July 10, 2009

Song of the Wolf

I call to thee my pack of kith and kin
Come join me now in our faithful song
Raise your voices aloft and sing from deep within
Let's join together now and show our bond so strong

Our cry of the wild unites us more than ever
Unique in its own special way, the call of our own today
With the power of love and respect for each other
Growing each day our song sounds this way

Through fealty of bond to each other we stand
Within unity of thought and soul we grow
Together with strength forever ready at hand
No burden now can cause great sorrow

We stand as one with the beat of the drum
Ready to stand with pride in our heart
Ready to run and chase at any given turn
Knowing our pack bond will never part

Let's sing out the night full of delight
Devoid of all fear we guard our home
Let's shine with passion burning bright
These woods are ours so we be free to roam

Jennifer Don (c)

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