October 29, 2009

In The Silence

As I sit in younder silence through the night
Trying not to think of anything but peace in the moonlight
Clearing the mind of all the drabble and shadow
Eluding the grasp of darkness in the meddow

Through the silence a sound rings clear
A flutter of fear for the sound is near
The echo in the wind is carried far across the land
Then a flash of light and an outstreched hand

A spoken word of reasurance this very night
Comfort brought by the warmth of that light
Those words that are spoken are very clear
Comforting enough to take away any fear

From there the light is gone but stars shine bright
The twinking stars bring hope in the light
A knowing that soon things will be clear
Awarness that there is nothing really to fear

Within the silence thoughts now reside
For there is peace, no reason to hide
Clarity clears any doubt from my mind
And now the mind can truly unwind

Jennifer Don (c)


The Joy of life's desires
Burning brighter than treachorous fires
Filled with hope beaming bright
That inner light keeps growing in the night

Ahh Hope a powerful thing indeed
A hope for every wonder and need
The candle of light within the dark
The hope of life with Noah's Ark

As the falling rain clears the air
Changes aspects that may seem fair
Fair or not the balance is clear
And from within hope stays near

Hope a powerful desire of life's journey
No one can take it from you not even for money
That flame that spurs you on through all
Through the shadows into light we have a ball

Jennifer Don (c)

October 22, 2009

Swirling Confusion

Trapped within a vortex of thoughts
Spinning ideas mixed with emotions of all sorts
Further within there is a place where I wont go
Where there is things I hide you wont want to know

Into the darkness of the abyss is were they stay
Left to stay forgotten about untill another day,
Swirling in thoughs weaving through them all
Sometimes then I hit a brick wall

To stumble a little then regain my place
Moving around and setting another pace.
Finding a new direction there to take
Seeking answers I may have to pause for a break

To listen to the wind or the call of nature
To read the sounds not worry about my future
Within the confusion why isnt there more time
Grant me space while I pray for things to be fine

Jennifer Don (c)

Not sure where this one came from, again it might have been something that I was picking up from a friend for I know that its not me to feel this way and It wasnt how I felt when I was writing.


Wish I was dreaming to be in a place pain free
Dreaming of lands filled with hope for you and me
Dreaming of the gentle flowing tide
Dreaming always to lose the feeling of having to hide

Dreaming of lands where there is peace and serenity
Dreaming of things where it might be destiny
Dreaming where dreams really do come true
Of places where we will all pull through

In the lands where we can relax and just be
Where our sprit is completely free
where conflict and war is none in land so sound
No need of chains for whats to be bound

Where a person is free to be as they are
Where travel is easy and no need for a car
Dreaming of change and possibility
Dreaming of fufiling one's Destiny

Dreaming of being complete to make on happy
Dreaming of things that could even be soppy
Dreaming fills the heart with Passion
Dreaming fills the soul with compassion

Jennifer Don (c)

Lost Within

I'm lost within my mind feeling confused
Often left wondering why do I get refused
Have I done something wrong would you tell me
Is it because I am not how you want me to be

I am lost within myself its true
I often struggle to find my way through
From the morning when I wake
To the night when the skies may break

Uncertainty draws in searching nearer to me,
Why can't it leave to let me be
In the cold of night I seek shelter from pain
Within the arms of one close I can't feel the rain

Why cant I have the comfort that I seek
To be cared for so things don't seem so bleak
Why can't I be shown some promise in Life
Can someone please take away that strife

Why can't I have some of the good things like you
I have my dreams shouldnt I be granted them to
Instead my world seems to come crashing down
I wish things would sooner turn around.

Jennifer Don (c)

Another one where I was picking up from someone else.

One Voice Of Change

A child was seen talking to the sky
Gazing up, hands clasped with a tear in his eye
It was heard what he did say
I still remember the story to this day
His voice was one with his surround
It did seem he was attuned to all around
His body so small and tender very gentle
His cry was loud to the sky but he did waver little

Oh dear father above me now please dont go
Please can you tell me why is it so?
Please can you tell me why the hunger and pain?
Please why is there no shelter for me when it may rain?
Please dear father in the sky listen to my cry
Can't you see these tears that fill my eyes?
Is this how It is meant to be?
Please can you tell me why is it me?

