December 12, 2010

Another Minute

I’d like to hold the world
From the hand that feeds
I’d like to hold a rose
From the heart that beats

To see your face
In the mornings sun
To listen to your stories
Of all the things you’ve done

To see your face
In the stars at night
To see your soul
So alive and bright

To chase the fear
That comes over me
To free those heavy chains
That tries to take hold of me

I’d like to hold the world
From morning’s wake
To the rising moon
And sit with you at the lake

To watch the stars as they twinkle
All from under near the canopy of night
Just another minute with you is all
I’d like that, please, just for tonight?

Jennifer Don © 2010

Waiting Room

I opened the door
And there they were
Sitting, waiting patiently,
Some with a vacant stare,

Some with wonderful smiles
And glowing looks of adoration
Others with gentle falling tears
And heartfelt tender commiseration

I could resonate with each of them
Whether it was out of sympathy
I couldn't really tell
But then perhaps it was empathy

A knowing known so well
I invited them through, one by one
And so they came with a smile
Eager to speak, as so many before had done

To pass on their love
To those left behind
To pass on those tender messages
A gift that inside we find

A mother, one night came through
She wanted to speak with her Daughter
To tell her how she cared
That all was forgiven and she loved her

Little things like that
The gentle words, the memories of old
Really do matter deep inside
They help us remain strong and bold

Jennifer Don © 2010

December 10, 2010


The tightening grip of restraints,
Are the chains that strangulate life,
And the closing down of the gates,
Is like the blade of a double edged knife,

Sharply intrusive as they take hold,
The rules to break a healthy spirit,
Never now can one be so bold,
Through the fear of a tormented forfeit,

Never now can one stand so free to fight,
Or face the walk of a road so worn,
Cast forever in shadows like the dark of night,
Where even the strongest of hearts can be torn,

It takes not courage to make it through,
To break the vice that closes in,
To stand for life that they see to be true,
And so the fighting spirit does not give in.

Shackled to a darkened world of fear
Where hope seems lost like the sun at night
Enough in-distinction to cast a silent tear
Until one stands to fight for what is right

Jennifer Don © 2010

Inner Heart

The inner heart of a proverbial being
Beats in protest of ever being chained
And beats profusely ever more
At the thought of ever being maimed

To be void of any such movement
And denied space to be free
Only enrages the inner animal
With a forth coming display for all to see

With a rage so ferocious and untarnished
That could better the wildest of nights
While Earth is battered by storms
Where perhaps no where is safe in sight

But all it takes is for one to look
To see with adoration and delight
To be inspired by the magic contained
For that inner heart to beat long into the night

Jennifer Don © 2010

December 07, 2010

Christmas Is Here

Wherever in the world you are,
Whether there's snow or sun
There's always going to be a star
And shopping to be done

With children crying here and there
With added shouts of glee
With the shops going like a fair
And when we stop we do see

That the season of Joy really is here
It doesn't last long before it's gone
Share it with your family, far or near
And play your favourite seasonal song

Forget the queues that we face
Forget the worries and fill with glee
Take your time, it's not a race
Christmas is here, alive and free

Jennifer Don © 2010

Oldest Of Sins

The oldest of sins
Cast the longest of shadows
Whether in fields
Or summer green meadows

So if you find yourself
Bound in chains today
Looking up or facing down
Hope for those chains to fade away

No shadows cast, be unbeaten
No sin be a total crime
Shine a light and it’s gone
You’ll be free in no time

Nothing now to hold you back
The chains glowing, ever fading
All sins now repentant
A miss of the mark, worth taking

A challenge of the mind
A road worth taking
To break the chains
With shadows ready for breaking

Jennifer Don © 2010

Ice Be Gone

Slipping and sliding on the ice
No grounding under foot
The landscape is beautiful, so nice
But I’d like to give the ice a boot

Send it packing on its way
The sooner it melts the better for all
But it's here to stay today
Just pray no-one has a fall

The snow once fallen didn't last
The rain it came and washed it away
The night drew in and froze it fast
And so we slip and slide today

Left to wonder how long it will persist
The cold snap before winter does come
So much we wish we could resist
Praying for the warmth of the golden sun

It then comes to one united saying
United upon the cry of Ice be gone
Waiting for the stage of thawing
Waiting for the sing of spring and its song

Jennifer Don © 2010

December 04, 2010

Shadow Of Night

I heard a voice, calling out to me,
Who is there I asked aloud,
Again it came calling out to me,
Soft and gentle, a tender voice, not loud.

I could hear the gentle sobbing,
The words upon the air, they keep coming,
A sudden feeling, that I am falling,
As the voice, keeps on calling.

Calling out to me, in the cold of night,
I know not of whom this voice does belong,
I beckon onwards asking with no one in sight,
Wondering why the sobbing does prolong,

Wondering who it is, that keeps on calling to me
The now whispered voice, weary from the sobbing
Calls once more, and still I don't see
Or understand where from the voice keeps calling

Then a movement catches the corner of my eye
Can it be, a shadow of the night calling to me
I hear now a slow exasperating sigh
I'm left wondering could it really be.

That the shadow of night is in fact, not a shadow after all
Could it be a spirit, waiting and of the light
Only now to hear the words: Fly don't fall
And so the voice now fades in the cold of night

Jennifer Don © 2010

Winter's Crusade

As the dark clouds come rolling in over the sea
The waves rush to the shore for all to see
The night draws deeper as the sun does fade
The clouds march on in parade

All is quiet now upon the land
Life is still where it does stand
Waiting, abiding time for the coming storm to pass
Watchful eyes peering out, like a picture in stained glass

Clambering into the warmth to elude the winter’s night
Flurrying flakes begin to fall, such a delightful sight
Only to be trampled by the echoes of thunder drawing near
Thunder snow, combined as one loud and clear

Roaring trembles fill the sky tonight
As the snow persists caught by street light
Gentle the snow may be as it does fall
It cannot match that echoing call

Alas, the wind has come to join the game
Kicking up a fuss, its efforts not in vain
Such power and beauty fills the land and sky
No birds now, daring to fly

As the wind spreads the flurries of snow
Further and further they do go
Pulling in the mighty sound
Soon to be above and all around

Still eyes gaze from those sheltered places
Flickering candles catch those faces
Watching, waiting for the thunder snow to fade
Knowing only that this, is the first of winter’s Crusade

Jennifer Don © 2010

November 28, 2010

Winter's Here

Stepping out, on that frosty winters morning,
To a blanket of white across the ground,
To hear the birds in the tree's singing away,
Listening as those songs echo all around

Like a dragon, I breathe out smoke,
As the warm air hits the cold,
Crunching forwards, stepping through the snow,
Winter really has taken it's hold,

Winter's here now before Autumn's gone,
Yet still shards of golden sun make it through,
Shedding light on all it does reach,
A warming touch on a cold day, to whatever you do

The leaves ,they still fall in places,
Still blowing in the wind until scattered,
As the tree's take the winter hit,
Looking worn and very battered.

Something however this morning is different,
There's a glow across the land,
A defiant touch fills the heart,
Like the warmth of a tender hand,

The snow, cold as it may be,
Seems to give off a warmth today,
Knowing only inside,
That festive tidings are on it's way.

Jennifer Don © 2010


At the crossroads, the lights, they do flicker
Like a sign, that somehow, I can’t see
Many roads, many directions
Many faces stand before me

Or do they?
Is it trickery or the mind tonight?
That shadows dance to create faces
All from the ever flickering light

There is hope, I hear that now
Only faith guides the road
How can this be, why is it me?
Is this now, some sort of code?

To know the end is only the beginning
Leaves little guidance, as to where to start
At the crossroads, looking outwards
Is this where, my shadow, and I do part?

Upon which direction, do I go?
Which flickering light can lead my way?
There’s no going back now
As I shed my shadow today

Jennifer Don © 2010

November 25, 2010

Four Directions

Four sat round the fires in the night,
Each one a representation of the Light,
Each a direction and element,
Each with a purpose and attachment..

Together they encircle those flames,
Together chasing anyway all the pain
Sharing laughter long into the night
Whilst sitting by the warmth of fire's light

One the representative of the Wind,
A voice that's carried beyond the mind,
Gentle and fair, courageous and strong,
Listen for words upon winds song

One the representative of the Earth, all that's one,
The voice that cares to have things done,
That yearns always to heal from the past,
Hoping that things really will last

One the representative of water,
The emotion is pure, not a doubter,
The voice of all that's soothing,
Always going always doing.

