March 25, 2009

The Beacons Within

This one came to me this afternoon sort of. I kept having the beacon of hope, the beacon of love running through my head and had only written the first stanza today being March 25Th 2009.
Anyways four lines and nothing more so left it and thought no more of it then as i was heading off to bed I actually finished it

The Beacons Within

There's a beacon a glow inside of me
Not of one but two maybe even three
Within you too , there is a beacon aglow
For many reasons these beacons flicker and grow

I see one as my Beacon of Hope's and Dreams
It leads my way and keeps be positive by all means
My hopes will always out way the fears I hold
Keeping my head and helping me stay bold

I see another as my beacon of friendship
That also extends outwards to my kinship
No one can I turn down when they be in such need
My ear and passive listening is all I offer so you may proceed

I see yet another, My beacon of respect
One think I know I can't be without I have no regret
I have faith in everyone to see thy selves as they should
Some wont even look although I really wish they would

I see another a beacon so bright my beacon of love shines globally
I extend to you and all around me in hopes that love never fades away
I ask only that you in return share it with all who cross your path
Be they right or be they wrong never is love denied as it makes us laugh

Jennifer Don (c)

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