October 18, 2009

Wounded Soldier

A wounded soldier battles not in vain
Fighting on through all the pain
Fighting for what he believes is right
Defending the innocent with all his might

Carrying on for his very survival
The soldier battles not in denial
Thinking of his family back home
Wishing he was on holiday in rome

Dodging the bullets as he goes
Keeping a watchful eye for his foes
Over the noise shouts are heard
Soldiers calling out not being reserved

Gun fire blazing through the air
Soldiers trying to be fair
But in battle love is never last
Defense is first surival can be fast

Over the shouts a voice is heard
This isn't what I deserved
Please tell my wife and children
That I will always love them

The war crys of the wounded soldier
Rings through the air as night draws colder
A cry that will last in the mind forever
A cause they fight for we do well to remember

Jennifer Don (c)

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