The last is but the representative of Fire,
The one that knows the inner desire,
Where flames will burn away the old,
And make room for new things to hold

And so they combine to share the flow
Easing each other as they do go
Sharing and assisting by the fire in the night
Under the dazzling distant star light

Jennifer Don © 2010

November 23, 2010

Lambs To Lions

The crude course of a shallow man
Leaves but tainted blood wherever he can
And as the lambs now rise to lions
There is no way he can deny us

Those battles born, to aeons gone
Remain and so we battle on
To be the sacrificial giants
Banding together, the growing alliance

Who would have thought, there would be resistance
Who would have known we could go the distance
Defiant hands rising together
Sharing hope with one another

Marching forward stride by stride
Marching for life, not for pride
Those little lambs have grown so tall
Lions now, they answer the call

Jennifer Don © 2010


A new born perspective
A Worlds heart in hand
All allies comes together
United we do stand

Wherever our duties do take us
Whatever lands we do cross
We’ll always stand in unison
Under the burdens of our cross

To put our lives before others
Standing with fear on the front line
Defending our homes and loved ones
For a very long time

Men and women of the forces
Unite around the world today
Each fighting with the same thoughts
Hero’s in our heart’s any day

Jennifer Don © 2010

November 22, 2010


Kindred hearts, they call to me
Like the drums, that set me free
Kindred souls, what can they be?
A source I know, that I can’t see

Under the surface, behind the door
They go searching, wanting more
Kindred hearts of the night arise
Staying united, even through sunrise

Kindred spirits, always free
Even if it’s you or me
But kindred souls, what can they be?
If a soul is but you and me

Together, connected through all time
Never moving along the same line
And so kindred souls, what can you be?
If we are one and this is true

And so the drums, they call to me once more
Each freeing beat, rising from the floor
As kindred hearts, it calls to me
But kindred souls, what can they be?

Jennifer Don © 2010

November 21, 2010


When the torches are lit in the night
Shadows wave and dance in the light
Magic is dispersed weaving effortlessly in the air
Filling you with hope, and removing despair

When the torches that are lit, shine for you
Things anew, you will come to see, it’s true
A truer path, for you awaits, if you can see
One that will someday, set you free

When the torches dance by the flowing stream
Whether it’s in life or in your dream
A reoccurring essence springs information
And light over flows like contamination

When the torches catch your wandering eye
You can see into the flames, and so you sigh
Feeling the comfort that it brings
You can feel your spirit lift as it sings

Jennifer Don © 2010

Poet's Flame

From the continuous vortex
Churning in the cave
Springs forth flowing letters
Dancing like a rave

Steadily finding a home
Among others in the same situation
Placing themselves
In some order of organisation

Coming together to fill your heart
With amazing desire
As you watch them dance
Like flames of the fire

And so
Those flames of the fire
Really do
Become the flames to inspire

Constructing together the letters
To form words in the night
Such fire then shines
Such a warm guiding light

Jennifer Don © 2010

Find Yourself

When you find yourself
In the morning light
When you find yourself
Looking to the stars at night

When you find yourself
Awake not dormant
When you walk through the tunnel
You’ll see the light

Just not in the moment
But when the time is right
When you walk
Through the trees

Do you feel,
The gentle breeze?
When you find yourself
You know it’s alright

When you find yourself
In the morning light
When you find yourself
Everything will be alright

Jennifer Don © 2010

Never Fades

Never Fades

Even when there is darkness
The light shall remain
For what was once,
Shall be again

Look to the stars
So bright upon high
Let’s cast our hearts
To those lights in the sky

Restart the fires
That dwindles within
Let it grow and dance
Don’t allow it to dim

Reach out
With your loving hands
Reach for another
May they understand

The power within
Can never fade away
Untouched by any hand
In any given way

So when your fire
Starts to flicker in the night
Cast your thoughts to a positive flare
And it will restart your burning light.

Jennifer Don © 2010

The Feather

So gentle is the feather
Floating so free
Swaying back and forth
For all to see

Caught upon the song
That fills the open air
Gliding along with a tune
That’s tender and fair

By the drizzling rain
That falls as mist
Upon the window frame

By shadows upon the land
Falling gently
To land in your hand

Where from there
It holds your heart
Where a triumphant beat
Really does start

In doing so
Inspiration begins to flow
A wonderful gift
The feather did bestow

Jennifer Don © 2010

Be Still

Be still the mind
And listen with the heart
Hear the beats
Those rhythms, that won’t part

The comfort of the silence
Long through the night
Just listen to that silence
And feel your warming light

The warmth that encircles you
The tears that may envelop you
The support that now surrounds you
For love is all around you

Be still the mind
The worry be gone
Find peace in the night
That comes from your heart song

Be still as you listen
Take the time to find what is true
For it’s there, this very night
Just waiting for you

Jennifer Don © 2010

Dream Catcher

Oh dream catcher
Standing proudly on the wall
Catch me a dream
Where there is no fall

Within your web
The bad ones can go
Allow me to remember
What there was on show

Let me see the messages
That is contained within the dream
The signs that arise
If only I knew what they mean

The path chosen
The journey walked
Those that were within
And the words that we talked

Oh Dream catcher
Catch me a dream tonight
Take me on a journey
And cast me some insight

Jennifer Don © 2010

Silent Mind Version 2

Silence of the mind be oblivion
To the peace folds of thought
Though gentle do the words trickle
Through open mind without thought

To clear vision
And clarify the way word thinking
Sit and listen for the mission
Without a task of reminiscing

She calls to you
The goddess in deep blue
To take flight upon the dove
That’s sent to you with amazing love

As the silent whispers echo, can you hear?
They speak to you, there’s no reason to fear
Let yourself go and just be you
Your silence will lead you to what is true

Jennifer Don © 2010

The basics of the Original Silent Mind(V1) remain, but there has been alterations and so now remains to say, there is two versions, which start out nearly identical.

Poetic Dawn

How poetic is the dawn
That sings such a pleasant song
As it pulls its words from the river
A perfect flow it does deliver

Each one as clear as the last
The flow is steady, sometimes fast
T’s with each word a poet can write
To create some magic in morning light

So how poetic is the dawn
How alive is the morning’s song
It’s with those words that we see
How poetic the dawn can be

Jennifer Don © 2010

Turn To

There’s always on person we turn to
When things go wrong
When faces are wet like morning dew
They always seem to help us feel strong

It doesn’t matter how old you are
If they can, they will be there for you
It doesn’t matter if they have to travel far
Bound in love between them and you

A force so strong linked in loving chains
Between a parent and their child
Encouragement and support remains
Whether it be strong or tender and mild

There are few words that can explain the connection
Only a few that could ever shed the true light
They give space and needed time for reflection
From morning, noon and all through night,

Jennifer Don © 2010

Falling Star

Gazing up to that shinning butterfly
Shimmering amongst the stars way up high
Casting wishes as falling stars blaze in sight
A wonderful way to see out a summer night

Catching shimmers of hope within the core of a fine being
Taking in everything truly worth seeing
Feeling the magic whisking its way through the trees
Out in the open, a gentle breeze,

Sensing all the love given on this very night
Divine nature, stunning all minds with streams of light
Filling with such mesmerising warmth out in the cold
Whilst looking to a universe so new and yet so old

Oh how a falling star can create a fire
How it gives cause to truly inspire
Not one but many fall this very night
Such a dazzling display of amazing light

Jennifer Don © 2010

United Change

Paint the rainbow and call to the star nation,
And they will answer, it’s now the rainbow nation
All colours and creeds united under one banner
Give space and time in any manner

Let the river flow, cleaning the soul today
Unite under the stars in any given way
Raise the banner that fills your heart with passion
Stand with your siblings filled with compassion

To see the land for what it is
An amazing place, not to dismiss
To feel its long suffered pain
And pray it’s not been in vain

Unite the banners of the world today
Be the change and lead the way
Paint the stars on your heart
And know our true home won’t part

Jennifer Don © 2010

Dreams I've Been Dreaming

The dreams I’ve been dreaming,
Are the paths that I’m weaving,
Following the stars that fill my eyes,
Following my heart as I aim so high

Dreaming of a life time going the distance,
Battling on through any such resistance,
For the dreams I’ve been dreaming,
Are the ones I intend on leading,

Are the ones where hope shall shine,
Where love is all around from the divine,
Where no chains shall hold me down
And if there’s a wall I’ll go around,

For the dreams I’m dreaming
Are the hopes I’m believing
And the whispers that I hear from there
Are so angelic and ever so fair,

That I know that it’s not all in vain,
That my dreams won’t be stopped by the rain,
So the dreams I’ve been dreaming,
Are the paths that I’ve weaving,

Jennifer Don © 2010

Seed Of Hope

To see a seed placed upon a child’s hand,
To watch them plant it in the land,
To see the smile upon they’re face
Is like an angels tender grace,

So delicate is the being,
Full of life and eager seeing,
Watching as silver drops begin to fall from the sky
You can see the amazement upon they’re eye

To know that magic within them is all around,
For them to see it in ever sight and every sound,
You can see those questions turning
For them the magic is always revolving,

So let’s rejoice in every way
And plant those seeds of hope today
Rekindle the magic that resides inside
Let it flow, don’ let it hide,

Jennifer Don © 2010

Until The End

When I hear those words I can’t repeat,
When I hear the distant drumming beat,
By the fire, it’s warmth this night,
Under the starts that glimmer bright,

