March 31, 2009

From Dark to Light

This came about one monday night after being feeling really low and didnt want to feel that way any longer. Thankfully there was someone around who was also feeling the same way kinda and i think we both picked it up from each other and helped each other bounce back that night.

From Dark to Light

When filled with sorrow one monday night
Looking to take away some sorrowful pain that night
To release some deep down hidden pain
And return to stable mind frame again

To sit and ponder through past events and memories
I needed the lift and to clear the pain and worries
I looked no further than where I was this darkended night
For right there not far was one light so bright

Dazzling before my eyes one so clear and standing strong
A galant yet firm shell for and exterior ringing with a happy song
Not a song audible to ear but vibrations of energy so clear
With this soul some do not dare but there is truly nothing to fear

Some clantily laid banter with spirits so clear
A closer bond than some shed tear
For deep within all have suffered the same in some point in time
And it takes another to help see what is in the divine

Without that shining star that dark and gloomy monday night
My heart would have sunken even more in plight
The tenderness from within one soul not as some will see
Another in searching for similar paths treading the same as thee

Not to say a word to anyone for reputations to preceed
A firm defense and outer shell with a very kind heart indeed
Not to say a word to any soul as some will stay where its meant to be
Between the realms of spirit and here and then between you and me

Jennifer Don (c)

This should have been posted few weeks back just before - Our Rightful Way , i must have forgotten to add it but now here it is lol

March 25, 2009

The Beacons Within

This one came to me this afternoon sort of. I kept having the beacon of hope, the beacon of love running through my head and had only written the first stanza today being March 25Th 2009.
Anyways four lines and nothing more so left it and thought no more of it then as i was heading off to bed I actually finished it

The Beacons Within

There's a beacon a glow inside of me
Not of one but two maybe even three
Within you too , there is a beacon aglow
For many reasons these beacons flicker and grow

I see one as my Beacon of Hope's and Dreams
It leads my way and keeps be positive by all means
My hopes will always out way the fears I hold
Keeping my head and helping me stay bold

I see another as my beacon of friendship
That also extends outwards to my kinship
No one can I turn down when they be in such need
My ear and passive listening is all I offer so you may proceed

I see yet another, My beacon of respect
One think I know I can't be without I have no regret
I have faith in everyone to see thy selves as they should
Some wont even look although I really wish they would

I see another a beacon so bright my beacon of love shines globally
I extend to you and all around me in hopes that love never fades away
I ask only that you in return share it with all who cross your path
Be they right or be they wrong never is love denied as it makes us laugh

Jennifer Don (c)

March 20, 2009

The Trinity Within

This one came about last night -Thursday March 19Th. Talking of ignoring thy spirit guide who grows more inpatient they more I make him/them wait. Was discussing something that they had shown to me and out of the blue comes .. The power of three in the trinity be working united for the greater demise nothing more but the good will rise. I knew exactly where this had come from after seeing it written down and I know why it was given to me but again he can wait.
So after leaving what he had said to me for the night I come to read it this morning then the poem just followed.

The Trinity Within

The power of three ,
In the trinity be ...
Working united for the greater demise ......
Nothing more but the good will rise

One will tend to the higher core and see to the above
Working with thyself setting limits within thy glove
Building the core and all else that deems right
Even working on through the long night

One will see to our lower paths and all else below
Making sure that we are aware and keeping us mellow
Tending to the needs of thy lower self indeed
Making us aware of our other levels so that we may proceed

One will see to the center core within the mundane
Teaching from the heart and sharing that wisdom again
Allowing the steady flow of new learning to sink in
Helping us all to find our central core within

Each to there own and but never apart
The teachings are separate but from us they don't part
But comes a time when they do unite
There teaching is no end not even at night

They work with us even when we don't see
Always teaching and helping for they share whats for thee
One 2 One teachings so that we may then grow
Inwards for thyself and spiritually we can row

