April 22, 2009

Medicine Man

On the ever decreasing land
The medicine man makes a stand
A single tear streams down his face
As he has witnessed the changes at tremendous pace

His arms now out stretched and raised aloft
As the wind blows gentle and tenderly soft
He calls out to great spirit above
And asks for the land to be sent undying love

To watch over his people now spread afar
To unite them as one , wherever they are
A shooting star catches his eye blazing across the sky
A granted wish from way up high

A gentle tremor of thunder in the distance
The wind now changed in an instance
A flash of lightning illuminates the sky at night
Showing natures power sending out her light

The medicine man now stands with pride
Taking natures show in his stride
He knows within his prayers have been answered
And he knows that nothing is ever sub-standard

The rolling thunder quietens down to a gentle whisper
And he himself lowers his tone also to a gentle whisper
Now standing drawing breath from spirit light
Recharging energy with each intake of breath this night

Jennifer Don (c)

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