April 22, 2009

The Joyous Spirit

In shadow light of pasture green
When sapplings grow and sure to be seen
Through fields aligned with purple roses
To shine their lights to eager noses

To dance the dance of inner delight
In gentle winds that blow even into night
To shine a light upon our days
To help take us out of a haze

Rekindling the youth of bygone days
And steads us forwards in our ways
Whispering words into our ears
In hopes that we may just hear

A guided word to put us straight
In hopes we dont return any hate
To take us back to fields aglow
So we may sit and let our thoughts flow

When at times we move so fast and stumble
That we may learn to remain truly humble
Of lessons learnt all in good faith and love
A sign we learn and accept the symbolic Dove

To aid in bringing peace to our hearts
To know that true love never parts
To hear the wonderous sound
That grows day by day all around

Back in shadow light of pasture green
The sapplings grown taller than they have been
Soaking up the energy of a hope filled life
Its time now to cut those hindered ties with a knife

Share the gift from our hearts of light
Allow them to shine ever so bright
That purple rose so tall and full of strentgh
Reminds us all, that all we need is our own strength

Spirit winds and a soul searching call
Answered thougts that grow so tall
Surround you now in ever growing intensity
Nothing harmful only that of reministy

Brings delight to those who have searched
Then to your thoughts that may be pearched
Upon the flows of Joy that ripples in waves
A warm delight now surfs those inner waves

Jennifer Don (c)

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