March 19, 2009

Our Rightful Way

Sitting up late one night working around the spiritual nature what arises to me only that of the following words ... under the moonlight rays somewhere near old oak bay, glancing out to the ocean waves thinking of all my days wishing i was brave .... I sat and i was like huh where and what was that lol. Then i secumed to the thought lets put it in a poem and the rest just flowed and for me it felt so weired for what i had written made no sense to me but other made it out rather clear lol

Our Rightful Way

Under the moonlight rays
Somewhere near Old Oak Bay
Glancing out to the ocean waves
Thinking of all my days wishing I was brave

Thinking now If only I did what I first thought
Instead internally I had only fought
Between my thoughts and Intuition
I'd give a second to be back in that situation

One more moment to be with thee
On tender moment that I may see
I can thus only now Hope and pray
That there will be another way

Oh moon so bright this glorious night
Please shine for me and stay so bright
Lighten my path so that I may see
A way round to be at rest within me

To travel the road so burden free
I can only pray that one day the soul will see
Guide me now through what lies ahead
Place me in a way that I may now travel in good stead.

Jennifer Don (c)

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