Please dear father why do I suffer?
Am I not a child of God born to my mother?
Do I not deserve to be loved as a child of God?
Am I not worthy of the good in life dear lord?
Have I upset you in anyway?
Can you tell me why I suffer this way?
Do I not deserve to live as most children do?
To learn and play please I ask these of you

As the boy filled deep with sadness inside
For tramua filled his life he had no place to hide
Tears now fluently streaming down his precious face
Flowing downwards in the most steady pace
A child so young should not suffer so
What can you do and where can you do
He regained him self and wiped those tears
Then came a reply to his cry as if to settle those fears

My dear child there on earth's ground
I will not leave you I am all around
How can I answer in a way you will understand
You have opened your heart and felt first hand
I fill with sorrow when I think of what i bestowed to you
When I think of all the pain and sorrow that you go through
Knowing its within my power to change these ways
Yet if I interviened how will you all learn through the days

My dear child do not cry please understand
I grant you my unconditional love so you may stand
I grant you the freedom of choice
You already know how to use your voice
I'll grant you wisdom and strength to aid you
To help the world become aware of those that suffer like you
I gave you these things to make a difference
No change will happen in an instance

Your are my beloved child I promise you
Time will change and it starts with you
My precious child please do not cry anymore
I will carry you when your burdens are sore
I will lift you up when the time is right
My love for you goes on through the day and night
Your pain and suffering will aid to the change in life
When others become aware of the pain that is rife

I am sorry that it was you I chose to bestow my greatest gift
But I could not see a more worthier person whom i would sooner lift
I could see no other better for this role than you
A glimmer in hope in all that you will do
YOu were brave when you came asking of me
You will be rewarded and soon you will see
You are the first who saught answers for the pain
The awareness of others will change you do not suffer in vain.

Jennifer Don (c)


Even through the dark what I feel is real
Deep inside is all the pain I feel
Thrown away into the abyss where it will stay
A new day dawns and all is on it's way

Through the storms i'm all confused
I'm torn in two ill be refused
The mind is running overtime
I hope it don't last I long to be fine

My heart bleeds forgive through my burdens adue
I call for closure forgive me please I ask of you
Heal my wounds wont you please im in pain
Cleanse my soul in the showers of rain

I'm drowning in the tears
Please take away these fears
Release my heart from that steely grip
Release me please before it may rip

I'm in a point of uncertainty
It's how I feel it's insanity
It's not so real you to but me
It's there inside I want to be free

Jennifer Don (c)

This poem isnt about me but what I was picking up from a friend and well couldnt stop the fingers when the started lol

October 18, 2009

If Life Was Simple

If life was simple where would we be
Happier ? contented ? perhaps maybe
How we wish for a simple trail
One thats full of colour not so pale
Always seeking the easy choice along the way
Looking for the simple side all through the day

When in man's reality its not to be
Life isnt easy but we fail to see
The aspects in life in where we learn
Longing for love in comfort is what we yearn
Always trying to do what we percieve to be right
Always trying to not back down without a fight

Complex matters add some spice and diversity
Nothing is how it seems to be in mans mystery
But life however we see it to be
Is neither simple nor hard and so you see
Life is as it is filled with challenges to ungergo
Keeping us on our toes and so we flow

From one thing to the next always moving
Through our struggles and triumphs always loving
Where would we be without the challenge in life
Where would man be without his beloved wife
Where would you be if everything was simple you see
Without the challenge of life where would you be

Jennifer Don (c)

Wounded Soldier

A wounded soldier battles not in vain
Fighting on through all the pain
Fighting for what he believes is right
Defending the innocent with all his might

Carrying on for his very survival
The soldier battles not in denial
Thinking of his family back home
Wishing he was on holiday in rome

Dodging the bullets as he goes
Keeping a watchful eye for his foes
Over the noise shouts are heard
Soldiers calling out not being reserved

Gun fire blazing through the air
Soldiers trying to be fair
But in battle love is never last
Defense is first surival can be fast

Over the shouts a voice is heard
This isn't what I deserved
Please tell my wife and children
That I will always love them

The war crys of the wounded soldier
Rings through the air as night draws colder
A cry that will last in the mind forever
A cause they fight for we do well to remember

Jennifer Don (c)

Self Clarity

I've heard the words muttered so often now
Questions asked by many looking where to go
"Whats my purpose whats my role?"
"Can you please tell me I just want to know?"

Wanting to know but not searchin the answers
Wanting the clarity without doing the work
Asking others instead of themselves
Asking always looking for that bit luck

"Why am I here and why now?"
"Why all the pain such hurt?"
"Why do things have to be how they are?"
"Will things ever clear from this little rut?"

All aspects of living life it's lessons
Just look within your answers be
Lift the shell within and you will see
Maybe not now but soon it will be clear you'll see

"How do I see what is not there?"
"How can I Trust what I cannot see?"
Open your eyes within your mind look deep
Clear your doubt and let you flow to be free

Trust not that of that which is material
Trust in thyself for thou heart really does beat
Hold your own within your mind and vessel
Follow the growing intuation it's your beat

"But why, what is there really to see?"
"How can I be sure this feeling is really me?"
"Are things really clear when I search?"
"How come its still hazy Is this how its meant to be?"

