July 22, 2009

Duel Partnership

A wolf by night and hawk by day,
Cannot change direct in either way,
Set to carry onwards
Glistening eyes seeing forwards,

Into the night doth spirit travel,
soul alight with sparkle,
Searching common grounds for distinction,
Never alone to suffer apprehension,

Shine does thy hopeful eye,
Tomorrow breaks and hawk will fly,
Leading the path for wolf to follow,
Daylight changes to night time hollow

Flightful eager hawk lead wolf upon passage
Scour the way and give the message
Path be clear so carry onwards with due care
Gentle doth the wolf paw tread where it dare

Obstructive trees are bound to none
Over, under around the wolf be done
Covering the land with immense pace
Shy to none who see wolf's face

Jennifer Don (c)

Break In The Sky

There's a break in the sky
So that I can say Hi
When I'm watching over you
And everything you do

There's a break in the sky
Please please don't cry
I've never left you
I'm there watching over you

There's a break in the sky
Shining rainbow way up high
Whispers in your ear
Please please try to hear

There's a break in the sky
I never will say goodbye
I'm there in your heart to stay
Forever going your way

There's a break in the sky
Sending love from up high
Wrap you up I'm my arms
Causing you no harm

There's a break in the sky
Come now please don't cry
Lift your heart with a smile
Share your love for a while

There's a break in the sky
Please don't be afraid to say hi
I'm with you right there
With you always everywhere

There's a break in the sky
So the stars may shine from so high
There's really nothing to fear
For I'm standing right here

There's a break in the sky
There's no need to say goodbye
As I'm always there watching over you
And I've never ever left you

Jennifer Don(c)

July 10, 2009

Song of the Wolf

I call to thee my pack of kith and kin
Come join me now in our faithful song
Raise your voices aloft and sing from deep within
Let's join together now and show our bond so strong

Our cry of the wild unites us more than ever
Unique in its own special way, the call of our own today
With the power of love and respect for each other
Growing each day our song sounds this way

Through fealty of bond to each other we stand
Within unity of thought and soul we grow
Together with strength forever ready at hand
No burden now can cause great sorrow

We stand as one with the beat of the drum
Ready to stand with pride in our heart
Ready to run and chase at any given turn
Knowing our pack bond will never part

Let's sing out the night full of delight
Devoid of all fear we guard our home
Let's shine with passion burning bright
These woods are ours so we be free to roam

Jennifer Don (c)

Wolf Star

Looking to the sky at night
I gaze in awe at what I see
A wolf within the stars so bright
So tenderly proud and running free

Glowing eyes of ember so full of wisdom
A strength of passion burning like fire
A guardian over the growing kingdom
To shine above giving hope, faith and desire

A wolf star indeed to lead the way
Comes to life for whatever hidden need
Sometimes just so the wolf can play
With no desire for power or greed

To teach us lessons of who we are
To uncover our hidden resources within
Without guidance we may venture too far
The wolf star spirit shall never give in

A star above so bright to lead your way
A support system to help you see more clear
To arise the child within so what we may play
Knowing that what we truly need is always near

Jennifer Don (c)