Inspired by your voice I hear,
Upon the wind the sound is carried clear,
Fear not the night for it holds so much,
Fear not the wind for its warming touch,

Feel the rhythm in your heart,
Know the beat, will never part,
The fire before you, burns within,
To hold with hope, is no sin,

Carry the torch and take the path in the night,
Through the trees into the pit, with your torch light,
Hidden deep, a place awaits your presence,
Trust your heart, and all you sense,

Jennifer Don © 2010

Gaia (Mother Earth)

She’s a shadow upon the mind,
She has faded from memory
She is the tear drops from the moon
The silver waters still at night,

The stunning sunset in the sky
The rainbow that glitters way up high
The dancing grass under the moonlight
The waving tree’s alive and strong,

She is the power within us all
All of the magic that surrounds us all,
All of the beauty that we see,
All of the treasures that we hold,

She is the wonder in the mind
All of the songs that we do sing
She is a small part of it all
She is the ground you walk upon

Not as old as time
Never stepping out of line
Everything that can ever be
Anything that you can see

Jennifer Don © 2010

Heart Song

Define your calling of who you are,
Loud and uprising, sing it far,
Defiant and triumphant is your song,
Sing it with love and sing it strong,

Soul rising, spirit lifting,
Can you feel is surging?
Weaving up from within your core,
Search for it and want it more,

The song that sings only to you,
So sing your song because it’s true,
With truth in the eyes for those that see,
Sing the song that set’s your heart free,

Open the doors and let it flow,
Sing it wherever you go,
Unique, will be your song,
And its fire inside will remain strong,

Jennifer Don © 2010

November 19, 2010

Wrangled Tree

Wandering eyes now transfixed,
Upon such a wrangled mess,
Of such a twisted tormented tree,
Entwined in itself, so motionless,

With it's bark near stripped bare,
Eroded and eaten, by weather and deer,
Leaves no longer fall from this tree,
For none have grown this year,

It seems, that as time goes on,
Nature has all but forgotten such a tree,
Scarce for the Raven perched upon the branch,
Of such a twisted tormented tree,

And when the night draws on in,
And the moon comes out to cast it's light,
The Raven can no longer be found on the branch,
For the tree has become eerily white,

If only time can be reversed,
To restore the magic and life of this tree,
Where upon it's branches, homes can be made,
Is this then, the end for such a wrangled tree ?

Jennifer Don © 2010

November 11, 2010

Not So Red

I see a rose that's ever so red,
But then it's not red, within my head,
It's every colour under the sun,
Every award that can ever be won,

Every life that's been called home too soon,
Every star that shines by the moon,
Every road that has ever been walked,
And every word that has ever been talked,

Every guide that has ever led,
Dare ask me now, why the rose isn't red.
Although red it may be within your sight.
There's many more shades under the shining light.

Jennifer Don

November 08, 2010

Lips Of An Angel

With lips of an Angel,
A kiss of a king,
A delicate beauty,
That silence can't bring

The fires are burning,
To light up the sky,
Is it a wonder,
There's a tear in my eye

As sweet as a rose,
That stands in full bloom,
Under the starlight,
Of a growing moon

The fires are dancing,
From the magic you cast,
The questions are turning,
How long will it last

With the lips of an angel,
A kiss of a king,
The finest example,
That life did bring.

Jennifer Don 2010

October 21, 2010

The Cavern

Welcome to the Cavern,
Built from stone and timber,
Hidden in a reclusive glade,
Of one to remember,

Where a river runs,
From ample streams,
Where a wood fire burns,
Through a night of dreams,

Above the Hearth a painting sits,
Of a place untouched by controlling hands,
Where life is free in this peaceful place,
By the shores of golden sands,

Under the window of this Cavern,
An old oak desk does reside,
With paper laid out on top,
And a pen placed neatly to the side

And so this Cavern shall remain,
A perfect place for a painter or writer,
Filled with so much inspiration,
That may even flow from the river,

Jennifer Don 2010

October 09, 2010


We are one, you and I
Whether we sing, or cry
We are the same, you and I
Under the stars in the sky

We are one, you and I, can you see
Differences there are, but still your free
Take my hand and you hold your own
But I say now, I'm not your clone

It's with truth that I speak
There are answer's that you seek
There are questions you long to ask
As you go about your task

We are one, you and I
Whether we laugh or sigh
As you can see within my silent eyes
A mirror with your long awaited replies

We are one, I say to you
My brother or sister it is true
Under the shell of the illusion that you see
We are the same, we are one, we are free.

Jennifer Don 2010

September 20, 2010

New Light

It's the first day, in a new light,
I can hear the dawning drums outside,
It's a new way and a new sight,
There's a reason, not to hide,

Oh the pulsing vibrations ringing deep within,
They are rising, as the heart sings,
Can you hear the sound within.
Can you feel what this new day brings.

Can you hold your head up high,
Can you see the door in front of you,
The people aimlessly passing you by,
Can you feel what's meant for you.

It's the first day, In a new light
It's the first of many you see
Open the eyes to such a sight
Let it all go, come on be free

Open the doors, let it all out
Like a river flowing out to sea
As we see what it's all about
You've let it go, now your free

Jennifer Don © 2010

The Canvas

There's a Canvas, waiting for your Art,
Waiting for the words to flow from your heart,
Waiting for the picture to be painted tonight,
Eager to share the magic of a shining light

No longer left blank as the magic does flow,
Pictures to carry no matter where you go,
Release the rivers that run within,
Let your canvas fill right to the brim

Carry the torch that burns with passion
Kept alive and free, not under ration
Let it shine with no hesitation
Share your art with every nation

The torch of life is alive inside
It's time to share, no reason to hide
Shine your fire, and watch the magic dance
Fill that canvas, now is your chance

The canvas awaits the desire to create
The creation of magic, it does await
Come alive the pictures will tonight
Shrouded in that creative light

Jennifer Don © 2010


Alone we may say, we may be,
But in truth and total honesty,
We are far from the divides in sight,
We are one, you and I, together in the light.

Upon the beaten path, or ragged road.
Within our hearts, we are one hear the code...
Lift the eyes of truth and light,
See beyond the edge in the dark of night.

See beyond the void that fills the eye,
See above to the stars that fill the sky,
Alone you say, not ever, not tonight,
I'll stand with you, whether by you or out of sight.

Alone, not ever shall you be,
I am with you, and you with me
We stand Alone, together, as one.
Through each day our battles shall be won.

Jennifer Don © 2010

Currahee - * We Stand Alone, Together! *

September 16, 2010


Flitting butterfly hopping from flower to flower
From strong tree to tree
Dazzling the eyes of the beholder
Of the magic to see

Sunning your wings in light
As the daylight brings
Angelic little beauty
Stretch those wings

Rejuvenating your energy
Showing your colours so bold
In this new age you shine
My heart on you is sold

Stunning colours of royal blue
Rimmed with black and white
Growing ever more regal
In your throne of golden light

Is it any wonder
Your the monarch of your kind
So gentle in your very being
So graceful within the mind

Jennifer Don (c) 2010


The fever is burning
The fire is rampant
The doctor is coming
Ready to stamp it

Ready to fight
To chase it away
All through the night
Not letting it stay

The doctor is winning
The hardened fight
The fire is fading
Into the night

Spirits are lifting
The battle is won
The doctor is going
The job is done

Jennifer Don 2010 (C)

September 13, 2010


Give me a sound proof room to scream and shout.
Where no-one can hear as I let it out.
Like an over flowing river it may run.
For it then to dry under the days warm sun.

I'd rather run with the wolves so free.
To be one with the earth my spirit free.
Sheltering from the Storm that ravages the land.
With the smallest of hope someone may understand.

That even inside a storm can and perhaps will grow.
That there is only a few ways to let it go.
It is there that the mind remains it's best.
No matter how strenuous the test.

How alive the eyes reveal the inner soul.
Even when struggling to reach that goal.
How alert it becomes when a new road comes along.
With the key to the heart sings a new song.

With a new path comes a new challenge, a new day.
A new outlook on life, a brand new way.
Still the storm bides it's time inside.
No where to run, with no place to hide.

What's left to do but stand and fight
Face the storm even if it takes all night
Even if it means a head on collision
At least then I may see with clear vision

Jennifer Don 2010

September 12, 2010

Out There

If there's anybody out there,
Can you hear me?,
Can you give me a sign,
So I know that you are near me.
Can you light up the world,
In a flash of a moment,
Can you light up a cave,
That is empty and dormant

Can you light up my heart,
Light up the eyes,
Make yourself shine,
Like the stars in the sky,

If there's anybody out there.
Please tell me everything will be all right,
Show me how to go about it,
And lead me through the morning light
If there's anybody out there,
Guide me through the night,
Even if you have to take my hand,
Just lead me to what is right,

Can you light up my heart,
Light up the eyes,
Make yourself shine,
Like the stars in the sky

If there's anybody out there
And if you can hear me
Listen for my questions
Or show me a sign that I can see
Guide me, aid me, show me where to go
Keep me standing strong
Show me the fires that burn with life
Play to me sweet music of natures song

Can you light up my heart
Light up the eyes
Make yourself shine
Like the stars in the sky.