Give some time your patience is needed
Allow it to come don't rush it, let it be as it will
Give to yourself your whole spirit within
Allow your mind to open, to clear to follow as you will

In time it will become clear to you
Have a little patience and believe in your self
It will not be clear to begin with but it is there
Allow things to come when time is right trust thyself

Jennifer Don (c)

October 12, 2009

Not as it Seems

There's growing new sensations
And its not from Occupations
For the fire's burning deep
Through shadows it wont sleep

Turning all into the embers
Sharing light that is ever so tender
Sharing love all through the night
Discarding all in rising light

Leaving the past where is should be
Setting your heart and spirit free
Living in what is always the moment
Come om lets forget all that resentment

Bring to you the chants of life inside
For your choice in life is yours to decide
So stop looking back lets get moving on
Lets face the fears all through the dawn

For nothing is as clear as day
A times things won't go your way
And nothing is as dark as night
So look beyond the shadow into the light

Give yourself the hope that you seek
Loose the fear, regain your countrol over the week
Lets keep on running with the gift of life
And toss way all your worries that cause the strife

Shining down on you is the gift from above
The rain that falls is the tears of love
The sun that shines is the warmth inside
So chase that fear from where it may reside

Jennifer Don (C)

October 11, 2009

Lost No More

In the point of no return the stars did shine
To guide the way forward away from the darkened mine
To show you the path that leads your way
To take your fears away as you pray
Moving on up to better sights
Leading away from the lonesome nights
A single path a single soul did take
A journey new then one did make

Reveling in the hope that new road did bring
A blossom of joy for the soul did sing
The shadows are fading now out of sight
As the single soul walks with many in the light
Once feeling lost and now more found
Things have turned themselves around
The darkness gone, the light returned
The path now clearer where fire once burned

Those once desolate plains now shrouded in love
The gift of life shines down from above
As the soul goes onwards to newer hights
The chains once bound are gone to reveal new sights
That trust of ones feelings regained in joy
That faith of thought knows its not a ploy
Desperation once filled that vessel deprived of light
No longer the case for this loved soul so bright

Who once wondered why things happened in the past
To learn they're pain would never last
Long into the night did that soul sit and ponder
The stillness of air helped them as they did wander
That time to sit was all that was needed in time
That soul did learn that all was going to be fine
Some patience and trust was all it took
The time to find oneself and truly look

Within honest open eyes so dazzled and bright
The founder of this soul beams with new found light
No longer lost along the way, now found and wrapped in love
A tender moment of rejoice with a fallen tear from above
A new awarness then did awaken within the heart a new fire
Within them growing that awaited strength and desire
Courage building the path now ever more clearer
As the morning light comes bringing hope ever nearer

Jennifer Don (c)

October 07, 2009

Wolf of Night

In the silence of the ageing night
Shadows cast from the growing moonlight
With its rays now shining down upon the tree's
Where shadows dance like flames in the breeze

Within the moonlit shadows a wolf does hide
Hunting for food reveals the darker side
The hunger running through the wolf's pulsating veins
A need to eat before it rains

Oh the silent hungry wolf of night
Darting from shadow to shadow avoiding the light
Going to ground when the wind does blow
So as not to alert any nearby foe

So as not to reveal that hiding place
For if revealed the wolf will have to up a pace
The rain is near the wolf must move on
To track the scent of food before its gone

Through the bracken the wolf spots it's pray
Creeping closer over the branches in it's way
A growling lunge and it is done
Wolf can feast on the prize it's won

Once fed and full the wolf resounds it's song
A cry that rings through the chilling sky before dawn
The wolf now resides contented ready to rest
For now the wolf can sleep and rise its best

Jennifer Don (c)

Dream Time

Into the night our dreams do shine
Through magic and love so divine
They weave through the jungle of thought
Making they're way to places we cannot

In the mind our dreams are alive
In the zone where our soul can jump and jive
Where stars are home and lights aglow
Where wisdom comes from the river flow

Where the animals show no fear
No matter what is very near
Where anything is possible tonight
Dreams come alive in the night

Free to be that of which they are
Where the mind can journey far
Where the desires can play
In all desires which ever way

Where magic shines eternally alight
Shineing bright through the darkened night
Leading the journey your heart will beat
So dance to the rhythem follow your feet.

