February 26, 2010

New World

Love shine's it's light deep within our hearts
Where hope can be found, Let us turn the world around
For our hope holds our paths so that we will never part
Where all thoughts can unite and escape into the surround

For we are the people of the world today
For our children of tomorrow let's make a change
Let's share our strength through the changing days
Let's show support without a need of rampage

Let's wear out pride so the world can see
Where our passion burns so bright
Let's unite to set our world ever free
Where the only darkness bound be the dark of night

For it's a new world with a new start
It's a new day, let's go all the way
Spread the love out to every part
Share with your voice, we're here to stay

For it's a new world, your the guardian now
So make a new start and let the past go
Stand with your pride, forget every row
So make a new start and follow the flow

Jennifer Don (c)2010

February 25, 2010

Wolf Wisdom

With wolf wisdom a path be laid out for me,
As the pathfinder knows just what to see.
Within the darkness the light is found,
Where love can cherish and not be bound

Where from the nights sky the moon is a glow,
To shine my path by the river as it may flow,
Through the thick and thin it does not diminish,
Where wisdom grows from wolf it does not tarnish

To hear the cry is to know the soul within
To free the spirit to carry on and not give in
To source the road of what may be ahead
To know that passion in life is never dead

Wolf wisdom the insight given so dearly sought,
To know that answers be found and less be fought,
To carry all that is of need so close within,
Wolf wisdom grants your passage from deep within

A cry be a cry with a silent tear,
The wolf will guide and have no fear,
Follow the path that is shown your way,
To fear not the coming dawn of a new day

Wolf wisdom the spirit for me be free
My path is clear and shown to me
My vision granted from your trusted eyes
MY light be granted from the bodes of heavens skies

Jennifer Don (C)2010

February 22, 2010

Cry Of The Wolf

The cry of the wolf,
The call of the wild,
Snakes it's way through the trees,
An eerie sound and yet so mild

As sounds of age old wisdom fill the air
Upon the still and blissful clear starry night,
And so the call sounds out again.
Clear and free in the moonlit night

It calls to me so vivid and free
To calm my soul within the night
To ease the mind upon my sleep
To fill the soul with love so bright

The cry of the wolf
A voice of wisdom a soul so free
Placement in the wild
Wolf wisdom calls out to me

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Passing Waves

When the passing waves are weak,
Knowing only what you seek,
Could be a million miles away,
Could take tomorrow or today

When the passing waves are strong,
You can't help but hold on,
While on the journey of a life time.
Always on the look out for that sign

When the passing waves are mild,
Then comes alive that inner child,
Flamboyant, Loving and care free,
Remember what will be will be

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Starry Starry Night

It's a starry starry night,
All around the world is sleeping,
In the night I hear you weeping,
I hear the sounds,
I see the sights,
I know the word,
And all the turns
I see the signs,
I know myself,
The world is truly sleeping,
I think the the world is dreaming, ...

It's a starry starry night,
I see you standing there,
Out by the shore,
Out by the tree,
Out on the lawn,
Out next to me,
I see the light and feel the warmth,
I know the touch,
I know the air,
I hear the voice upon the wind
While all around the world is sleeping.

It's a starry starry night
Within my thoughts upon my dreams
My hopes are real
The world it seems
Is now changing
It comes alive
With new life
Spreading love to all around
To share the hope
And ease our hearts
While all around the world is sleeping.

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

February 10, 2010

Grand Old Oak

A cooling summer night glimmers upon the Grand Old Oak,
For wisdom and strength spread from leave to root.
Deep below it's water is found and roots now soak.
To nourish this tree as people seek to look,

It's purity fills the air in rapturous dreams to be heard,
As Grand Old Oak sways in the gentle wind and dusky light,
Where from it's branches the Nightingale's song is heard.
In clarity as the dawn approaches from the night.

So to another night has passed on by in subtle clarity
As the morning sun rises in the west bringing the new day
Grand Old Oak stretches out his leaves in tremendous harmony
As the world about now comes to life, Grand Old Oak will happily sway

Jennifer Don © 2010


And so my words trail into echos,
Rebounding back and forth in shards of what were,
Clouded and dazed no longer fill my head,
My woes are gone and worries now dead,
In sight I see the garden bloom,
Where carnations spray out in colours of all sorts,
Where the birds come and go like leaves in the wind
And so too does the bows of the trees sway in harmony,
As earth dances in her melody this day,
So too does my heart sigh a sigh of relief.
Mere peace in the balance now takes hold
A detox to the mind now so clear in sight
A joy to watch the world turn by
When the animals come and go carefree
In this astonishing garden upon the earth
A treasure to see how wonders can be
How magic is within our grasp when bounds are gone

