January 31, 2009

Moonlight Action

This is another poem about wolves , yes you read right lol wolves. My greatest passion in life or hobbies rather is anything in connection with wolves or native American Indians or lol Egyptian items.But for now i feel my focus is more towards the wolves so if that is where I am being lead then I am more than happy to follow that direction for now.

Moonlight Action

Iridescent eyes aglow in the light

Laying down to rest before calling out in the night
Wishing life's peace would linger
But that wolf he dares not hinder
He stirs stretching as he rises
Gazing all around making sure of no hidden surprises

As he stirs and the pack rises and stirs along with him too
Gazing back at each other they all know what's next to do
The silence has been broken that eerie cry now rings through the sky
Not one cry but many, a call to pack as if they're saying hi.
A domineering call to all who hear it within his zone
A warning for trespassers don't go near my bones

Now they're all awake and alert
Hunting mode now as their claws now grip the dirt
The cubs in the pack think its a game and want to play
A growl and some teeth laid bare , no not today
So back they go to mum while the rest weave through the trees
Running steadily pacing themselves through the leaves

A deer lurks a head of them, now separating to circle on in
Padding closer quietly nearer and nearer a lunge and oh what a din
The dear is down not quite silent but soon they have their meat
Eating what they can there and then saving some for the pack greet
Now contented and full, regrouping together and heading back
Never alone to walk in the dark always as one when in the pack.

Jennifer Don (c)

January 27, 2009

Love Just Keeps on Giving

Inspiration for this one came to me through a lovely person in Mediumysticss. This person has shown that love can heal many hearts and lifts many hopes and banishes some of our fears as well. So from that I felt I had to write something to go with what they had done and in return I dedicate this poem to all who just love to give and to this person who has helped me help myself. She knows who she is .

Love Just Keeps on Giving

Living in the comfort of love.
Touched by many thankful hearts
Love embodies us, as though it were a glove
But times feel like we are in parts

It brings us all back together
Sharing voices and thoughts
Sharing between one another
Peaceful happy thoughts

Love will shine for eternity
Never dying nor fading in light
Love is bound by strength and dexterity
It will shine as the stars do all through the night

Within us all theres room for more
And even more that we can share
Strength and love can heal whats sore
But at times it needs to be laid bare

Spread it out and feel the beating drums
Its a thing of magic and inner beauty
Never will anything feel like it burns
Love is light and never sooty

Jennifer Don (c)

Hidden Beauty

A simple one for this one, Have u ever sat and daydreamed while being at work and then something comes along and brings you back. I am not talking about interruptions from another person. But perhaps that of another being , entity , energy or animal for me one afternoon it was the butterfly that got me thinking and i started jotting little things down and before I knew it I had written this

Hidden Beauty

As the cocoon hatches
The butterfly emerges
Unfolding her wings
The transformation beings

From that lonely Caterpillar
To that butterfly flutter
That elegant design
Is no longer resigned

For we all see her in her glory
In no way is it gory
But her beauty really does shine
So does yours and mine

From within and spreading outward
Filling up and moving forward.
The delicate journey and mindful wisdom
Shared by one and all within our glorious kingdom

Jennifer Don (c)

Also from that I then wrote this which I will forever keep :

"The Butterfly transformed into beauty acknowledging
there is more to life than the shell we hide within.
Shine the love outwith."

January 18, 2009

A Sign of Winter

Generally this year our winter has been pretty mild and dry some sunny spells far and few between popping out from the clouds just to let us all know the sun is still there and still shining away for all to see. I mean last few years winter has been rough hasn't it, major flooding and all that and well this year look back to it since November.. mild dry but frosty and mighty cold , not so much rain or strong winds either....... that is until last nights show of thunder and lighting along with torrential rain and eventually snow.. the day started so well too was a lovely sunny morning so i got writing lol .

A Sign of Winter

I awoke this morning to a sea of white
It had obviously snowed through the night
The cold and frosty chill still in the air
Oh snowball fights, now let's play fair

Forget that last remark
The snow is fading what a lark
It's all melting into mush
Two hours in and it's all slippy slush

Up on the hills it's still there
Only now its just a thin layer
So lovely it is to look at
On venturing out please try and wear a hat.

Jennifer Don (c)

January 16, 2009

Tae Bein a Scot

Well as an earlier post states this year is the Scottish Homecoming and it got me thinking of Scots dialect and words so here's my poem to share some love and passion too.