Remembering that the power of three ,
Within thy self the trinity be
Working united for the greater demise
Nothing more but the good will rise

Jennifer Don (c)

March 19, 2009

Our Rightful Way

Sitting up late one night working around the spiritual nature what arises to me only that of the following words ... under the moonlight rays somewhere near old oak bay, glancing out to the ocean waves thinking of all my days wishing i was brave .... I sat and i was like huh where and what was that lol. Then i secumed to the thought lets put it in a poem and the rest just flowed and for me it felt so weired for what i had written made no sense to me but other made it out rather clear lol

Our Rightful Way

Under the moonlight rays
Somewhere near Old Oak Bay
Glancing out to the ocean waves
Thinking of all my days wishing I was brave

Thinking now If only I did what I first thought
Instead internally I had only fought
Between my thoughts and Intuition
I'd give a second to be back in that situation

One more moment to be with thee
On tender moment that I may see
I can thus only now Hope and pray
That there will be another way

Oh moon so bright this glorious night
Please shine for me and stay so bright
Lighten my path so that I may see
A way round to be at rest within me

To travel the road so burden free
I can only pray that one day the soul will see
Guide me now through what lies ahead
Place me in a way that I may now travel in good stead.

Jennifer Don (c)

March 12, 2009

Parted now Connected

The dragon has much to teach and we much to learn.
The burning passion to fly that we so deeply yearn
Tenderness all hidden within the scaly outer of such fine a being.
No more magical than the unicorn so glorious in seeing.

The tender loving nature of either soul entwined together as one united
From that same growing source of light what wraps us all so as not divided
Through magical mysterious the two entwine steadily following feet
There patience and balance following the universe and its beat

Come a time when they need to part through heart
Never truly separate from one another although friendships do part
Journeying individually along there way one soaring through night and day
The other free to run and cast its shadow in the moon and play

Apart for now they may so be but never is spirit for they are tied
Connected to the same source within us all that spirit never died
Divine essence and integrity does us surround
Simple basics of love and harmony can be profound

While along this time they use for thinking
Realisations made with deep down brainwaves and water drinking
Space to release all unseen hindrances and ties
Knowing that inner intuition never lies

Yearning now for that once lost beautiful elegant bond
Forever moving forward a connection again growing so fond
To be united tis what they both pray for each and every day
Little do they realise that path was not a parting of there way

The dragon so humble and strength and elegance with rapturous beauty
Humbly soaring above the lands with tender flight and mildly moody
The unicorn trotting steadily pacing along the rivers tide flow
Now with thinking the emotions within they start to grow

A passion of what was now changed but still united
The bond once shared and parted and never truly divided
Blinded by a change in paths lead to part for some of there way
This the learning of the universe way this day.

Jennifer Don (c)

March 11, 2009

Take his hand

Well I think this poem says it all don't you ?

Take His Hand

Take his hand and he'll leadeth
Take his hand and he'll shineth
Take his hand and he'll speaketh
To thee

For you are his children
His glorified children
His beautiful children

Take his hand and he'll leadeth
Take his hand and he'll shineth
Take his hand and he'll speaketh
To Thee

Raise you head to the world
And show the whole world
That you love the world

For you are his children
His glorified children
His beautiful children

So take his hand and he'll leadeth
Take his hand and he'll shineth
Take his hand and he'll speaketh
To thee

Jennifer Don (c)

March 10, 2009

I Pray Tonight.

I havent fully decided on the title for this poem, This poem has been coming in small parts over the last 2 days along with some other things but thats for another day :). Anyways for now this poem is called I Pray Tonight.

