September 08, 2009

An Angel In Our Eyes

An angel in our eyes
An angel in our hearts
Always around and loved so dear
Theres an angel shining in here

One of laughter one of fun
One who loves to get things done
An angel in our eyes tonight
Never a truer one who shines so bright

Like a rose full in bloom
One that played the sweetest tune
A melody of laughter full of delight
For we have you to thank tonight

To lift us up when we are down
To turn our frowns the right way round
To see us straight and aid our way
To share your fun when you do play

For your an angel in our eyes
An angel in the darkest skies
Always around to help us through
To guide us on when strength so few

One of love so tender and bright
A light that shines forever this night
You are loved and adored by many you see
For your an angel between you and me

Jennifer Don (C)

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