August 27, 2009

In Loving Memory

This poem was written in the memory of my late nana who passed away to the world of spirit to be with her late husband again on the 20th of August 2009. It was written to be read out at her funeral in which my Dad read out. (((((Nana))))) Loving you always and missing you more may you now fly with grampa away from all pain and suffering as you are now free. Rest In Peace xxx

In Loving Memory

As words from thoughts flow through the caverns of the mind
They mix with strange feelings and emotions of every kind
As we remember your life with the memories in our hearts
We hold them with pride for they will never part

And as you walk through the vally wrapped in love
You are free of pain and suffering, and as graceful as the dove
And now to you a rose so sweet in tender loving red
Showered in droplets of morning dew and tears that we shed

Reunited with your one true love and friend
Eternally together forever with love that shall not end
May you now rest in peace in heavens abode
Where our candles will guide your road

Missing you always but we will never forget you
Your memory will live on for we all love you
You were to us our family and friend
And memories of you will never end

Jennifer Don (c)2009

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