March 12, 2009

Parted now Connected

The dragon has much to teach and we much to learn.
The burning passion to fly that we so deeply yearn
Tenderness all hidden within the scaly outer of such fine a being.
No more magical than the unicorn so glorious in seeing.

The tender loving nature of either soul entwined together as one united
From that same growing source of light what wraps us all so as not divided
Through magical mysterious the two entwine steadily following feet
There patience and balance following the universe and its beat

Come a time when they need to part through heart
Never truly separate from one another although friendships do part
Journeying individually along there way one soaring through night and day
The other free to run and cast its shadow in the moon and play

Apart for now they may so be but never is spirit for they are tied
Connected to the same source within us all that spirit never died
Divine essence and integrity does us surround
Simple basics of love and harmony can be profound

While along this time they use for thinking
Realisations made with deep down brainwaves and water drinking
Space to release all unseen hindrances and ties
Knowing that inner intuition never lies

Yearning now for that once lost beautiful elegant bond
Forever moving forward a connection again growing so fond
To be united tis what they both pray for each and every day
Little do they realise that path was not a parting of there way

The dragon so humble and strength and elegance with rapturous beauty
Humbly soaring above the lands with tender flight and mildly moody
The unicorn trotting steadily pacing along the rivers tide flow
Now with thinking the emotions within they start to grow

A passion of what was now changed but still united
The bond once shared and parted and never truly divided
Blinded by a change in paths lead to part for some of there way
This the learning of the universe way this day.

Jennifer Don (c)

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