October 22, 2009

One Voice Of Change

A child was seen talking to the sky
Gazing up, hands clasped with a tear in his eye
It was heard what he did say
I still remember the story to this day
His voice was one with his surround
It did seem he was attuned to all around
His body so small and tender very gentle
His cry was loud to the sky but he did waver little

Oh dear father above me now please dont go
Please can you tell me why is it so?
Please can you tell me why the hunger and pain?
Please why is there no shelter for me when it may rain?
Please dear father in the sky listen to my cry
Can't you see these tears that fill my eyes?
Is this how It is meant to be?
Please can you tell me why is it me?

Please dear father why do I suffer?
Am I not a child of God born to my mother?
Do I not deserve to be loved as a child of God?
Am I not worthy of the good in life dear lord?
Have I upset you in anyway?
Can you tell me why I suffer this way?
Do I not deserve to live as most children do?
To learn and play please I ask these of you

As the boy filled deep with sadness inside
For tramua filled his life he had no place to hide
Tears now fluently streaming down his precious face
Flowing downwards in the most steady pace
A child so young should not suffer so
What can you do and where can you do
He regained him self and wiped those tears
Then came a reply to his cry as if to settle those fears

My dear child there on earth's ground
I will not leave you I am all around
How can I answer in a way you will understand
You have opened your heart and felt first hand
I fill with sorrow when I think of what i bestowed to you
When I think of all the pain and sorrow that you go through
Knowing its within my power to change these ways
Yet if I interviened how will you all learn through the days

My dear child do not cry please understand
I grant you my unconditional love so you may stand
I grant you the freedom of choice
You already know how to use your voice
I'll grant you wisdom and strength to aid you
To help the world become aware of those that suffer like you
I gave you these things to make a difference
No change will happen in an instance

Your are my beloved child I promise you
Time will change and it starts with you
My precious child please do not cry anymore
I will carry you when your burdens are sore
I will lift you up when the time is right
My love for you goes on through the day and night
Your pain and suffering will aid to the change in life
When others become aware of the pain that is rife

I am sorry that it was you I chose to bestow my greatest gift
But I could not see a more worthier person whom i would sooner lift
I could see no other better for this role than you
A glimmer in hope in all that you will do
YOu were brave when you came asking of me
You will be rewarded and soon you will see
You are the first who saught answers for the pain
The awareness of others will change you do not suffer in vain.

Jennifer Don (c)

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