April 22, 2009

Thus Spirit Speaks

Through a fountain streams inspiration
Words of wisdom and information
The great source of light
Forever stands while we learn to unite

My soul , your soul and that of others
In this source we are sisters and even brothers
Standing together under the rainbow of stars
Never fearing whats in front only looking at our pars

Searching within for answers not yet given
Seeking information to keep us living
When in true form we need not those words
When only time can see why not those words

When out of the light spirit speaks
We in return will always peak
Looking to what can lie ahead of our wake
Never truly certain of what we may then make

When then in our hearts our souls alight
The burning passion glowing even more bright
To spur our actions into thoughtful tasks for others
To aid in knowledge and be a fountain for others.

Jennifer Don (c)

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