October 22, 2009


Wish I was dreaming to be in a place pain free
Dreaming of lands filled with hope for you and me
Dreaming of the gentle flowing tide
Dreaming always to lose the feeling of having to hide

Dreaming of lands where there is peace and serenity
Dreaming of things where it might be destiny
Dreaming where dreams really do come true
Of places where we will all pull through

In the lands where we can relax and just be
Where our sprit is completely free
where conflict and war is none in land so sound
No need of chains for whats to be bound

Where a person is free to be as they are
Where travel is easy and no need for a car
Dreaming of change and possibility
Dreaming of fufiling one's Destiny

Dreaming of being complete to make on happy
Dreaming of things that could even be soppy
Dreaming fills the heart with Passion
Dreaming fills the soul with compassion

Jennifer Don (c)

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