October 07, 2009

Be Free

Through the burning embers
The light distends like fingers
Flickering and dancing through the light
Reaching off into the distance of the night

Warming the body with its glow
Flilling the vacant spaces as its flows
Reaching into the caverns of thought
Into the web of life so taught

Awakening a call of sacrifice inside
A Calling to release the control that may reside
To release is then to gain some more
You then see you gain control for ever more

Awakeniing the inner control over perception
Mans perception that runs through every section
Break the chains and take new ground
Tonight as fires burn its you you've found.

It burns away the old perceptions with delight
Burning away things of old, well into the night
The birth of self empowerment has now taken its hold
With you to stand always firm and bold

Jennifer Don (c)

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