October 18, 2009

If Life Was Simple

If life was simple where would we be
Happier ? contented ? perhaps maybe
How we wish for a simple trail
One thats full of colour not so pale
Always seeking the easy choice along the way
Looking for the simple side all through the day

When in man's reality its not to be
Life isnt easy but we fail to see
The aspects in life in where we learn
Longing for love in comfort is what we yearn
Always trying to do what we percieve to be right
Always trying to not back down without a fight

Complex matters add some spice and diversity
Nothing is how it seems to be in mans mystery
But life however we see it to be
Is neither simple nor hard and so you see
Life is as it is filled with challenges to ungergo
Keeping us on our toes and so we flow

From one thing to the next always moving
Through our struggles and triumphs always loving
Where would we be without the challenge in life
Where would man be without his beloved wife
Where would you be if everything was simple you see
Without the challenge of life where would you be

Jennifer Don (c)

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