October 12, 2009

Not as it Seems

There's growing new sensations
And its not from Occupations
For the fire's burning deep
Through shadows it wont sleep

Turning all into the embers
Sharing light that is ever so tender
Sharing love all through the night
Discarding all in rising light

Leaving the past where is should be
Setting your heart and spirit free
Living in what is always the moment
Come om lets forget all that resentment

Bring to you the chants of life inside
For your choice in life is yours to decide
So stop looking back lets get moving on
Lets face the fears all through the dawn

For nothing is as clear as day
A times things won't go your way
And nothing is as dark as night
So look beyond the shadow into the light

Give yourself the hope that you seek
Loose the fear, regain your countrol over the week
Lets keep on running with the gift of life
And toss way all your worries that cause the strife

Shining down on you is the gift from above
The rain that falls is the tears of love
The sun that shines is the warmth inside
So chase that fear from where it may reside

Jennifer Don (C)

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