Tae Bein a Scot

Crivens will ye no chillax
Ye forget we're no battle axe
We hae the broons and a fitba team
Our wullie too or hae ya seen

I'll read the word
Doon by the brook
Whair the bairns a' play
A nation at hand and ere we stay

We hae our dreams and hae our way
Tae Rabbie burns an Scot's wha hae
A man o' passion through a' his days
We hae they thistle, it hauds our gaze

Scot's a nation o' pride nae shame
whare e'er we go , it'll awa's be hame
Ain't no whare else I'd rather be
Scotland's in ma heart , it's part o' me

Guidance Wolves

This one is just a short one about the wolves that walk with me everywhere i go, they are my main animal totems/guides.

The wolves that walk along side me
Not one but two, yes two not three
The wolf who is to my right
So stunning and beautifully white

The wolf that walks to my left hand side
So beautiful and dark, but light on the mind
One is newer than the other
But together they act like brothers

Sharkari so big and strong and oh so white
His coat shines in the moonlight
My protector and great teacher
He is a leader but not a preacher

Daturo smaller but just as wise
Within us the courage will rise
He is never really far away
He just runs and wants to play

The two with me we are a pack
They watch my front and even my back
They guide me along on my way
And try so hard so I don't stray

Jennifer Don (c)

Head in the Clouds

This next poem is about some of the things that i have seen in the clouds, the more you look the more you see.

The elephant dancing
The deer prancing
The dog barking
The monkey lurking

From the isles
To soulful smiles
The gates of heaven
The manly brethren

These are some of the things i see
Oh how the mind can be
The cloud's, a story they do tell
So I shared and wish you well

Jennifer Don (c)


Well it's finally here the credit crunch has arrived with a bite, not only are we connected to freeze with the extreme temperatures we can't afford to put the heating on for long no wonder there is alot of bugs going around. While at work , lunch time rush kids we even worrying about this credit crunch you could hear them talking of it, and then you realise that if only the county pulls together instead of apart. If we unite as one then we have a better chance or beating this crunch got me thinking and ended with this ... oh by they way lol it didn't hurt


From the frail and very pleasant
To the scurrying and seldom patient
From children rushing all around
Running playing going to ground

Some abusive, show no caring
But my love I will keep on sharing
Where's the manners this day and age
And as the credit crunch takes full rage

Let's all come together as a Nation
Coming together with Innovation
As united we will stand
Divided we all fall

So why are we so afraid
This is all man made
We can and will recover again
So let's stand together and Hey! hold the rain

Jennifer Don (c)

Scottish Homecoming 2009

Well it's 2009 the year of Scotland's Homecoming. A year for all Scots and Scots relatives to celebrate the country and her history. This year is also the 250Th anniversary of Rabbie burns ( Robert ) and one of his most well known poems that he wrote was Address to a Haggis, this poem is recited every January the 25Th. So for those that don't know it i will give you the first verse

Fair fa' your honest sonsie face
Great chieftain o' the puddin'-race!
Aboon them a' ye tak your place,
Painch, tripe or thairm,
Weel are ye wordy of a grace
As lang's my arm

January 14, 2009

Wishful Thinking

Hey all another one of my ramblings and thoughts word play and honest opinion scoped with dreams and memories thrilled with mixed emotions and goings on.

Wishful Thinking

Sitting thinking in the dark of night
Under the moon and all twilight
Sitting waiting wishing
Thinking of all that I'm missing

Shedding a tear here and sharing a smile there
thinking .. Do I really want to be else where ?
Living in a land where promise and dreams
All contain wishes and a way of means

There all a kin to mystery
Through trials and history
Life's not a god given right
So it's time to put things right

Is it hopeful dreaming
Or is it just wishful thinking
Either or it needs to be said
And put all hate to an end

Jennifer Don (c)

Something for thought

Hey all thought I'd share something with you , it may mean the same or similar to you but was listening to a song earlier and well something clicked with it. that song is Where you are - by rascal Flatt's some may know it some may not. Anyways was listing and the lyrics rung out for me so will put what lyrics and what i took from it.

"There you are standing strong , I'm a leaf holding on."

a leaf that blowing in the wind connected to the strong sturdy tree that's stands so tall, showing that there are times personally where we do not need to be as strong as we act for there are others that will give us that support and for a while we can hold on to them for that support while we rustle in the wind of thought and life.

" oh i love how you see right to the heart of me "

At times we all hide our emotions but know when there are some who see through our veil and at times that's what we need. We can try and try to hide what we feel but there are others who surround is in life who will see something is up. when you release what you hold you clear it from your mind

" You're a waterfall washin over me "

This again i feel relates to the last comment. Waterfalls a symbol of healing and cleansing and when you release or share thoughts and feelings with others you in return are doing a bit of self healing and cleansing that in return could explain why we feel better after getting things of our minds or our chest so that the burden we did have is no more.