Can you give me a sign
So that I can see
That there's someone out there
Waiting for me
Can you light up the world
In the flash of a moment
Can you light up a cave
That is empty and dormant

Can you light up my heart
Light up the eyes
Make yourself shine
Like the stars in the sky
Can you give me a sign
So that I can see
That there's someone out there
Waiting for me

Jennifer Don 2010 (c)

September 10, 2010


We know it's past,but our thoughts are there,
With silent, whispered prayers.
To those that have gone we hear your song,
To those that remain your not always strong,
Yet our love for you shines like the sun.
As you carry on getting things done
As we remember the event's of that very day
Not knowing really what to say
Watching as it unfolded, seeing it over and over again
Knowing inside those that remain will never be the same

Touched each day by that very pain
Of seeing it happen in the news all over again
The events of that fateful day on September 11th 2001
When the very Earth stopped to grieve as one
For the loss of it's son's and daughters
Our very brothers and sisters
Defiant to those that caused such pain
Standing in unity even in the rain
To the victims of this very day
What is there, that we can say

Jennifer Don 2010

My Spirit Is Free

I have no home to attend,
No attachments to make amend.
Freedom beneath the stars at night.
Free to be that shining light.

To cover many oceans in a day,
Free to do it my way.
No places to hold me down,
No reason to hold a frown.

Flying with the eagles in the sky,
Rejoicing with the wolves and they're eerie cry.
Free to be with kith and kin,
Free is my spirit and soul within

Jennifer Don 2010

September 03, 2010


Ravaging beast within the host
Coursing your way through like a ghost
Venomous disease dare you win
One by one you take over within
Closing out the strength so they are weak
Dimming the light of every breath so they are meek

Such vermin in the mouth of god you are
And yet here you are striding far
Spreading slow but taking hold remaining strong
Deadly, costing decent lives, as if they were wrong
Scurrying from one host to another
Whether it be mother and daughter

Not being picky as to whom you choose
A fight some will be sure to loose
Vermin in the host be gone
No longer I want to hear of how your strong
Take no more hold of the ones we love
Be banished from the lord above

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

August 27, 2010

Letter To Heaven

If I could write to you a letter,
And send it to your heavenly home,
It would make me feel much better,
Rather than whispering under my dome
To pen the thoughts I feel the most
To voice the words I long to say
Would they be received by your heavenly host
Would they make it all the way

If there was a way in which to write to you
I would write a letter every week
To tell you how much I miss you
And perhaps what I've had to eat
I dream of seeing you once more
Reaching out to hold your hand
But then I wake and pick myself up off the floor
Within those dreams I ask and hope to understand

Why there are no stairs leading to you
As I'd climb them all to see you again
To be able to sit with you a moment or two
To talk about all the warm memories that remain
Oh how I dream of seeing your warm face
That tender loving smile and bright eyes
Knowing that your now in your resting place
Causes me to ache as I look to the sky

No stairs stand before me reaching up to you to
No doors seen in which I can cross on through
And so it's with that hurdle I think of something to do
I start to write a letter addressed to heaven for you
Tie it to a balloon and send it up with love
All the while my face is wet with tears
Like a steady stream they fall as I gaze to the sky above
And for that small moment I feel your presence near

I know then that my letter did in fact reach you
For only you could cast that sweet smell so known to me
I think then of what you would ask me to do
As I know that you are pain free
Slowly still those tears do fall upon my face
As my memories of you remain strong
And within my letter sent to your heavenly place
I wrote a verse from your favourite song

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Dedicated to those I've loved and lost so dear.. more so to my Aunt Irene who passed to the summer lands on Wednesday 25th of August 2010. To think it's only been 2 years, a month and six days since we lost your dad (Grampa) and a year and 5 days since your mum passed (Nana)and now you in only a short space of time has left us all bewildered and shocked. To think that it was an infection and not what you were about to face up to and fight. :(

August 25, 2010

Silent Hunter

Those eyes, watching,
Staring out slowly blinking,
Cold and hard like steel in the night,
Deep hazel under the fading moonlight,

So focused, obviously searching,
Gazing out still slowly blinking
A sudden flash of light,
Those eye's now out of sight,

A shrilled cry echo's through the sky,
A flutter of birds reaching high,
A crack of thunder rings loud and clear,
Another crack as it draws in near,

Another flash of light and then all is still,
Then those eyes reappear seemingly had there fill.
No longer cold and hard, nor focused and slow.
Alert and sharp, warm watching where they may go.

For there he was proud in all his might,
The silent hunter within the night,
Awaiting the display to make his kill,
A task he did master with superior skill.

For he knew the smell upon the air,
And so for dinner he had a small bear,
Once eaten, full with delight,
Silent hunter fades into the night.

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

August 20, 2010

Here I Am

I came when I heard you calling,
I heard you crying,
I came as fast as I could,
If I could hold you I would,
If could wipe the tears that are falling,
Hold you close when you are crying,
I would,
Believe me I would,
Because here I am,
Here I am,

If only I could take your hand,
With a hope that you may understand,
But you can't feel me,
And you can't see me,
I tried believe me I tried,
But here I am, by your side,
If only you could hear what I say,
I might be gone, but not far away
Because here I am
Here I am

Those tears keep coming
Slowly falling
And all I can do
Is sit here with you
Right by your side tonight
Watching those tears fall in the light
If I could hold you like before I would
You know I would if only I could
Because here I am
Here I am

Jennifer Don (c) 2010
Align Centre


Like a waterfall washing over your face,
In a tender moment, in a tender place,
The rain is falling, pouring hope on you.
Giving you a reason to do what you do

Like a flicker in your eye,
Like a signal up on high,
The fire is alive inside,
So whatever you do don't hide,

Like a storm upon the ocean,
Ever growing in commotion,
In and out as it is flowing,
Can you see where this is going.

Like a river flowing slow,
Steady running as it goes,
One day fast the next slow.
Is this how you intend to go

Like the tree standing strong
Or the wolves heartfelt song
Can you see how it's connected
When all life is being respected

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Night Story

Imaginations run as stories are told,
Some so new while others old.
Spoken to a child at night,
All the while turning down the light.

Speak of a sword and they may see.
A warrior standing buy the rocky sea.
Tell of a dragon scowering the land,
And place a shield in the warriors hand.

So within the mind of the child the story does unfold,
Adding to it themselves as the story is told,
Adding magic to the tales in the night.
And before you know it they are asleep and snuggled tight.

Deep in slumber so full of peace.
Safe in a world where magic dares not cease,
And so we leave them there and turn out the light,
Silently stepping out whispering goodnight

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

August 18, 2010

Guardian Angel

I felt the urge to call out and ask " who are you?"
To that man stood by the doorway in the night.
I wanted to ask him " what is it that you do?"
Unable to take my eyes from him under the street light.

Somehow within I knew he wasn't like you or I.
I could see the smile growing upon his tender face.
For a moment I was compelled to look to the sky.
Somehow knowing within of who he is.

Unable to place the connection.
Unable to speak these words to him.
Unable to take my eyes from him in fascination.
Knowing only within that somehow I've met him before.

Slowly he approached outstretching his hand.
Still I could not take my eyes from him.
A knowing within that I could not yet understand.
And then he spoke to clear the air.

"You know who or what I am but cannot speak it can you?"
How could he know what I was thinking there in the dead of night
"You already know the answer to your question of what I do"
Stunned I felt compelled to ask "but how...?"

He spoke once more " I have always been around you"
"With you always guiding you, helping you, watching you grow"
"Watching you do those little things that you feel compelled to do"
"And yet even after these words you fail somehow to find the answer"

"Do you still fell compelled to know my name and what I do?"
"For if you still want these answers I can tell you"
"I come from a place where hope and dreams really do come true"
"I have been near your side always, I'm the one you've called out to"

"I do not hide who I am, but my true form may be too much for you"
"I have seen more than you would care to know"
"If you still feel a need to know, I am your Guardian Angel it's true"
Over come by feelings of such warmth, how could I not know this

How could I not know or speak the words I had inside me
He spoke again "Do not feel bad for It does not matter"
"Under the surface we are the same and perhaps one day you'll see"
"We have been through so much you and I"

"Your life has been hectic and so this glazed your eye"
"And now you know the answer to the questions in your mind"
"I am here always for you even when you cast your thoughts up high"
I stood there pondering his words as he said "It never will be goodbye"

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

August 16, 2010

Two Faiths

Two Faiths

Is it so wrong to feel so mixed as I do,
Devout to my faith of that I'm true,
And yet so pulled by another road.
A path so unknown that my heart does bode.

I still pray to you lord above,
Saying my prayers and sending my love,
Carrying the rosary each and every day.
But can I not walk the road and do it my way.

