June 07, 2009

Mystical Dreamer

Mystical dreamer will help you to see
All of the tendrils in this reality
Through every heartbeat between the world and me
Please show me some pathway to my destiny

Mystical dreamer dancing in the night
With beautiful visions shared with you and me
In the spotlight of the moonlight
Shared in time for you and me

Mystical dreamer come share with humanity
The passion of love and excitement
Through all mysteries surrounding eternity
Help us to live without holding on to resentment

Mystical Dreamer i call out to thee
Envelope all whom believe and don't
No one is excluded from that shining light of thee
Share with all your love even when some won't

Mystical dreamer grant the power to forgive
Within each mans heart the power to love
Within the souls of humanity wisdom you give
Within the eyes of the child shows the power of love

Mystical dreamer may i send to you
All that I no longer need so that I grow in strength
To regain my control between me and you
With courage in heart I can carry on a great length

Jennifer Don (c)

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