" For i am on my way , You're a mountain top, when i reach for you , your love lifts me up "

Again this is as i see it how we feel when others lift us up with there love and support, mountains are strong and so is genuine love shared not just love of passion but actual love that respects others around us. When others are there to lift us up from when we are down we then can see what was and what is the view on top of the mountain is wide and plentiful , full of beauty and wisdom as are we deep within us all.

" all i want to be is where you are "

Isn't that what we tend to think in live we would rather be somewhere else with ones we love rather than look to what we have there and then and look within to see what is actually there. Of course we would love to be in other places but that isn't as life intended so its best foot forward and heads up.

Take from life what we need and not that we want for wants aren't always what we well and truly need at any given time. We have the support of many around us from Mediumystics , To Friends and family even complete strangers will offer support and aid.

We are never completely alone and we never have to ever. We have our guides we have the angels we have with us in spirit all our family in friends but most of all we have each other for support and we have ourselves.

If anyone wants to listen to the song in full and see how it makes them feel its called - - - Where You Are - by - Rascal Flatts

January 08, 2009

A Wolf's Decision

A passion for wolves I have and always wanted to write another poem in connection to them but never really had the time or words to gather together. and then tonight something hit me from two lines i said to somone else led me to write this poem a wolf's descision.

A Wolf's Decision

A still and silent night
The moon aglow and oh so bright
A silent rustle comes from within the trees
The gentle rustle of trodden leaves
A gentle panting noise can be heard
A wolf stands alone and looking reserved

She has wandered from what was comfort in the pack
To search the world of the unknown in the dark
Led along the way by the guidance of moonlight
On such a clear and starry night
Through her struggles of trial and error
She sees life isn't as she likes to remember

But her courage pushes her on
Her thirst to learn grows strong
She pushes onward ever forward
Her wisdom growing inward
Standing now upon a rock looking outward
Gazing to the gorge below and glancing backward

Something stirs within never has she felt this before
A burning desire growing strong for she wants to be alone no more
A resounding howl is released from within
Not once but more she wont give in
The call of her pack the sound of there song
Once a bond that was ever so strong

No reply comes from the trees
A fear now buckles her to her knees
A whimper now from the lone wolf yearning for reassurance
Five minutes go by but to her it feels like eternity then hope of insurance
A cry responds from deep within the trees, not one but five then many
Her ears prick up and then her head standing up and feeling steady

She howls again just to check it wasn't her imagination
Again a response comes back to her a happy situation
Growing louder and louder and sounds come near
Out from the trees come the pack no longer does she fear
Her head raised high in unison they sing there song
The call of the wild their song and bond will forever remain strong

Jennifer Don (c)

Positively Led

I know within me which I would rather and try to keep to. So does it make you think about what you want and what you have. Life's too short to be looking with heads down facing the ground. I was taught to look to the positives in life and that in return has spurred me on. Yes I find it hard at time to stay positive and I think we are all allowed and off day. But majority of the time whats got to be done , just has to be done.

Positively Led

While a negative head
Is full of dread
Full of all kinds of worries
And even thoughtless sorries

A positive head
Is positively led
Even on the down trodden beat
You can keep your feet

Through summer days
And winter nights
To Autumn leaves
And Northern Lights

From spring tide flows
And cosmic rifts
From sandy shores
To wood that drifts

A searching soul
And a wondrous smile
The hopeful goal
Makes life worth wile

The pros and con's
On every ones minds
What makes us hold on
And look inside

Our hearts desires
Or wishful thinking
Whatever inspires
Keep on ticking

What would you rather
A negative head full of dread
Or do you prefer the latter
A positive head that's positively led

Jennifer Don (c)

January 04, 2009

Keep Shining

Well it's 2009 now, a new year a new start , lets raise our spirits and keep them high. Bring to you the positives in life and release all negative thoughts. A new year , a new start. What has gone before leave it there and bring some happiness back to you.

Keep Shining

When you feel nothings going well
Keep standing strong and do not dwell
For within your light keeps on shining
When you keep on believing

Nothing can pull you down
Unless you allow the frown
Your Courage within
Will never let your light dim

When you have something to believe in
It gives you hope and you keep breathing
There is no limit to what you can do
When you dream and wish it to

Even when some try to bring you down
When they try to change your opinions around
Don't let them put your light out
Keep on shining and don't have doubts

Jennifer Don (c)