December 02, 2009


Sometimes I wish for that little bit of peace
To still the mind, for noise to cease
Sometimes I pray for things to change
Knowing that in time things change with age

Sometimes I sit and ponder the world today
Trying to find the right words to say
Sometimes I sit and shed a tear or two
For reasons within that be so few

Sometimes I'm not myself but remain with pride
For I know within I have nothing to hide
Sometimes I see things that others may miss
Things aren't as the seem so don't dismiss

Sometimes I wish I was alone to think
But then I think I don't want to sink
Sometimes I wish that others will understand
To know how things are with out any reprimand

Sometimes I wish that the way to go was so clear
So that I may then have nothing to fear
Sometimes I Think of those who give support
Courage then builds as does surround support

Jennifer Don (c)

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