a heart of gold
Tender wise and always bold.

Such elegance now before my sight
Oh how she shines in that light
Not fearful of my being ever near
So proud she stands with no fear.

Alas my mind starts to chase
My thoughts upon the page and place
That delves to the heart where spirit be
Where nature, live and all are free

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Care Free

Through golden fields I walk in dreams,
Towards the steady flowing shallow stream,
Under that warm sun of new spring's day,
Where travel is light in any way.

When then I can sit, free to think and see
By the strong and winding tree is where I'll be
So when the wildlife of nature comes my way
I can relax and admire the world today.

To watch those butterfly's flutter on by
To gaze on out and see the birds in the sky
To feel the love that floods the land
To feel the balance re-align under hand

To watch the deer come down and play
How they dance in that carefree way
How in this place everything is free
Without a worry to hold, as it should be

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

March 07, 2010

Silent Mind Version 1

Silence of the mind be oblivion
To the peace fold of thought,
Though gentle does words trickle open minds
clear vision aids for clarity in that way word thinking

So sit and listen to the wind that blows
Listen for she calls to you the goddess above
Whom shines to you in blessed wonder
So take flight upon the dove in the night

For there in the wind silent whispers come to you
Filled with words of love no reason for you to fear
Let yourself relax and allow your mind to grow
In time your thoughts will soon clear

Where clarity is not dazed and sight be near
As Silence bring wonder and amazement
To that silent shallow beating heart of night
So to will it aid that impulse to relax your sight

So free the mind and allow the world to flow
Nature's sound of peace to calm that inner beast
So put to rest those worries that you hold
Your strength it grows now it's time to be bold

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Treasure The Pleasure

To respect, to give, to grant
To wish and dream to think
The wonders of the world and actions set
Is one of action upon the mind of hope

To see beyond the view so clear
To know the truth is nothing to fear
To see the shadows fade to gray
TO feel the love that keeps anger at bay

Is the wish of life one will make in time
To feel the glow and see light shine
To have control and all that's done
To make they're way and be one

To cherish the moment and hold them close
To fill with pride for those we love
To shed that tear for the pain that's felt
In return to release it all when we are done

Precious moments in the way of working life
To have some doubt and turn it around
The questions then asked for answers be found
In life I live through moments it's sound

Jennifer Don (c)

Morning Mist

Why does the light shine so bright through morning mist,
Upon the winters shaded morning dawn,
In true fashion nature's show should not be missed,
As Nightingale sings that beautiful morning song

A melody of harmony filled with love divine
One to lighten the heart of many a heavy soul
To fill the land with love pure and divine
So strong is that melody so pure and whole

In that shining light of a wondrous sun rise
That morning mist dare's not dwell to hover
Beyond that morning mist does there contain life's surprise
Promise of delight surly in sight gives reason to ponder

Between the songs and light all shadows fade from sight
To spur the activity of nature's life all around
A gentle rhythm the pulse of life, the heart be light
And so the rose does awaken in flow of morning sound

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Soaring Desire

A soaring desire to glide above the earth so high
To spread the eagle wings and touch the sky
The fresh air upon the face a pleasant sensation
Within the arms of life I fly with no hesitation

Upon the back of the Eagle in flight
Flying free through day and night
Seeing with new eyes the glory of nature
Thinking ahead to what's in the future

Living the moments as they come and go
Soaring free with each swooping flow
To call the call of life beyond the known
To feel inside the desire so venture the unknown

That searching direction upon the waves of flight
Always changing in shade and glorious light
To fear not the path that is hidden today
Knowing I'll follow what is my way

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Answers Deep

From the fountain, information runs free,
To all who seek and want to be,
That security of mind and soul that's sought,
Is one battle that is hard fought,

But through the waves the energy is new,
So in return to think of what to do
To over come this challenge I'm in
To find those answers deep within

My bode of peace, the longing call
To steady my way before I fall
To seek the knowing to set me free
To have that peace of things to be

To find that place that's right for me
To look with my eyes so new of what's to see
To cherish the moments god gave to me
In life I struggle but my spirit is forever free

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Rising Up

In a world where nothing is certain to be,
I know within I can be me,
When life passes in a daze,
I know things are never in set ways

When the birds do sing that glorious song
I know then that life around is ever stong
When the sun rises in the east each day
I know then that I can travel my way

Through the storms of winters night
I know that life is worth the fight
So in truth to carry on is worth it all
In myself I wont allow myself to fall

In return I know what shall be done
Through it all It can be won
To dream a dream and keep it strong
To love our life and it's song

To keep the desire ever burning
The flame in life always turning
Through the bad into the good I go
Always rising up following the flow

