April 30, 2009

Rainbow Pathways

Rainbow pathway leads the way
Take my hand and share the walk
Shed the burden and have a laugh today
As we walk we can talk

Upon the rainbow path tonight
Wisdom given to those who listen
Shimmering stars in the night
Silent whispers truly given

Come now lets take the walk
Travel to new places and witness the new dawn
We will listen should you choose to talk
Upon the rainbow pathway walk you can do no wrong

Healing sensations beneath your feet
Filling all vacated spaces with purest light
Loose yourself on the trail you never know who you'll meet
Come take my hand , lets dance in the the night

The dance of love , respect and passion
Upon the rainbow path lets share thoughts of the soul
Taking to your feet filled with inspiration
The dance of joy and delight, the love fills the empty whole

Upon your rainbow pathway walk tonight
You can sing and laugh until your hearts aglow
A shining star in time you will become under the moonlight
A guiding shimmer in the sky , let yourself just flow

Jennifer Don (c)

April 22, 2009

Medicine Man

On the ever decreasing land
The medicine man makes a stand
A single tear streams down his face
As he has witnessed the changes at tremendous pace

His arms now out stretched and raised aloft
As the wind blows gentle and tenderly soft
He calls out to great spirit above
And asks for the land to be sent undying love

To watch over his people now spread afar
To unite them as one , wherever they are
A shooting star catches his eye blazing across the sky
A granted wish from way up high

A gentle tremor of thunder in the distance
The wind now changed in an instance
A flash of lightning illuminates the sky at night
Showing natures power sending out her light

The medicine man now stands with pride
Taking natures show in his stride
He knows within his prayers have been answered
And he knows that nothing is ever sub-standard

The rolling thunder quietens down to a gentle whisper
And he himself lowers his tone also to a gentle whisper
Now standing drawing breath from spirit light
Recharging energy with each intake of breath this night

Jennifer Don (c)

Free Flow

The Illusions of life does only hinder what is true.
To see that in terms of friends you need no crew,
You are one with the world and one within,
Learn to see what you should see with patience don't give in.

A breath of spirit may lead your way,
Take you by the hand this very day,
Cast out all shadows wherever they may creep
Aid you on your travels no matter how steep.

You walk the path of your choice and keep your light bright.
Spirit walk keeping you hopeful and your soul alight,
Giving you passion to keep on going ,
In a life that is forever flowing,

Spirit minds not of what was only that of what is now.
Spirit judges not of what was and will give a humble bow.
To your honour and place on earth,
You will be guided home wards to berth.

To rest and recoup as you take flight,
To spread your wings and fly into the whitest light
You are one with the source and all around
Free flow does your energy and keeps you to the ground

Jennifer Don (c)

Thus Spirit Speaks

Through a fountain streams inspiration
Words of wisdom and information
The great source of light
Forever stands while we learn to unite

My soul , your soul and that of others
In this source we are sisters and even brothers
Standing together under the rainbow of stars
Never fearing whats in front only looking at our pars

Searching within for answers not yet given
Seeking information to keep us living
When in true form we need not those words
When only time can see why not those words

When out of the light spirit speaks
We in return will always peak
Looking to what can lie ahead of our wake
Never truly certain of what we may then make

When then in our hearts our souls alight
The burning passion glowing even more bright
To spur our actions into thoughtful tasks for others
To aid in knowledge and be a fountain for others.

Jennifer Don (c)

The Joyous Spirit

In shadow light of pasture green
When sapplings grow and sure to be seen
Through fields aligned with purple roses
To shine their lights to eager noses

To dance the dance of inner delight
In gentle winds that blow even into night
To shine a light upon our days
To help take us out of a haze

Rekindling the youth of bygone days
And steads us forwards in our ways
Whispering words into our ears
In hopes that we may just hear

A guided word to put us straight
In hopes we dont return any hate
To take us back to fields aglow
So we may sit and let our thoughts flow

When at times we move so fast and stumble
That we may learn to remain truly humble
Of lessons learnt all in good faith and love
A sign we learn and accept the symbolic Dove

To aid in bringing peace to our hearts
To know that true love never parts
To hear the wonderous sound
That grows day by day all around

Back in shadow light of pasture green
The sapplings grown taller than they have been
Soaking up the energy of a hope filled life
Its time now to cut those hindered ties with a knife

Share the gift from our hearts of light
Allow them to shine ever so bright
That purple rose so tall and full of strentgh
Reminds us all, that all we need is our own strength

Spirit winds and a soul searching call
Answered thougts that grow so tall
Surround you now in ever growing intensity
Nothing harmful only that of reministy

Brings delight to those who have searched
Then to your thoughts that may be pearched
Upon the flows of Joy that ripples in waves
A warm delight now surfs those inner waves

Jennifer Don (c)

April 09, 2009

Spirit of Easter

Easter is once again upon us this year
A time to be thankful and shed a happy tear
To savour what it is that unites us all
A time to laugh and have a ball

To be grateful of the wonderful world around
Not to be taken for granted as the world goes round
A time to remember he who sacrificed his life for ours
He who brought happiness to others for many hours

The rolling of the stone that gave us the chocolate egg a scrumptious treat
A symbol that he had risen again, that we need not retreat
Easter is the time for hope , peace and love
A time where we share that wondrous inner love

A time for thankfulness in our life
And to be grateful that we suffer little strife
Spread the word of the Easter story
And feel the spirit of Easter in full glory

Jennifer Don (c)

April 07, 2009

Stand with me

Another one that was written over the course of a day. What started with only 4 lines and abandoned for most of the day, come night time had grown to whats before you now.

