June 09, 2009

A Spot of Tranquility

Looking over the landscape to the ocean before me
Glancing out to all the islands in the sea
Admiring the total harmonious beauty of the earth
Thinking that this is my home and resting berth


Watching that busy little fishing port by the sea
Never really noticing before how busy it can actually be
To see the comings and goings of the ferries and more
Realising that the same goings will happen in our universe forever more


Stepping back form the edge to see nature at its best
Watching from above perched within the core of eagles nest
Not a nest itself but a vantage point not many do see
So from me to you It's an amazing spot to sit and watch the see


Away from all traffic and mans handcrafted jungle of concrete
Away to the reclusiveness and peace to the hillside retreat
Among the ruins of once a hotel flowers now bloom with delight
Gather your resources and stop for some rest bite


Taking my path now back down I'll sit with the tree's
To send out my thoughts of peace in the gentle breeze
To welcome the energy of the earth and elements
To think upon my desires and clear all resentments


Within my jungle of thought and peace
It's paradise for me away from all the noise does cease
With nature all around the birds sing with beautiful melody
This a spot not known to many surely is tranquility

Jennifer Don (c)

All images are from aspects of Oban that not many people get to see and each have beautiful aspects to them.

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