December 31, 2009

Star Above

Queuing queuing always waiting
Waiting in line patience failing
Shopper's bustling through the streets
Grabbing the last of those Christmas treats

Snow is falling all around
Christmas now in every surround
Children playing running singing chanting
Waiting for good festive tiding

Parents hiding those last minute presents
Sharing the story's of what Christmas represents
To share in the truth of this loving season
For I can't name such a worthier reason

The Birth of Christ in such stable bare
On that morning with no decorative flare
Of the Journey the wise men did partake
To those gifts they took and did not break

From the star above that led the way
To those events we celebrate Christmas day
Share the memories and give thanks at dinner
For reason's given Christmas is a winner

Those logs now burn on that tender fire
Giving warm glows when people begin to tire
With board games now upon the table
Family's sharing some old family fable

Jennifer Don (c)

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