April 03, 2009

Outside Looking In

This poem came about after recovering from something that I allowed to get to me and what that was hurt me inside so much so I needed to go and sit and really think things through about where i was in life and where I wanted to be

Outside Looking In

Encrusted by their own intentions and greed
Selfishly living by their own desires and need
But true desires of best intentions are never met
Days go by and still they run from karmic debt

I often wonder within why can't they see
I so want to tell them but then I leave it be
Why waste my time talking when I wont be heard
I then start thinking how far can I tread

My thoughts are running wild after seeing so much controversy
So many feelings rising in this fast turning catastrophe
Why are humans so intent on seeing others hurt
Why can't they all see that more and more will be hurt

Is there no end to their cruel games
I can still see them all acting like wains
Shouting and balling through the torrent of lies
I wonder as I watch ... will someone pass me a pie

I pray for that torrent to end
No bows to break , let it flow around the river bend
Release it all and then let it be done
I pray for inner release and ask let thy be done

Jennifer Don (c)

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