May 05, 2010

Crystal Cave

Within the caves of crystals and thoughts,
Towards the back is books and what not's..
Where age old wisdom fill's there pages,
Where contains memories of the passing ages

Where the fire flickers to make the shadow's dance,
Where things that move give cause for a second glance.
Where from within the cave somethings come to light..
Flowing all directions like star's in the night...

Where whispers echo off the walls,
Where we are alive and having a ball
Where the sounds give cause for a moment's thought
To which we know we should treasure what we've got

But something inside stirs ever more in the night
A desire, a passion a longing for answers so bright
A desire that burns stronger than the flames in sight
A surging impulse to know more a life long fight

Within this cave of crystals and thoughts
Answers are found and some are still sought
A cause for understanding and it's basic phase
Leaves us clear from all clutter and haze

Within this cave the roads become clear
And from that path we take we eradicate fear
And so to we add to the pages in the books
Each path we take and each one we dare look

Jennifer Don © 2010

That Moment

Lounging at the beach today..
Listening as the world goes by..
Watching the waves as they rock in that stormy way,
Watching as the birds swoop and fly so high....

Hearing the calls they cry as the sea does roar
Watching as the waves rise and fall
As it sways back and forth towards the shore
In and out with each a sudden swell

Churning up what may have been left before
While life below the surface carry's on regardless
As the drift wood drifts to land upon the shore
While seaweed is tossed around to land and make a mess

So as I sit here in the moment on this day
I contemplate the wonders of the world and what I see
With the waves so wild and calming in there own way
Knowing that the ocean, the waves will always be free

And if perhaps for a moment or two
We take on board some of the power from the sea
To create our currents to move us in what we do
Then perhaps even we can be for that moment free

Jennifer Don © 2010

May 02, 2010

The Heart Sings

As the heart sings, the soul too shall resonate to the same tune.
To a point in which the words will flow like the currents of the sea.
Ebbing in and out settling upon the pages to which we write.
Upon pages where our thoughts and feelings really can be free.

Where imagination becomes your visionary to see for what it is.
Where the words just jump out at you with passion.
To which the heart and soul will continue to sing it's song.
Where those words will slide easily with flowing motion.

Weaving through the branches upon the strong tree's in life.
Creating whispers in the wind a music in the heart.
From morning sunrise all through to the setting sun at night.
Where like each day a new one arises to which we play our part.

To which we are connected in unison to Earth's energy.
Where we all share a common tie to which some are uncertain.
Where aspects of the seen and unseen are set in motion.
Where again our heart's sing to a beat it does maintain.

Where connections upon the pages begin to shine through.
Where the words show meaning of that we can see so clear.
Where as they flow across the pages to the rise and fall of the tide.
They create the cycles of magic to keep balance and banish fear.

So I call to the soul within to let the heart sing.
To sound your song with pride and show your passion.
To show that your song is yours and your soul will match your tune.
So let the heart sing it's song so full of love and compassion.

Jennifer Don © 2010