March 31, 2009

From Dark to Light

This came about one monday night after being feeling really low and didnt want to feel that way any longer. Thankfully there was someone around who was also feeling the same way kinda and i think we both picked it up from each other and helped each other bounce back that night.

From Dark to Light

When filled with sorrow one monday night
Looking to take away some sorrowful pain that night
To release some deep down hidden pain
And return to stable mind frame again

To sit and ponder through past events and memories
I needed the lift and to clear the pain and worries
I looked no further than where I was this darkended night
For right there not far was one light so bright

Dazzling before my eyes one so clear and standing strong
A galant yet firm shell for and exterior ringing with a happy song
Not a song audible to ear but vibrations of energy so clear
With this soul some do not dare but there is truly nothing to fear

Some clantily laid banter with spirits so clear
A closer bond than some shed tear
For deep within all have suffered the same in some point in time
And it takes another to help see what is in the divine

Without that shining star that dark and gloomy monday night
My heart would have sunken even more in plight
The tenderness from within one soul not as some will see
Another in searching for similar paths treading the same as thee

Not to say a word to anyone for reputations to preceed
A firm defense and outer shell with a very kind heart indeed
Not to say a word to any soul as some will stay where its meant to be
Between the realms of spirit and here and then between you and me

Jennifer Don (c)

This should have been posted few weeks back just before - Our Rightful Way , i must have forgotten to add it but now here it is lol

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