Stand with me

I wanna be , right where you are
Stand with me , don't go to far
Please take my hand and lead the way
Show me what I'm missing this day

Fill the empty spaces with your love
Stand with me amongst the growing foxgloves
Lets take in the view away from all we are free
Please I ask you stay a while with me

No matter what I do
It's happening to me and you
Stand with me and lend me some courage
Help me see beyond all this roughage

Lift me up and keep me there
The only I place I want to be is there
In that spot of gentle harmony
Where my inner soul sings a soothing symphony

Stand with me as I regain my way
Lend me your hand for support I pray
Aid me with some wisdom when I seek
Not to much maybe just a peek

Jennifer Don (c)

April 06, 2009

Join the Dance

Hmmm from music to trail of thought before I knew it I had written this poem.

Join the Dance

Come now, Share the fun and join the dance of joyous life
Spring forth with love and ditch that double edged blade of the knife
Lets dance in unity of the oneness that we all unite
Gleefully proud and courageous under the beam of the light

This is no ordinary path upon the affair or our days
Its the start of an amazing journey and change of way
Strengthening those inner bonds that matter so
Finding a course that we with many places can go

Finding our inner peace from the united dance
Lets sing and dance , laugh and pray, wonder and prance
Unite the power that connects the soul
Reach for your targets and all your most desired goal

Come now and share your light Join the dance of life
Let's loosen all those hidden ties and depart that strife
This day is ours for the taking if we so choose
Our power is there and its no one else's to loose

Always looking for that special place looking to see whats there
Why not seek whats inside during this dance of life please share
Tender moments wrapped in emotions dispelled by growing control
Dancing the night away with many aims and reaching that important goal

Jennifer Don (c)

April 03, 2009

Mighty lessons

After recent events and talking with someone else in the spiritual field over what has happened and such , they suggested that as I write poems and had written 2 within the last 2 days which were the last 2 posted that I write one on the lessons I've learnt over all those recent events

Mighty Lessons

I've learned now that you can find strength in times of weakness
To know when to talk to release all that built up inner sadness
So much hurt that has been felt some more than others indeed
In all life's lessons I feel this is one we all learn in order to proceed

I sit and look back thinking why was it so hard to just let go
To undo the knots and just follow the river flow
To shield myself when I could have done from all the pain
Even though we may make the same mistake all over again

Lessons learnt always the hard way hoping it was a once off
Next time . well I hope there wont be a next time or I'm off
Just in case it does I'll be much better off knowing what I know now
Next time I wont suffer this much pain mistakes I've made I see now

Hurt caused by others only hurts is we allow it so
This another lesson that will happen even following the flow
A mighty lesson to learn but one of power within
To learn that all our power lies inside so don't give in

To learn that you can only control what you have to give
Nothing else in the world can take that power to make you live
A resilient source and the greatest gift one to cherish not tarnish
Let bygones be bygones and stead yourself well to the finish

Lend a helping hand to others away from the growing action
Helping in the background works the same or better without the suction
Without being caught in all the action around those seeking help in life
Another lesson learnt in my ever growing book now with less strife

It's time now to turn the self revolving tide
And find where my inner powers may reside
To bring them back from being locked away
And start afresh on the dawn of a new day

Jennifer Don (c)

Inner thoughts

This one connects to outside looking in, in the way that they have both arisen from hurt that I've felt recently.

Inner Thoughts

Have you noticed when things are going great
A disturbance does the world create
To turn your world right upside down
When your smiles change to a lowly frown

When peoples anger turn to hate
When aimed at you , life doesn't seem so great
Then feelings surge from deep within
A rising pain of hurt starts to begin

All created from actions of one soul
One individual while loosing sight of their goal
Blinded of their actions only feeling whats inside
Never truly seeing what their doing on the outside

Never really knowing, never truly seeing
How much hurt their causing to other human beings
Unnecessary hurt and shattering torments of lies
I wish that all of that would quietly die

There is no need for one to cause another hurt
Deep down with so much pain we all hurt
Lets bring the love of above back on in
Let it sink filling all gaps deep within

Jennifer Don (c)

Outside Looking In

This poem came about after recovering from something that I allowed to get to me and what that was hurt me inside so much so I needed to go and sit and really think things through about where i was in life and where I wanted to be

Outside Looking In

Encrusted by their own intentions and greed
Selfishly living by their own desires and need
But true desires of best intentions are never met
Days go by and still they run from karmic debt

I often wonder within why can't they see
I so want to tell them but then I leave it be
Why waste my time talking when I wont be heard
I then start thinking how far can I tread

My thoughts are running wild after seeing so much controversy
So many feelings rising in this fast turning catastrophe
Why are humans so intent on seeing others hurt
Why can't they all see that more and more will be hurt

Is there no end to their cruel games
I can still see them all acting like wains
Shouting and balling through the torrent of lies
I wonder as I watch ... will someone pass me a pie

I pray for that torrent to end
No bows to break , let it flow around the river bend
Release it all and then let it be done
I pray for inner release and ask let thy be done

Jennifer Don (c)