Jennifer Don(d)

Voice of Thought

How do I express these feelings
To give an honest word with meanings
How can I control the way I feel
Without loosing how I really feel

How can I speak what I want to say
When upon this day im lost for words along the way
How do i adjust to new sensations
Adapting now with no explinations

How can I feel the way I do
Make sense of how I feel for you
When each one is really new to me
With a part of me now wanting to be free

How do I reach for the dreams I see inside
How do I balance each from where they reside
Making sense of it all is hard to do
When I feel this way about you

I can't control what I feel for you
I runs right through me in all I do
Exploring the feelings in steady flowing time
Living them through untill each is fine

I am hoping that you know within
That how I feel wont give in
What is this sensation running through me
Why when I think of you I yearn to be free

Is it normal to feel the way I do
Do you ever feel this way too
Each time I think or talk to you
Those feelings arise as they do

Jennifer Don (c)

I Am .......

I am that whispered voice within the air
The gentle breeze that blows through your hair
I am the shadow upon the wall
I am there when you're having a ball

I am that gentle breeze at night
I am the warm loving light
Follow the guidance of your heart
For there I am and I will not part

Loving you always for the love you gave
Judging you not for how you behave
Forgiving you always for what you have done
Loving you always for the hearts you have won

I am the stars up in the sky
I am there to lift you up high
I am the grass beneath your feet
Follow your heart and listen to the beat

I am within you and you within me
I am the power of all to be free
I am the light that shines for you
I will be there always in what you do

Loving you always for the love you gave
Judging you not for how you behave
Forgiving you always for what you have done
Loving you always for the hearts you have won

I am the strenght granted your way
I am the hope that makes your heart play
I am the love thats always around
I am there in every surround

I am the support and aid to control
I am there when you want to stroll
I am the wind upon the shore of thought
I will always leave you not

Loving you always for the love you gave
Judging you not for how you behave
Forgiving you always for what you have done
Loving you always for the hearts you have won

I am within you and all around
I am in each and every surround
I will be there always through what you do
For I will tell you .. I am You

Within the mind dreams really do come true
I am the light that shines forever within you
I am the surround and all you see
We are one so lets be free

Jennifer Don(c) 2009

Dragons Den

If your lumbered in room seven
With a Dragon in the den
Then your haven't gone to Heaven
So perhaps think again

But count youself so lucky
It's a room and not a cave
As Dragons can be touchy
So pray that she behaves

If your brave enough to chance your luck
Then some presents is a must
I only pray that one is not a duck
For it may then turn to dust

A fair few now have been on through
Soon I'll bid you well and run
And there I leave the Dragon's queue
For I have already had my turn

So fair you well my trusted freind
I wish you all the best
My prayers for you will never end
But I really do need some rest.

So if your lumbered in room seven
With a Dragon in the den
Remember it surely isnt Heaven
So its time to think again

For this dragon has good taste
Nothing really but the best
She really takes her time why haste
Savouring the moment with a rest

Jennifer Don (c)

Be Free

Through the burning embers
The light distends like fingers
Flickering and dancing through the light
Reaching off into the distance of the night

Warming the body with its glow
Flilling the vacant spaces as its flows
Reaching into the caverns of thought
Into the web of life so taught

Awakening a call of sacrifice inside
A Calling to release the control that may reside
To release is then to gain some more
You then see you gain control for ever more

Awakeniing the inner control over perception
Mans perception that runs through every section
Break the chains and take new ground
Tonight as fires burn its you you've found.

It burns away the old perceptions with delight
Burning away things of old, well into the night
The birth of self empowerment has now taken its hold
With you to stand always firm and bold

Jennifer Don (c)


I question the mind of thyself
In thoughts thou seek the answers
Where eyes can not truly see
Into the depths of the soul I search
I delve so deep in search of answers

To find the things I seek
To feel the things I need
To trust in thy heart
To feel in thy soul
One must know one's self

Inside and out in all the parts
To understand every inch of this vessel
I must uncover every rock in sight
Into the beyond of the soul inside
I reveal the light of power indeed

Self empowerment, releasing the fears
Letting go of those useless things
To grant room to move on and up
I'll walk with the pride I have
With the strength I have found

With the lessons then taught
Through wonderful friends in life
I stand where others have fallen
I aid where others in need
I'll find strength inside from the rose alight

In the sun from morning untill night
Through passion of mind
And courage of heart
All things are possible
So don't fear the hidden parts.

Jennifer Don (c)


Aspects of perception of things in the night
Turned to angles unknown unless looked at in sight
Through deeper thought and introspection
Grant tender insight and bountiful vision
Space and thoughts rolled into one
And then left free to run.

Those angles did they turn to reflect that of mine
To cast new light did they then shine
Creating new line of thought trails of the mind
Where I am lost and directed to a path of some kind
Upon the opening of a channel to walk on through
Where at last Upon the path I feel change in direction too

A direction of growing aid and comfort
A single tear comes to life in a last resort
A reminder of things long gone by
A reminder that things can't change but we can soar high
To reveal the road continues on covered in light
That will remain long through the night.

Jennifer Don (c)