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

March 04, 2010

Dearest Angel

Unfold your new found golden wings
Absorb the wisdom this new path brings
My dearest angel can't you see
Your soul and spirit forever free

So soar on high and guide us on
Send your love upon each new dawn
Sent your strength, comfort and compassion
As we share the love with burning passion

My dearest angel can I call to you
My questions seek answers what shall I do
I know I'm the one to find them when it's right
But what if the time is never right

I'm calling out to you my friend above
Please aid those around in need of love
Aid them as you have always aided me
Show them life and help them to see

My dearest angel your spirit free
My love for you is for all to see
Those angel eyes and tender soft wings
Are all I see when the world shall sing

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Arch of Peace

Great boughs above my head,
In near distance you shape an arch,
Reveals to me your hidden doors aloft,
Another dimension shines beyond your gates

Within these woods your source is free,
Elementals guide to guard this place,
Where all essence is in harmony,
I seek to know but feel the source

This place is pure and calls to me
The trees surround shade your light
In harmony in this zone I am free
Transported to places day or night

Each day a new door is opened for me
Each night a whisper echo's from your bode
Within this zone the mind is lost
Lost only to the sight that's revealed to me

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Bid Farewell

And so when the time shall come
Take my hand I'll hold you up
Last farewells be sent in faith
As the journey unfolds new expectations

Sliver not to the corner and hide
Come forth and allow yourself to shine
Fear not the road that lays ahead
Fear not the ones you leave behind

All is well and each is loved
A rose is sent to your beloved
Where in return you will never be forgotten
Where from your memory they're strength will grow

So bid farewell the time has come
Take my hand and I'll lead the way
Beyond these doors the angels await
And in time you can return

To see those that you have left
To watch them as they make each day
To love them always so fly free
This is our journey and how it should be

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

This poem was written within the mind of how a spirit makes it's next journey, when we leave our vessel and bid a silent farewell to those who are then left behind

Tranquil River

Shallow river flowing free,
Your sound is pure straight to the heart,
Echo's of the wind come near to me,
This peaceful place my memory shall not part

For here tranquil, pleasant and care free
To lighten my energy from each passing day
Within my mind I shall travel back and see
That your beauty is never lost in anyway

Upon your banks I may sit and ponder
There to I fall into a steady slumber
Where dreams can be shown so I may wonder
The power in this place holds no number

As the water flows so steady by
It will cleanse my burdens and set me free
And so I'll sit and look to the sky
To thank the creator for this place that I see

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Shadow's fade

Dawn's glow shall bring new life and hope,
Beyond it's burning glow life will ring with pride,
And the fires of life will glow like no other,
And thus at night the stars will shine for you

And so the path is walked and pondered over
Where then hidden commodores come to life,
Where dreams become reality and shadows fade to gray,
So then your hope can grow and shine ,

For no burden will hold you down,
No worries keep you tied in chains
Your strength will rise to set you free
And doubt can then just slip away

For truth in self will spur you on
Beyond any confounds you will grow
Awareness then shall ever adapt
So you shall shine among the world

Reach outwith your given grasp
Surrender to your dreams and be so free
Take my given hand and let me aid you see
No path shall you ever take alone

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Feel And Still Believe

To feel and still believe the passing days are all but same,
To know and to follow is what life has to gain,
Follow your heart your soul will call,
Follow your truth and you shall not fall

To feel and still believe the world keeps turnings
The rotations of life's cycles to keep us moving
With mother earth and her restorative balance
The energy granted is no passing chance

To feel and still believe is the wonder so bright
How Father sky can hold so much essence and light
How through the air his wisdom comes to those who seek
Who's voice is heard to the soul he speaks

To feel and still believe dares protest the power within
To know that life is more so trust the beating heart within
While the rain is sent to cleanse the surface this day
Support is never far and I will never fade away

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Storm of Life

Eruptions of abrupt emotions to shudder out control,
When feeling at a loss not knowing where to roll.
Trembles quiver through the veins of life inside,
Never truly understanding whether to stay or hide

Unable to shift the dimensions of which time remains,
To shift the focus and feel normal again,
To make new what the world dares to give,
For there is always reasons to go on and live

For the sun that warms the hearts of many to the core
Or the water that runs fluent and free right to the shore
Or the birds that sing in the trees so ample and free
So why can't I rejoice in life and set myself free

When these veins inside spring forth in action
Bringing convulsions of tears and emotion
How do I calm this volcano that erupts within
To calm the storm without ever giving in

Do I steady myself upon this rock by the foot of the Ocean,
To dip my foot into the waves and avoid the commotion,
Shall I listen to the birds that sing there song,
Can I stand strong and weather the continued Storm

Jennifer Don (c)2010