Why is this such a hard situation I can't leave behind,
Hundreds of thousands of questions wrap around my mind.
What will others think if they knew what I do.
Will they see my love and faith is still strong with you.

Will they shun me and cast me aside.
I'm so confused by the road I abide.
Dare I reveal my passion and interest
I know he's a druid but my heart won't rest

I long to be taught what he knows inside
I know he feels the same, a strange urging he can't hide
Surprising as it is, we are connected him and I
Watched over by the angels in the sky

We've crossed paths before, Him and I
Always feeling that pull catching each others eye
What will others think of this pure connection
No longer can we keep passing at the intersection.

Jennifer Don (C) 2010

A friend of mine requested a poem - a short poem about a catholic girl that feels a strong connection to a druid, she is feeling a strong spiritual connection, in dreams a pull, towards him. he is feeling the same way but in a masculine sense, wanting to help her teach her, his intuition is strong he is surprised to feel a pull towards a catholic. coincidences keep happening between them. like the angels, god, holy spirit is working.

I don't feel that what I've written quite matches what she had hoped for. Being neither Catholic or a Druid I was going in blind to this one. I knew it was going to be hard and wasn't worrying over it just letting things come and go as they do.

August 10, 2010


Alert eyes alive in the night.
A soul so bright of golden light,
No feathers found upon such a heavenly gift,
Although on the ground they are found when need of a lift,

Padded paws pacing over the land,
If only people can look and really understand...
My trusted shadow, undying love,
Strength within and guidance above.

I long to walk the path as you do,
To roam the lands side by side with you.
Running through the forest jumping over fallen trees.
Sitting upon the mountain top our song carried in the breeze.

Loyal and wise is what I truly see.
Knowing always your spirit be free
Where the truth of truth resides in your eye
Where in the night you raise your head high

If I could be such as you are
I could roam the land and travel far
To sing with great passing that burns within
To feel so alive every time we sing

Jennifer Don 2010

August 05, 2010


A lifetime passing with little regrets,
I could count them before I forget.
The one I regret the most.
Is how I never told you I loved you the most.
Is how I never gave you more attention,
If only I could pay you some sort of compensation.

I feel now that I'm to late,
To face the regrets upon my plate.
The fast turning tide has come to wash them away.
To clear the pain from regrets this very day
I regret how little I often held your hand
I regret now how little then I did understand

If I could go back and change those things I would
It's saddens me that I can't but If I could
I would tell you ever day how much I love you
I would mean every word because It would be true
I would give you more of my undivided attention
Helping you through each and every situation

Time however will not bend so that I make amends
I guess now it's something I have to comprehend
Oh how I regret the mistakes in life each turning night,
How I long for the warm mornings sunlight
I regret the little time we actually spent together
Under the setting sun each night gazing at each other

Those are the things I regret within my heart.
Those moments together did we truly start
If only I had been brave enough to say I love you
If only I had a second chance to spend my time with you
Please my love forgive me for my wrongs
And let me make it up to you with a tender song

Jennifer Don 2010

I had written this for a poetry competition that's just for fun.. Not that I'm expecting anything from it, but it's good to face new challenges and throw curve balls. The competition is a monthly thing and has themes. As you may of noticed the poem is about regret... that being the theme on show. I found it somewhat difficult having none to little regrets myself at this stage



I need a hand that comes from you.
As you give me Joy in hopeful bursts.
You give me the light so can I see in the dark.
So that I can find my way back home.

I need you like a whisper in the wind,
Like a flowing river steam,
Like the peace that echos deep inside.
Like the warmth within my dreams

You are the shadows, you are the light,
You are the echos in the night,
You are the voices upon my thoughts,
You are the comfort of the beating heart

I need the hand that comes from you
Not all the time but you know when
For you pick me up when I am down
You shine your smile for me

You are the grace that lifts the soul
You are the hope in all the light
I need you like a friend in my life
Like a growing tree so wild

Jennifer Don 2010

Need A Song

Need A Song

I need a song to raise the Earth,
To sing with the tender heart,
I need a song that can call to the moon.
That can light up sky above..
I need a little time, only a little time,
In which to find the words to say.
I need a moment now only a moment now.
To see what the heart does see.

I need a song to calm the seas,
To clear the air a tender breeze,
I need a song that can call to you,
A voice in side knows what to do,
I need a little time, only a little time,
In which to find the words to say.
I need a moment now only a moment now.
To see what the heart does see.

I need a song to make the rose grow,
To fill up the land with love,
I need a song to put stars in your eyes,
To make them shine so bright
I need a little time, only a little time,
In which to find the words to say.
I need a moment now only a moment now.
To see what the heart does see.

I need a song, to chase the fear,
One that's loud and clear,
I need a song to lift the soul,
To carry with pride across the land
I need a little time, only a little time,
In which to find the words to say.
I need a moment now only a moment now.
To see what the heart does see.

I need a song that can flow so free
Sharing the words with you and me
I need a song that connects us all
That lights the fires within
I need a little time, only a little time,
In which to find the words to say.
I need a moment now only a moment now.
To see what the heart does see.

Jennifer Don 2010

August 01, 2010


Gone is the rain that filled the cloudy sky,
Gone are the clouds from way up high,
Silent now is the blowing wind tonight.
Gentle do the stars shine so bright.

Gone is the past for it wants to stay.
Gone is your touch that I miss today.
Here is the memories I hold so tight.
The words you spoke of, flowing this very night.

Here is the photo to remind me of you.
Its here in this moment I light a candle for you.
Gone are the tears that slowly fell.
Gone is the worry, I did dispel.

Gone you are not, not from my heart.
I won't let those memories depart.
Gone is your touch but not your love.
I can feel it shine down from above.

Gone are the moments I wish I could hold.
Here is your scent gentle but bold.
Gone are the chances of days spent with you,
But I'm always thinking of you and what you did do

Jennifer Don 2010



As all the thoughts come rushing in
I can't be who others wish me to be
They tell me I'm in denial but I'm not giving in
They can do as they please and I'll be me

It's not me in denial but them if they can see
As I have no chains that smother me in any way
I'm not a follower of the crowd I am me and I am free
If only they could see their denial today

It would make things so much easier on us all
I won't have to hate the person I am because they do
I won't have to fight and shed the tears or stall
It's them in denial not me and that is true

Jennifer Don 2010 --- 7th July



How do I control my mind and save itself from such mutilation.
Where I become so cut up about the growing lack of concentration
Surely such mutilation could come in handy one day
Where I can then cut the words and file them away

Alas the dawn is coming and soon the light will shine
Will my mutilated mind revert back or shall I now resign
So when I turn the TV on what is there now to see
Mutilation of the land that once was ever Free

Dis-heartening to see such madness claim the hand of man
To mutilate the body of earth and treat it like a trash can
Oh how I wonder such things that tarnish my one controlled being
The mutilation of my thoughts every growing without seeing

Jennifer Don - 2010 ... 7th of July

July 18, 2010

Profound Beauty

Tiny little dazzling drops of rain,
Sliding down upon the window frame.
Fragmenting light as it shines on through,
Casting rainbows all for you,

Slowly escaping from your gaze tonight.
As they hold the spectrum of light.
Beyond the droplets a windswept terrain.
Taking a pounding from the falling rain

Digging deep for the storm that is ahead
Are the trees so strong, with leaves so cherry red.
Swaying back and forth upon the blustering gale
Almost dancing with magic refusing to fail

Those creaking boughs sound like it's singing
Singing the songs of life once gone, and all that's beginning
Catching the rain upon the leaves, to drop them again
Dropping into rhythm like a tender pulsing vein

The wailing wind begins to fade away into the night
They slip away and clear the sky for the moonlight
As the clouds fade away, so too does the lashing rain
For the once tormented terrain to be quiet once again

Where all that remains are those droplets of rain
Now cascading down your window frame.
Distorting the images as you gaze on through
Catching the little rainbows destined just for you

Jennifer Don - 2010

July 16, 2010

Keep Going

When the world keeps turning,
You keep on keep on going.
When the light fades at night,
The stars come out so bright.

Heartbroken as you may be,
Take a moment so you can see.
That the life is growing,
All around you it's moving,

Lift your head high tonight,
Fill your heart with some delight,
Let your sorrow fade away,
Live in the moment of today,

Give yourself another chance
Don't let it be, a passing glance
Start a fresh, this very night,
Under the stars and moonlight

Be strong for what has gone
Let it fade and be replaced by your song
Let your inner fire burn bright
Keep your spirits high from this night

Jennifer Don 2010

The Forgotten Land

To the forgotten places and age old races,
Long gone memories and tender faces.
To rooms no longer left to stand,
In places of the forgotten land.

Where age old stories lay to the side.
Where wisdom find's a place to hide.
Recall to us the stories of old.
Bring back memories of what we were told.