A wisp of wind and a flicker gone past
Attractions grow and life does dance
As the swaying grass weaves it's magic
As the butterfly soon comes to land
Into the depths there's a hidden core
A source of love that's deep and sensual
And so it continues this peace of mine
Hidden within the paradise of harmony
Time is not of essence to escape the outside
So to here I sit in perfect balance truly given
No worries to face the chains are gone
Within the wind a subtle sweet tune
Aromas weave there way around the notes
Bouncing through even the smallest of reaches
And so life is for living in the magic where it dwells
No words be needed for peace is what is needed.
It's time to rest within this place of Eden

Jennifer Don © 2010

February 09, 2010

Restful Slumber

On the turn of every new night
I draw within my shining light
Slowly pulling each petal in
Drawing resources deep within

Edging each night to restful slumber
Peace of mind and dreams to remember
Through each night do I close my door
Closing to silent world so I may soar

Within the night my wings are free
Traveling to new heights and places to see
Soaring over the valleys below
Watching rainbow rivers as they flow

Twisting and turning by the river bed
Beyond the banks roses ever so red
New worlds full of wonder and delight
Sensational aspects and astounding light

Where all worries and woes will slip away
Fading from the mind to a place they will stay
Where warmth will fill every vacant cavern inside
To which wisdom grows forever to reside

So as I slumber in the peace of night
Perhaps I'll gain some new insight
To wake up in the morning fresh and free
To reflect the journeys shown to me

Jennifer Don ©

February 07, 2010

Night Storm

As a thunderous crack echo's through the sky
You can hear Mother Earth groan and sigh
As the heavens above open for rain to fall below
Lashing down, bounding off every surface as it goes

Taking shelter from within the cave this stormy night
A pack of wolves howl and whimper with the flashes of light
Staying warm awaiting for the storm to pass on by
One sits at the entrance and howls out to Father Sky

With more sudden flashes of rain and light
The storm is growing in all it's might
With another deafening boom throughout the land
Is this Mother Earth's way of a reprimand

Within the wilderness natures display of magnificence goes on
The wind now whistling through the trees it's hours to dawn
Such display or power it's natures true essence astounding
All the while the animals of the land remain in hiding

Sheltering from the harsh storm in full swing
The wind whistling with a song to sing
All through the night may the storm last
As it wont be long before the storm has past

Jennifer Don ©

Our Troops

Bravery in the heart of the homeland
Where pride follows with no demand
Where our troops stand together as one
Where they know there work is never done

Whether home or away there pride will stay
For the fallen they will always pray
In there memory they dare battle on
Then when they rest they sing their song

Many voices sing the same deepening call
Pray they remain strong for no man to fall
Pray they're safe return to spouse's, daughters and sons
Send out your thoughts as they go on the reconnaissance

For out on the front-line the work is hard
Hearts on sleeves as they defend the home guard
For our safety the take this challenge as one
As a unit they aim for one day to return

So spare a thought for our troops our warriors
Men and Women of the forces, our saviours
With bravery and pride always in they're hearts
For they're country they play there parts

Jennifer Don ©

February 01, 2010

Does One Dare

Does one dare to take the chance the task aglow,
To make a move and watch it flow,
Does one dare to dare a passing glance,
A moment of madness or just fine chance

Does one dare to stand for strength,
To take the blow and move one length,
Does one dare to see with those eyes tonight,
A change so strong and yet so light

Does one dare to dare,
To make it even fair,
Does one dare to take the dance,
Of passion filled and take the chance

Does one dare to make the move in sight,
Given that it is now dawn and light,
Does one dare to stand for what is right,
To hold what's true all through the night.

Does one dare to fall and be free,
To let it all go and open to see,
Does one dare to cut the chains that holds them down,
To cut the chords and be the clown without a frown

Jennifer Don ©

No Bounds

As the wolf rise's from the ether ground.
Never knowing where he be bound,
Flighty and free for all to see,
Loyal and wise he'll forever be,
Those amber eyes of passion, now alight,
Burning like hot coals in the night,
Filled with compassion and trust,
The art of survival would be a must

A shame now his vessel is long gone,
His memory and spirit free to live on,
He remember's the days where hunger was livid,
Where life to live was ever so vivid
Where fun was granted in the passing day
Where he could do it all his own way
Somethings he knows now do not alter
His love for live he cannot falter

Free to share his wisdom of the passing age
To those who'll listen and turn the page
Free to steer the young and the old
The warriors who are growing bold
The singer's in the wild of night
By the dancing fires growing light
And soon his song be sung gentle and clear
Sharing the knowledge of nothing to fear

No bounds to which will keep him down
For he is free and will not frown
His love to share is known to all
His strength will aid you if you fall
He will lead you to your path this day
Follow him upon your way
No bounds to which will cloud his vision
Clarity is clear and so is life's mission

Jennifer Don ©