June 17, 2009

Dancing Wolf

Dancing Wolf

Upon the stirdy branch of the loney tree
Resides the Hawk glaring over what she can see
For over the land not to far ahead
Lays a silent wolf with one paw on his head

Shading those wise eyes from the setting sun
The wolf resides in his peaceful slumber in the sun
There is a howl way off in the distance
The wolf rises in almost an instance

He answers the call of the wild
The song of his heart ever so mild
Now filled with growing joy he prances
Prancing with more joy he now dances

Twising turning all around
Jumping up and going to ground
He wimpers and whines and shakes his tail
As if he awaits for kin to join his trail

Still he dances in the dying sunlight
Now with more bounce as the moon rises tonight
That cry of before again it travels now more clear
He becomes more enthusiastic as travels ever so near

Dancing with the love in his heart
Dancing with the joy that will never part
Danging with passion and pride
Ignited within his soul never taken for a ride

Jennifer Don (c) 2009

1 comment:

  1. Thanks, the dancing wolf is so beautiful, I can see him now in his joyful dance and know now why I choose dancingwolf to be my name.