Connect us once more with those we love
To fill the gaps of what we think of.
Long gone from our minds into the void
And forgotten places we try to avoid

Rekindle the desire to learn from old
Where passions grow from the story told
United us with the names to the faces
And remind us of those forgotten places

The white sands that shimmer under the sun
Where we would visit with a loved one
To sit under the sun on the banks of grass
Nothing now can ever surpass

As those forgotten places come alive once more
And names come to those faces I adore
No longer are they forgotten away
I have remembered this very day

Jennifer Don 2010

Kinship Of Man

To hold a rose within your hand.
To see the beauty and understand.
The kinship of man is not alone
Neither is the dog chewing the bone

As the currents flow from the oceans waves
And the wind blows through the darkened caves
As the rain falls heavy and fast
We are awakened to so much contrast

The deepened shades of red from the rose
To the tormented screams of wind as it blows
To feel the warmth as our hands are held
To go in directions we are compelled

The kinship of man and life united as one.
As all life rises under the morning sun
As the winds die down to a gentle breeze
To lift barley a rustle through the trees

Jennifer Don - 2010

Stolen Joy

When you came into the world of being
When you starting living and breathing
You filled my heart with so much joy
My love for you I did deploy

Then one day from us you were gone
There were no words to fill a song
And on that day I really did tare in two
I searched every square mile I could in search for you

Over hills near and far with hope in my hand
Searching for answers praying to understand
Why you were taken and sent to heaven
At the tender age of only seven

I shouldn't be the one standing at your grave
I shouldn't be the one trying to be brave
If only I could hold you in arms my darling child
To smell your hair, your scent so mild

If I could trade my place for yours today
I would so that you may live and play
I would do it, if I could see your little smile
If it was possible it would be so worthwhile

I cannot say how much pain I feel today
That they came and took you away
My innocent child with bright blue eyes
I see you always even when I cry

Jennifer Don 2010

July 12, 2010

Weaving Words

I've come to find and treasure my place of "peace" within.
Where comfort is brought and words rise from deep within.
Flowing upwards like the water from a Fountain
Even if I stand upon the highest Mountain,

If I close my eyes for a moment in the day.
This place does take all the walls away.
Where words are smoother as I long for them to be.
Weaving, flowing singing as they weave there way to me

I come to a place of constant tranquility awaiting me.
Where passion can flow as they should be.
Watching the flames of the tender fires burning with delight.
At the growing cause for such warm and delicate insight.

Flickering flames granting the words that I may write
To patch them together long into the fading light
Beyond the changing light into the star cast night
The longing call for those words remain tenderly insight.

Awaiting the structure that brings peace to a sorrowful heart
That brings meaning for someone like a piece of art
To bring hope after torment and Strength to carry on
Such words bring them power to awaken after dawn

And so I treasure the peace of reflection that aids my soul
A release for one and all instead of loosing control
Where I can sit upon the mountain or tender words
Weaving there way towards me like a flock of birds.

Jennifer Don - 2010

July 11, 2010

The Shift

Within the great circle of friendship, the energy growing
The fire before us ever dancing vividly burning
As he reached to his pouch and threw spice on the flames
It did dance to show us the great plains

The lands of old and what is now new
To show us the change and why the land is so few
The circle continues to grow with more coming forth
They've heard the calling, coming in from the North

Witnessed the signs as they come from the South
Coming in from East by the word of mouth
And in from the West bound in trust
All feeling that there travel now was a must

United for reasons beyond understanding
Gathered now before the fire ever burning
As the story's are told and the songs are sung
Of how the great wars were lost and won

Four corners united in understanding of change
Readily awaiting the shift and energy exchange
Bringing forth the elements of Mother Earth
Eagerly awaiting for the dawning of spiritual rebirth

Rekindling the connections of family's of old
Fearing nothing as they stay strong and bold
Raising the energy through those upbeat songs and prayers
Overcome by all the emotion releasing the welcome tears

Jennifer Don - 2010

July 09, 2010

Salt anyone ?

Take us with a grain of salt or so we say
Add some pepper for some spice and so we play
As words are magic our thoughts are to
You are important and that is true.

A writer.. A singer..Including you
Are all important so please don't stew
Come and share your thoughts far and wide
Spread them out and please don't hide.

Let's throw them in the cooking pot and see the magic flow
Stir them round and around and watch them as they go
Whether you write for passion or write to ease your heart
The friends in which you gather truly will not part

And so we sit and party here
Our words shall flow without fear
Take us with a grain of salt
Add some pepper into the vault

Jennifer Don - 2010

I'm Not Sorry

I'm not sorry for loving you,
For being there to hold your hand
My words to you are true.
Will you take the moment to understand

I'm not sorry for standing with you
For being there as your fighting to hold on
Supporting you through all that you do
Being there as the sun does rise at dawn

I'm not sorry for being your friend
For being there as you shed those tears
I'll be there with you right to the end
To help you eradicate all your fears

I'm not sorry that I made you smile
As we spent those moments together
That there are times we did laugh a while
So I'll hold you close when I remember

I'm not sorry for sharing my time with you
As you were my angel my darling little rose
How could I ever spend a moment without you
What will I do now when it's time to let go

Thank you for being my little angel
My precious little light from up above
It's time now for you to be a true angel
And as you go, please take all my love

Jennifer Don - 2010

July 07, 2010

If You Were An Animal

If you were an animal what would you be
I think I'd be a Wolf so wise and free
Within the tree's my home and pack will stay
Where I am safe upon any dawning day.

Or I think it'd be a hawk to fly up high
To see the land and all it's glory from the sky
To spread my wings as freedom takes hold
To perch my talons on the tree's to stand bold

Or maybe I'd be a ferocious Tiger
A Tiger I said and not a Liger.
With brilliant orange and black on my back
I'd be safe in the bushes with courage i wont lack

Or I'd be the frolicking horse upon the land
Where I am wild and untamed by any hand
To enjoy the day with the wind on my back
Where I can run fast without looking back

If you where an animal which would you be
Would you care to share.. I long to see
A wolf is my course of that I can't change
We are united in spirit upon this day and age

Jennifer Don 2010

Wolf Spirit Within

Can you see the spirit within me.
Remains the wolf boding and free.
To weave through the wonders at night.
To lead me on my path no need for light.

My strength it comes when the call is sounded.
A calling to know that we are trusted.
Can you see through the eye's of mine
The wolf spirit within that won't resign.

I am no animal of that you see.
I am your kith and kin..
I am me. I follow where I feel the calling.
Where ever he guides without stalling.

Through the tree's and by the stream.
To a clearing free and green.
Where spirit of wolf comes before me.
Teaching me, Leading me asking nothing of me.

For within my mind I hear the calling again.
We.. our spirits..are one and so shall remain.
Do not fear the hidden for I will stand with you.
I am your eye's and ears in all that you do.

Jennifer Don 2010

July 06, 2010

Trapped No More

Springing forth from the vortex.
Once trapped within a cortex.
Springs life and astounding light.
Blindingly beautiful such a mesmerizing sight.

Bounding off each ragged surface.
Light flickers from place to place.
To dance with passion all over again.
Re-igniting the fire within the veins.

Burning chasms pulsing straight to the core.
To drive the soul up from the floor.
No longer trapped within the darkness.
Alive and ready to reach the surface.

To rise from such a dark cauldron with no end in sight.
To stand an see a flowing river of amazing coloured light.
No longer spinning within vortex of confusion
Now released and weaving a new infusion

Jennifer Don 2010

July 04, 2010

If Only

If I called your name would you come to me,
If I sung your song would you listen for me.
If I held your hand would you acknowledge me,
If I was with you now would you see me.

If I left you a rose would you understand me
If I left a photo of us would you think of me
If I could be there with you to see you free
Would you shed a tear for all you can see

If I could hold you in my arms I would
If I could say how much you mean to me I would
If I could send what I had intended I would
If I could only have that moment with you I would

If I didn't have to leave so soon I'd be with you I would,
If I could come back for you I would,
If I had only said the things that matters I would,
If I only had that chance with you I would

If only I could hold your hand I would
If only I could say I love you dear I would
If only for a moment I could stand beside you I would
If only I can take those tears from you I would

If only I was given a Second chance would you forgive me
If only I stayed with you would you stay with me
If only in the moment I listened to you, please forgive me
If only you knew how much you have always meant to me

If only....

Jennifer Don 2010

No Angel

I may not have wings in which to fly.
And scarcely have a halo to shine.
I am no angel but please don't sigh.
I have no song in which to sing.

For all that I am not, don't hold me to.
I would give a shoulder when you need to cry.
Ask a question and I'll try and answer you.
I have no shadow in which you see but I'll say hi.

I am further than you can see.
Closer than you may understand
I am there with you when you are free.
And with you when you need a guiding hand

I may not be the one you seek
Or the one you truly need
But I will hold you when you are week
And guide you so you may succeed.

I shall be there when you look to stars
And upon the wisp of wind to touch your face
I will aid you as you heal from all your scars
To help you as you win your race.

