April 22, 2009

Free Flow

The Illusions of life does only hinder what is true.
To see that in terms of friends you need no crew,
You are one with the world and one within,
Learn to see what you should see with patience don't give in.

A breath of spirit may lead your way,
Take you by the hand this very day,
Cast out all shadows wherever they may creep
Aid you on your travels no matter how steep.

You walk the path of your choice and keep your light bright.
Spirit walk keeping you hopeful and your soul alight,
Giving you passion to keep on going ,
In a life that is forever flowing,

Spirit minds not of what was only that of what is now.
Spirit judges not of what was and will give a humble bow.
To your honour and place on earth,
You will be guided home wards to berth.

To rest and recoup as you take flight,
To spread your wings and fly into the whitest light
You are one with the source and all around
Free flow does your energy and keeps you to the ground

Jennifer Don (c)

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