October 22, 2009


Even through the dark what I feel is real
Deep inside is all the pain I feel
Thrown away into the abyss where it will stay
A new day dawns and all is on it's way

Through the storms i'm all confused
I'm torn in two ill be refused
The mind is running overtime
I hope it don't last I long to be fine

My heart bleeds forgive through my burdens adue
I call for closure forgive me please I ask of you
Heal my wounds wont you please im in pain
Cleanse my soul in the showers of rain

I'm drowning in the tears
Please take away these fears
Release my heart from that steely grip
Release me please before it may rip

I'm in a point of uncertainty
It's how I feel it's insanity
It's not so real you to but me
It's there inside I want to be free

Jennifer Don (c)

This poem isnt about me but what I was picking up from a friend and well couldnt stop the fingers when the started lol

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