I am here for you and always will be
Your guide, your love your ever shining light
Where your strength can then rise to be free
As I stand with you all through the night.

Jennifer Don 2010

June 30, 2010

Amber Eyes

As I watch those Amber eye's that gaze in my direction.
I see great wisdom, confirmation of connection.
Like small fire's burning in the night.
Those eye's are tender yet shine so bright.

Drawing you within the wonders that may be.
Burning desires overflowing waiting to be free.
Yearning for the call, that may ring clear this night.
The answer to questions may then be found in hidden sight.

Those amber eye's alive and comforting.
Like beacons upon the path ever watching.
Knowing, always knowing what has to be done.
Always eager always warm like the sun.

A calling flicker within my heart I now know.
In which direction I should go.
Still those amber eye's ever staying.
Always watchful silently watching

Never a moment of fear before me as I hold my own
Those amber eye's guiding me to that peaceful zone
Showing the directions in which I'll see what is true
Aiding understanding of which shines from those eyes like morning dew

Jennifer Don 2010

The Rose And The Wolf

As the wolf rose up from the ground to which it lay..
So too did the flourishing rose bloom in it's rightful way...
For each stands in strength of what they are..
One the pathfinder the other won't go far..

As the wolf strides on with passion burning inside..
The rose travels deep within the hearts it dares reside
Not travelling by distance but by love..
Carried along to each soul upon a dove..

Where shadows are chased from there hidden places
Where the wolf shows understanding between the races
The rose it shines brighter under the moonlit skies of night
For your guidance, your undying torch light

From in the distance the wolf sings her song
To kindle your connections and keep you strong
As the rose winds it's way through your veins
Protecting you keeping you safe in your domain

For your guardian wanders not far from your tender heart
Your pathfinder the wolf, when your ready makes a start
With the protection of the rose pulsing through you
The light of love unconditional shines from above down to you

Where together the wolf and rose remain
Connected by you in your mind again
Rekindled in your memory of those long forgotten days
Renewing the connections to find your forgotten ways

Your path is now found and so you can shine
Like the amber eye's that dance to your pulsing rhyme
Of wolf you are grateful for the guidance and passion
To the rose thankful for those memories and compassion

And so when the journey ends in the night
The wolf shall sleep as you shine so bright
The rose will not diminish the love and protection
For you are found and have reconnected the connection

Jennifer Don 2010

Time Is Now

For a moment I am free,
No earthly ties that bind me.
No chains to hold me down.
A smile on my face no frown.

Of that moment some things I see.
From the eye's of the eagle above the sea,
Feeling the wind that soars beneath me.
Gliding along in this moment that I'm free.

The freedom to move here and there,
Over sea, over land wherever I dare..
To treasure the sight before my eyes of the land ahead.
Looking forwards to the path I dare tread.

Soaring with laughter shared with friends
Treasuring the freedom knowing it wont end
Free to run and fly for miles under the sun
For life and living has only just begun.

Jennifer Don 2010

Like A Flower

Watch how the flower grows.
Bending and waving as the wind blows
Rising from the ground to reach the light
To cast out it's petals and shine so bright

Sharp and clear we see those colours of the rainbow
Within the fields, upon the hills wherever they choose to grow
Such might and strength from something so delicate.
A reminder of hope, something we can replicate.

Fear not the shadows that fall in the night
Reach on out for the light that's warm and so bright.
Unfold your arms and welcome love to come in
Stretch like the petals and show your true colours from within

Open your heart, and open your soul.
Reach for new heights, your targets your goal.
Be like a flower standing, being strong.
An echo within sings our joyful song.

We are as we are and so we are.
No shadows or rain will stop us going far.
We have what we have and reach for more.
And so we stand to open that new door.

We are the flowers of humanity and hope.
We dig our root's deep, tied like rope.
Our outstretched petals reaching for the sun.
Knowing that some day we will have won.

We are the flowers upon the green grass so free.
We are humanity of which we can see.
As we all unite to reach for the sun.
We are many but we are one

Jennifer Don © 2010

June 02, 2010

Reach Out

The Sun is shining.
There is life on the land.
As the sun is rising.
You've gotta take it by the hand.

You've got to reach out,
To hold on tight.
To stand tall.
With strength and all your might

As life unfolds before your eye's.
Entrancing complications all around.
Enticing those thought's from the folds.
You can see your free, no chains to hold you down.

You've gotta reach out.
To hold on tight.
To stand tall.
With strength and all your might.

For the shadow's you that face..
Are gone when the light shines.
Forgotten and pushed to the back..
Let your self be free to grow and shine

You've gotta reach out
To hold on tight.
To stand tall.
With strength and all your might.

So lift your head high.
Let's watch the world come alive today.
One step forwards is better than one back..
Come on now your on your way.

So come reach out.
And hold on tight.
To stand tall.
Let's shine your light.

Let's reach out
And hold on tight
Come on everyone
Let's shine our light

Jennifer Don © 2010

May 05, 2010

Crystal Cave

Within the caves of crystals and thoughts,
Towards the back is books and what not's..
Where age old wisdom fill's there pages,
Where contains memories of the passing ages

Where the fire flickers to make the shadow's dance,
Where things that move give cause for a second glance.
Where from within the cave somethings come to light..
Flowing all directions like star's in the night...

Where whispers echo off the walls,
Where we are alive and having a ball
Where the sounds give cause for a moment's thought
To which we know we should treasure what we've got

But something inside stirs ever more in the night
A desire, a passion a longing for answers so bright
A desire that burns stronger than the flames in sight
A surging impulse to know more a life long fight

Within this cave of crystals and thoughts
Answers are found and some are still sought
A cause for understanding and it's basic phase
Leaves us clear from all clutter and haze

Within this cave the roads become clear
And from that path we take we eradicate fear
And so to we add to the pages in the books
Each path we take and each one we dare look

Jennifer Don © 2010

That Moment

Lounging at the beach today..
Listening as the world goes by..
Watching the waves as they rock in that stormy way,
Watching as the birds swoop and fly so high....

Hearing the calls they cry as the sea does roar
Watching as the waves rise and fall
As it sways back and forth towards the shore
In and out with each a sudden swell

Churning up what may have been left before
While life below the surface carry's on regardless
As the drift wood drifts to land upon the shore
While seaweed is tossed around to land and make a mess

So as I sit here in the moment on this day
I contemplate the wonders of the world and what I see
With the waves so wild and calming in there own way
Knowing that the ocean, the waves will always be free

And if perhaps for a moment or two
We take on board some of the power from the sea
To create our currents to move us in what we do
Then perhaps even we can be for that moment free

Jennifer Don © 2010

May 02, 2010

The Heart Sings

As the heart sings, the soul too shall resonate to the same tune.
To a point in which the words will flow like the currents of the sea.
Ebbing in and out settling upon the pages to which we write.
Upon pages where our thoughts and feelings really can be free.

Where imagination becomes your visionary to see for what it is.
Where the words just jump out at you with passion.
To which the heart and soul will continue to sing it's song.
Where those words will slide easily with flowing motion.

Weaving through the branches upon the strong tree's in life.
Creating whispers in the wind a music in the heart.
From morning sunrise all through to the setting sun at night.
Where like each day a new one arises to which we play our part.

To which we are connected in unison to Earth's energy.
Where we all share a common tie to which some are uncertain.
Where aspects of the seen and unseen are set in motion.
Where again our heart's sing to a beat it does maintain.

Where connections upon the pages begin to shine through.
Where the words show meaning of that we can see so clear.
Where as they flow across the pages to the rise and fall of the tide.
They create the cycles of magic to keep balance and banish fear.

So I call to the soul within to let the heart sing.
To sound your song with pride and show your passion.
To show that your song is yours and your soul will match your tune.
So let the heart sing it's song so full of love and compassion.

Jennifer Don © 2010

April 28, 2010

Can You See Her

There's an angel, over my shoulder
Can you see her, she is older,
She is one, she is two and she is free,
She's a whisper in the wind,
She's a golden star in the sky,

She's a feather on the floor,
She's a knock upon the door,
Can you see her can you see,
She is there just listen to me,
Can you feel her cause she is there,

There's an angel at my window
Can you see her, she is mellow
She will whisper words in my ear
She will always leave a calling card
As she visits when I need her

She's a flower in my mind
She's of freedom with no earthly bind
Can you see her, shining bright
Casting all colours of the rainbow tonight
There's an angel with me now

Can you see her, can you see
Of such wonder and mystery
Can you feel her, with me now
Can you see her take a bow
See that angel over my shoulder

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Contemplations Of A Day

Contemplates the day ahead,
Oh the joy's of work that make me rise up from bed.
To sit and ponder where the morning has gone,
With my mug of tea and by the way this isn't a song.

To sit and think what the day will hold,
The sun is gone the clouds are out is the summer sold.
The roads outside already rumble with the passing cars.
Oh how I wish it was night to watch the stars.

