April 03, 2009

Inner thoughts

This one connects to outside looking in, in the way that they have both arisen from hurt that I've felt recently.

Inner Thoughts

Have you noticed when things are going great
A disturbance does the world create
To turn your world right upside down
When your smiles change to a lowly frown

When peoples anger turn to hate
When aimed at you , life doesn't seem so great
Then feelings surge from deep within
A rising pain of hurt starts to begin

All created from actions of one soul
One individual while loosing sight of their goal
Blinded of their actions only feeling whats inside
Never truly seeing what their doing on the outside

Never really knowing, never truly seeing
How much hurt their causing to other human beings
Unnecessary hurt and shattering torments of lies
I wish that all of that would quietly die

There is no need for one to cause another hurt
Deep down with so much pain we all hurt
Lets bring the love of above back on in
Let it sink filling all gaps deep within

Jennifer Don (c)

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