October 07, 2009

Voice of Thought

How do I express these feelings
To give an honest word with meanings
How can I control the way I feel
Without loosing how I really feel

How can I speak what I want to say
When upon this day im lost for words along the way
How do i adjust to new sensations
Adapting now with no explinations

How can I feel the way I do
Make sense of how I feel for you
When each one is really new to me
With a part of me now wanting to be free

How do I reach for the dreams I see inside
How do I balance each from where they reside
Making sense of it all is hard to do
When I feel this way about you

I can't control what I feel for you
I runs right through me in all I do
Exploring the feelings in steady flowing time
Living them through untill each is fine

I am hoping that you know within
That how I feel wont give in
What is this sensation running through me
Why when I think of you I yearn to be free

Is it normal to feel the way I do
Do you ever feel this way too
Each time I think or talk to you
Those feelings arise as they do

Jennifer Don (c)

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