December 12, 2010

Another Minute

I’d like to hold the world
From the hand that feeds
I’d like to hold a rose
From the heart that beats

To see your face
In the mornings sun
To listen to your stories
Of all the things you’ve done

To see your face
In the stars at night
To see your soul
So alive and bright

To chase the fear
That comes over me
To free those heavy chains
That tries to take hold of me

I’d like to hold the world
From morning’s wake
To the rising moon
And sit with you at the lake

To watch the stars as they twinkle
All from under near the canopy of night
Just another minute with you is all
I’d like that, please, just for tonight?

Jennifer Don © 2010

Waiting Room

I opened the door
And there they were
Sitting, waiting patiently,
Some with a vacant stare,

Some with wonderful smiles
And glowing looks of adoration
Others with gentle falling tears
And heartfelt tender commiseration

I could resonate with each of them
Whether it was out of sympathy
I couldn't really tell
But then perhaps it was empathy

A knowing known so well
I invited them through, one by one
And so they came with a smile
Eager to speak, as so many before had done

To pass on their love
To those left behind
To pass on those tender messages
A gift that inside we find

A mother, one night came through
She wanted to speak with her Daughter
To tell her how she cared
That all was forgiven and she loved her

Little things like that
The gentle words, the memories of old
Really do matter deep inside
They help us remain strong and bold

Jennifer Don © 2010

December 10, 2010


The tightening grip of restraints,
Are the chains that strangulate life,
And the closing down of the gates,
Is like the blade of a double edged knife,

Sharply intrusive as they take hold,
The rules to break a healthy spirit,
Never now can one be so bold,
Through the fear of a tormented forfeit,

Never now can one stand so free to fight,
Or face the walk of a road so worn,
Cast forever in shadows like the dark of night,
Where even the strongest of hearts can be torn,

It takes not courage to make it through,
To break the vice that closes in,
To stand for life that they see to be true,
And so the fighting spirit does not give in.

Shackled to a darkened world of fear
Where hope seems lost like the sun at night
Enough in-distinction to cast a silent tear
Until one stands to fight for what is right

Jennifer Don © 2010

Inner Heart

The inner heart of a proverbial being
Beats in protest of ever being chained
And beats profusely ever more
At the thought of ever being maimed

To be void of any such movement
And denied space to be free
Only enrages the inner animal
With a forth coming display for all to see

With a rage so ferocious and untarnished
That could better the wildest of nights
While Earth is battered by storms
Where perhaps no where is safe in sight

But all it takes is for one to look
To see with adoration and delight
To be inspired by the magic contained
For that inner heart to beat long into the night

Jennifer Don © 2010

December 07, 2010

Christmas Is Here

Wherever in the world you are,
Whether there's snow or sun
There's always going to be a star
And shopping to be done

With children crying here and there
With added shouts of glee
With the shops going like a fair
And when we stop we do see

That the season of Joy really is here
It doesn't last long before it's gone
Share it with your family, far or near
And play your favourite seasonal song

Forget the queues that we face
Forget the worries and fill with glee
Take your time, it's not a race
Christmas is here, alive and free

Jennifer Don © 2010

Oldest Of Sins

The oldest of sins
Cast the longest of shadows
Whether in fields
Or summer green meadows

So if you find yourself
Bound in chains today
Looking up or facing down
Hope for those chains to fade away

No shadows cast, be unbeaten
No sin be a total crime
Shine a light and it’s gone
You’ll be free in no time

Nothing now to hold you back
The chains glowing, ever fading
All sins now repentant
A miss of the mark, worth taking

A challenge of the mind
A road worth taking
To break the chains
With shadows ready for breaking

Jennifer Don © 2010

Ice Be Gone

Slipping and sliding on the ice
No grounding under foot
The landscape is beautiful, so nice
But I’d like to give the ice a boot

Send it packing on its way
The sooner it melts the better for all
But it's here to stay today
Just pray no-one has a fall

The snow once fallen didn't last
The rain it came and washed it away
The night drew in and froze it fast
And so we slip and slide today

Left to wonder how long it will persist
The cold snap before winter does come
So much we wish we could resist
Praying for the warmth of the golden sun

It then comes to one united saying
United upon the cry of Ice be gone
Waiting for the stage of thawing
Waiting for the sing of spring and its song

Jennifer Don © 2010

December 04, 2010

Shadow Of Night

I heard a voice, calling out to me,
Who is there I asked aloud,
Again it came calling out to me,
Soft and gentle, a tender voice, not loud.

I could hear the gentle sobbing,
The words upon the air, they keep coming,
A sudden feeling, that I am falling,
As the voice, keeps on calling.

Calling out to me, in the cold of night,
I know not of whom this voice does belong,
I beckon onwards asking with no one in sight,
Wondering why the sobbing does prolong,

Wondering who it is, that keeps on calling to me
The now whispered voice, weary from the sobbing
Calls once more, and still I don't see
Or understand where from the voice keeps calling

Then a movement catches the corner of my eye
Can it be, a shadow of the night calling to me
I hear now a slow exasperating sigh
I'm left wondering could it really be.

That the shadow of night is in fact, not a shadow after all
Could it be a spirit, waiting and of the light
Only now to hear the words: Fly don't fall
And so the voice now fades in the cold of night

Jennifer Don © 2010

Winter's Crusade

As the dark clouds come rolling in over the sea
The waves rush to the shore for all to see
The night draws deeper as the sun does fade
The clouds march on in parade

All is quiet now upon the land
Life is still where it does stand
Waiting, abiding time for the coming storm to pass
Watchful eyes peering out, like a picture in stained glass

Clambering into the warmth to elude the winter’s night
Flurrying flakes begin to fall, such a delightful sight
Only to be trampled by the echoes of thunder drawing near
Thunder snow, combined as one loud and clear

Roaring trembles fill the sky tonight
As the snow persists caught by street light
Gentle the snow may be as it does fall
It cannot match that echoing call

Alas, the wind has come to join the game
Kicking up a fuss, its efforts not in vain
Such power and beauty fills the land and sky
No birds now, daring to fly

As the wind spreads the flurries of snow
Further and further they do go
Pulling in the mighty sound
Soon to be above and all around

Still eyes gaze from those sheltered places
Flickering candles catch those faces
Watching, waiting for the thunder snow to fade
Knowing only that this, is the first of winter’s Crusade

Jennifer Don © 2010