I Pray Tonight

I pray tonight to help me through
The lonely road I've stumbled on
I see the days turn into nights
And in my heart I'll carry on

I'll stand and fight for all its worth
I wont give in I'll persevere along that road I travel on
With my head held high whilst in my soul
The pain resides deep within

Oh I pray tonight for just a simple song
To help me walk on through the rain
Oh anything for a simple tune
To help the pain slip away

In any case I wont back down
I'll stand my ground and carry on
All through the day and into night
My head stays high from positive grounds

Oh I pray tonight for my support
So I may see whats in my way
Along that road I've stumbled on
I've found the way to walk on through

Jennifer Don (c)

March 06, 2009

Universal Drums

This one came about with some help from my spirit guides. With using a song to connect to them and that song it self to me is also a connection to all around us the pulse of life that runs throughout the universe all beating to the same harmonious tune.

Universal Drums

The humble beat from the drums
Da dum da dum da dum the pulse of every growing life
The warmth of energy throughout no way it burns
Da dum da dum da dum no ties to sever with a knife

Twisting , turning, strengthening all connections
Da dum da dum da dum , the growing beats
Stretching out like long limos in all directions
Da dum da dum da dum, from the little lamb that bleats

To those who sit in the park and eat
Da dum da dum da dum , the glorifying beat
The drums of life stringing everything together so neat
Da dum da dum da dum, oh what a feat

The pulse of all life on earth
Da dum da dum da dum the heartbeat of our soul
Our spirits tangled within all on earth
Da dum da dum da dum , reaching all its goals

Stretching out to form all kinds of tangents
Da dum da dum da dum, gripping all in its bonds
The humble beats forming the tangents
Da dum da dum da dum uniting all with the same songs

They show more in drums than some will see
Da dum da dum da dum , they drum the rhythym of the universal beat .
They give inspiration when I ask of thee
Da dum da dum da dum The ilustiral tell tale signs of life all around our feet

The universal drums forever beating in time
Da dum da dum da dum , A gift to use from the everlasting Light
A wonder for those who wish to hear , its not all mine
Da dum da dum da dum , Something to stirs us and we take flight

The universal drums beating in my heart
Da dum da dum da dum,Always to that steady da dum da dum of lifes heart beat
And when its time for us .. the drums will never depart
Da dum da dum da dum, Extraordinary signs of nature thats no mean feat.

Jennifer Don (c)

March 03, 2009

Love Life not Live Life

This one came about when responding to a comment elsewhere on another one of my poems. I was replying and ended up writing love life not live life for the sake of living but for the love of giving. 10 mins later and you see where that got me. Now i truly wonder where these bursts of inspiration keep coming from.

Love Life not Live Life

Love life not live life for the sake of living
But for the tranquil love of giving
Much to see in our road ahead
Our past is since long gone dead

Love life not live life for the sake of living
Spare the thoughts through times moving
All that speed and fast pace action
Can lead one into distraction

Love life not live life for the sake of living
But for the passion not need of having
Share with many the love in your heart
Tread not carefully for love wont part

Love life not live life for the sake of living
But for the happiness forever giving
So much to learn and forever teaching
I say teaching for it isn't preaching

Love life not live life for the sake of living
I will never fail through constant moving
Moving withing the searching passion
Not a craze nor a profound fashion

Love life not live life for the sake of living
Spread out the love that truly keeps on giving
Bring peace to many wonderful hearts
The passion and love never departs.

Jennifer Don (c)

Oooh I see a Dragon

This next poem to some sounds more like a short rap. I Was elsewhere when this came to me out of the blue, so wonders was spirit there giving me the inspirational push that I had so been looking for. Well they must have because it was after 12pm at night when it came to me lol.
And it's dedicated to one fine dragon indeed :)

Oooh I see a Dragon

A dragon who ain't dragging
And wonders is she lagging
Really oh my a dragon
Typing a story not lagging

Of elegant strength and fiery breath
Does thou dragon rest on earth
Does thou dragon stop next berth
Placing all feet on the hearth

Not resting to catch some air
That dragon does not dare
For something inside may flair
Crafty arts all laid on table bare

Working for the good in life
Some worries even some strife
But hastens not and lives her life
Loves on giving no edge of the knife

Jennifer Don (c)