April 06, 2009

Join the Dance

Hmmm from music to trail of thought before I knew it I had written this poem.

Join the Dance

Come now, Share the fun and join the dance of joyous life
Spring forth with love and ditch that double edged blade of the knife
Lets dance in unity of the oneness that we all unite
Gleefully proud and courageous under the beam of the light

This is no ordinary path upon the affair or our days
Its the start of an amazing journey and change of way
Strengthening those inner bonds that matter so
Finding a course that we with many places can go

Finding our inner peace from the united dance
Lets sing and dance , laugh and pray, wonder and prance
Unite the power that connects the soul
Reach for your targets and all your most desired goal

Come now and share your light Join the dance of life
Let's loosen all those hidden ties and depart that strife
This day is ours for the taking if we so choose
Our power is there and its no one else's to loose

Always looking for that special place looking to see whats there
Why not seek whats inside during this dance of life please share
Tender moments wrapped in emotions dispelled by growing control
Dancing the night away with many aims and reaching that important goal

Jennifer Don (c)

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