November 18, 2009


A fire ravages within my ether soul
Contorting what I've known to distant mere memories
Anger grows with seeing revenge a goal
But then to seek revenge wont that cause more rift than harmonies

Growing now with passion burning scarlet red within
Burdens and past taking its grasp tortured for one deed
Redness fills the sky is this my injustice that deepens within
Can I find the courage to proceed and follow every need

The lusting greed when anger rises
Spreading about like power ruling the mind
Uncovering a core supply of many hidden surprises
To beseech thee in power equal to that of strongest wind

Jennifer Don (c)

This was written months ago but was never finished and looking over it now, it's better left the way it is, for any attempt to change it removes the thought and what ever purpose there was behind it which I cant remember now as to what that was, or as to why I had written what I did but there you that's contortions for you

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