April 30, 2009

Rainbow Pathways

Rainbow pathway leads the way
Take my hand and share the walk
Shed the burden and have a laugh today
As we walk we can talk

Upon the rainbow path tonight
Wisdom given to those who listen
Shimmering stars in the night
Silent whispers truly given

Come now lets take the walk
Travel to new places and witness the new dawn
We will listen should you choose to talk
Upon the rainbow pathway walk you can do no wrong

Healing sensations beneath your feet
Filling all vacated spaces with purest light
Loose yourself on the trail you never know who you'll meet
Come take my hand , lets dance in the the night

The dance of love , respect and passion
Upon the rainbow path lets share thoughts of the soul
Taking to your feet filled with inspiration
The dance of joy and delight, the love fills the empty whole

Upon your rainbow pathway walk tonight
You can sing and laugh until your hearts aglow
A shining star in time you will become under the moonlight
A guiding shimmer in the sky , let yourself just flow

Jennifer Don (c)

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