To be as free as the bird flying high
Instead I sit ready to head out and let the day pass by
To await what the world has in-store for me this day
With faith I hold my head high as I make my way

Out the door and down the stairs to meet world outside
To venture forward to a place my work does reside
To meet and greet all new faces about they're day
Shopping for the food they need upon this a cloudy day

To cater for the week that lies ahead
Shopping for the basics of milk and bread
Going away with a trolley load having spent too much
Worrying next perhaps what to have for lunch

Counting up how many dinners they did buy
Wondering if they have enough and so they sigh
And so the cycle continues day after day
Where we all need that food of life in every way

A glance to the clock say's it's time for home
And so I clock out and I'm now free to roam
Free for a day and then back again it's true
But each day differs and wouldn't be the same without you

Jennifer Don 2010

Pen To Paper

I've sat with pen to paper,
With thought's that waver,
For words to flow,
Weaving in and out as they go,

Watching the birds flying high,
Watching the cars pass on by,
Relaxing with the music that fill's my ears,
To have some thoughts ever so clear,

To glimpse the memories of old,
The ones I hold close like sacred gold.
Those tender moment's caught in time,
For me to cherish for they are mine,

And so once more I'm back in focus on my way,
A moment of stillness to hear the whispers of love today
To clear the mind of what may be
To see the world alive and ever so free

To feel the passion burning alive inside
To know that words should never be left to hide
To feed them to the world around
For others to feel and hear they're sweet sound

And so as I sit to ponder the flow
These words that are written found a place to go
Upon the pages in which we may on day turn
To have them in the open keeps my heart free to burn

Jennifer Don 2010

Will You

Would you come should I call
Will you answer with spoken word
Would you catch me if I should fall
Would you sing the soulful song

Would you show the signs when your around
Would you wave that old familiar smell
Can you give me some hint or sound
That you have come when I have called

Will I know you when you are here
Will I feel the warmth I long to feel
Will I be free from all the tears
I long to have just a moment in time

A moment with you just like the past
A moment to feel your loving touch
To hold the moment close and have it last
To say the words that I've waited to say

So will you come, If I dare call to you
Will you take my hand again, and make it all clear
And will you read the words that you used to
So that I may carry you for ever more within my heart

Jennifer Don 2010


To ride upon that white winged majestic wonder,
To be so low to touch the waves and rise to hear the thunder,
Upon the back of grace I hold the moment close inside,
Hearing the thunder bellow across the sky as I take this ride

To be above the tree's and see the world around
To hear the birds, so gentle is they're sweet sound.
To feel that breeze upon my wind swept face
As I fly upon this animal at such a gentle pace

An animal of myth but in my sight is true
To hold it's head high with pride to not be blue
The strength of such fine powerful wings
A softness does it's heart and soul sing

Such dignity and elegance it move's with ease
To grace the land and leave not a breeze
So soft are those feathers within those strong wings
So tender they are, as they surround me, my heart sings

So to ride upon this creature so mild and strong
Is a gift of love to treasure that will never be gone
To have this creature grace me with such a moment
One that I will cherish with such fine sentiment

Jennifer Don 2010

April 21, 2010

Will Tomorrow

The sun is shining outside that window,
But it's not so warm it's mellow,
Upon the back of a cloudy day,
Will tomorrow bring a warmer day ?

Will tomorrow see the sky's so blue ?
Where it's open and warm for me and you,
Where in the gardens we can rest,
Be free from work to be our best.

Where the wonders of the world rise that day,
Where the squirrel round the back can play.
Where the birds shall swoop from tree to tree,
Upon the back of a clear day so free.

Will tomorrow be the day we await ?
Where we can rest with no hallowed debate
To free our core from the chains around
To relax with the oceans pulsing sound

Will tomorrow see the change so long due ?
Where the sun shall shine to chase the blues
Where the earth is healed and your spirit to
Tomorrow will bring the hope to start anew.

Jennifer Don 2010

April 18, 2010

Those Wings

I'm carried along, with a strength so strong,
With a beat of the drum, my inner song,
That now for the very first time,
I see those wings as they shine,

Within that vibrant hue of golden light,
That warms the heart to such a delight.
Caring wings from one so old,
From freedom that teaches us to be bold

Where our growing spirit learns the fight,
That keeps our fire burning long into the night
As I'm carried along I learn how to pray,
To do thing's my way along the growing highway,

With those wings at my side,
Learning the lesson of nothing to hide
Carried through the shadows into a lighter place to be,
I feel the burdens lift as those wings set me free

To then see the light reflect to rainbows bright,
From those soft caring wings of such delight.
Where all pain is gone as the rain does fall
Where in it's place is strength, I pray I don't stall

As those wings I find come from angels all around
I know that love is never gone but always found
Peace fills the mind as I am guided this warm day
Knowing my travels are pure along the growing highway

And so as I'm carried with a strength so strong
I know that life will forever hum it's peaceful song
Through anything we can travel With our pride
That life is there to have fun and not to hide.

Jennifer Don. 2010

April 14, 2010

The Phoenix

Have you seen a bird so free,
One that should rise from the ashen ground to be,
Full of colour within my mind such a sight,
It leaves a trail of colour such a delight,
To rise and fall when time is called to rise once more,
From devastation when flames lash out and fade away
Knowing when the remains cool, It's ash shall be gray,
So silent has it fallen without the fire-bird song
Gone once more but not got long,

Give it a moment and life is reborn.
For eternity this sacred bird shall fly,
From the dawn of time it chose to rise soaring high
Co-existence within each life long cycle
Magic and mystery This the fire-bird shall be
A challenge to face the road again ever free
Over and over in the cycles with us it chooses to be
In our minds and always free above the lands to call
To sing it's song of revival for one and all

Jennifer Don 2010

April 07, 2010

Flames of Life

Flames of life and learning be
Found in love treasured free
Where arts of words come alive
Upon the pages do they jive

Where flames of learning grow so bright
To aid you on in yearn est of night
Where fear be shattered into tiny shards
Where stars light up each and every yard

Flames of fire alive in side us be
Spur us on for what will be will be
Shadows gone in place of light
For it grows with the fire so bright

No page left unturned this dawning day
Where your answers are found upon your way
Where not the river can diminish your flame of fire
Where not your fear over comes your trust and desire

Where peace alas may still elude our touch
Where we can say I love you very much
Where we can see with clarity so clear
Where trust in self and others defeat that fear

Where flames grow in speed as do you in strength
Where learning then comes in to support your strength
Where your courage shines like the bright stars of night
Where your passion still grows strong in your dazzling light

Flames of life grow deep within your core
They cover the land from shore to shore
They bring new life of that we need
New changes so that in us we may succeed

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

March 31, 2010

Grace Of Meadow

Sat upon the mossy rock in the meadow,
Was a butterfly of golden yellow,
So still it chose to stay,
In the warmth of this a sunny day,

To gaze your eye's upon it's grace,
In nature it's essence is in place,
Transformation of your mind to clarity,
Where things now become so steady

To then notice the purple flower down on my right,
Surrounded by daisy's in a ring of white,
A gentle place for where it stands tall,
In it's spot even with strong wind it shall not fall

Now over to the right there is another circle round
Within this spot an Angel is now found
Not of form but of that gentle light
It's essence such a tender pure sight

Such calm clarity fills this meadow spreading free
To hear the words, Go with the wind and what you see
Free yourself from all chains We are here
We will guide you, you have nothing to fear

Jennifer Don © 2010

March 17, 2010

Here I Am

All along the distant shores,
I see the lights, the lights aglow,
From this place i know inside,
That all is calm do hide,
For here i am, right next you,
Here i am what shall we do,
Here i am, always to stay,
Here i am, I'll walk your way

All along the road across the sea,
Is so many places we yearn to be,
Where we can leave the world behind,
And live and new and settle life,
So here i am, call to me,
Here i am, where i'll always be,
Here i am, I'll help you through,
Here i am, what shall we do

All along the way ahead it's true,
The road before its there to travel through,
Don't forget, oh don't forget,
The challenges we have set
For here i am, ready for you,
Here i am, I'm here for you,
Here i am, just call to me,
Here i am, cant you see

Here i am, just ask me please,
Here i am I'm on my knees
Here i am, all day long,
Here i am when you are strong,
Here i am all through the night,
Here i am when the moon is bright,
Here i am in mornings dawn,
Here i am let's stay strong

Jennifer Don (C)2010

Walk With Me

Come now, let's take a walk at dawn,
Through the arch forever strong,
See the path before your eye's,
That's the road that reaches high,

Come with me to a peaceful place in time,
To a place were there is no line
Pass the turning tide let it go inside
Pass the torments come don't hide

Come walk with me, lend me your hand
Walk with me there will be no reprimand
All I ask is that you walk with me
Settle your doubt and just be free

Share your questions ease your thoughts
Know your way where answers are sought
Know that life is a test of faith that's pure
Where love is full of that I'm sure

Jennifer Don (C)2010