January 31, 2010

A Rose And You.

A gentle aroma now fills the air
Subtle, sweet, soft and fair
Water on the petals, the morning dew
A picture so sweet, just like you

Frozen in time for me to see
To hold on tight, set me free
To carry on surrounded in hope
I'm holding on without the rope

Roses are sweet and tender too
Sharp, straight to the point, just like you
Strong on the outside, soft within
Determination, It wont give in

So let's carry on remaining strong
Listen to the birds, they sing they're song
The music of life, It fills the air
The subtle whispers through my hair

Memories frozen in time for me to see
To hold on tight, set me free
To carry on surrounded in hope
I'm holding on without the rope

As I look to the clock now it's eleven:eleven
It rings out to me as the number of Heaven
Where the garden of Eden is shrouded in light
It's a beautiful sight even through the night

Where roses bloom, casting rainbows for you
Where the light you see is pure and true
Where our thoughts are only an earshot away
But please, please don't fade away

Memories frozen in time for me to see
To hold on tight, set me free
To carry on surrounded in hope
I'm holding on without the rope

If I could have another moment with you
I'd say all the things I've been meaning to
I would do anything to feel your touch
To tell you how I miss you oh so much

When I gaze upon the rose and you
I see how much I really miss you
I'll treasure all the memories I have inside
I know I wont ever let them hide

Frozen in time for me to see
To hold on tight, set me free
To carry on surrounded in hope
I'm holding on without the rope

The rose a tender flower in bloom
A reminder that I'll see you soon
Now falls that silent single tear
Of love that shows forever so clear

Jennifer Don ©

Wolf So White

As the twisted world around me
Now shudders in the deepening night
A cry so eerie emanates from the woodland so free
Draped in magic and mystery of the moonlight

The echo of that cry rippling through my veins
Sending out a wave of comfort a sense of nothing to fear
Then all goes quite and is now still again
I gaze out to the valley before me lit up so clear

A moment of silence to put order to confusion
Now shattered as a twig snaps over to my right
I glance over to see two eye's of amber infusion
I do not fear those eye's lit up by moonlight

Within those eyes is peace and wisdom so pure and free
With my eyes now adjusting on this eerie calm night
My vision extends beyond those eyes a wolf I see
A wolf who stand's sharp and is ever so white

Does not growl or give cause to show fear
Looking in those eyes I see the soul so misunderstood
One of power and compassion for now it's so clear
To reach out with the mind and look under the hood

So magnificent and proud he stands under the light
Allowing me to approach him so close now I stand
He comes forward his head under my hand in the night
His coat so soft and smooth a comfort to the palm of my hand

Now filled with warmth and peace inside
My worries now gone, the way made clear tonight
That white wolf to my side he now resides
He's been there always, only now he's so clear in light

Jennifer Don (c)


Transform your focus, your criteria, your desire
Like the phoenix be reborn from the fire
Come alive in the morning with passion new
While the rivers run sending energy to you

Come now shed that shell in which you hide
Come now awaken the power within you, it does reside
Flighty and free ready to start over again
Where you will take control now take the reigns

Up from the ashes of the past you rise
A new beginning filled with many a surprise
Casting aside the old making way for the new
A positive ground for you to stand and admire the view

Changing aspects within your awareness, arise this dawn
New life and passion comes to you in morning song
Spread your new wings of flight, lets soar to a new height
Freedom in your eyes your spirit now has reason to fight

From the fire of which you're reborn in shining light
Comes the strength that stays forever growing by moonlight
Giving you courage to take your next step on your way
On this the first step forward on your brand new day

Jennifer Don ©

January 18, 2010


Where do those words come from
Some be smooth and others like a storm
Growing like waves pounding my thoughts
Being tossed back and forth a hard battle fought

Some with rapturous venom as words can sting
Others flow free you can't help but sing
Some come with a pleasant harmony
Some are playful others that of melancholy

Some complex and require understanding
Others like a puzzle wanting solving
Flowing together back and forth in day or night
Creating many wonder's that may shed some light

Where answers may be unknowingly found
Where Questions asked are often bound
Where one may take that creative leap
When put to paper some end in a heap

Some are kept for ever with pride in a book
Where it can then be opened for others to look
Some are made into something longer
What ever the cause words have something to offer

Jennifer Don (c)

January 15, 2010

Follow On

I'll follow on all through the storm
I'll do my best to remain so strong
When the thunder fills the sky
When the tree's creak and sigh

I give thanks for life and wonder
For the miracles are no blunder
I'll follow on the road that's for me
I'll follow on with spirit's so free

As you lead the journey of a lifetime
Show me the way that's right beyond the line
On foot here and one foot there
There is magic in the air

I'll follow on through any challenge
They may be hard but I'll try and manage
I'll follow on through the wilderness song
That sings so loud from dusk till dawn

Jennifer Don (c)

The Warrior

As the crackling fire burns before the warrior in the night
He remembers those now gone on to the light
Nursing his wounds, whilst others mourn and cry
When the pain is strong he wonders why

Why was his people victims of hate
Was there any need to debate
Why couldn't they share land and be one
As he sheds a single tear he mutters " surely It can be done"

He then stands and a soft chant emanates outwards
Head to the sky he cry's " Great spirit carry us forwards"
"Let us not suffer in such pain let us be proud"
"For those who stood with us we will be proud"

"Watch over them as they come now to join you"
"Let us see the way forward that is true"
Feeling weak from his own wounds he sits again
For his strength and muster he soon will regain

The camp behind the warrior fades into silence
Yet he remains to listen to the growing silence
By the warmth of the glowing embers he stays
For his land and people they're safety he prays

Jennifer Don (c)

Listen... Can Your Hear?

Can you hear the drums calling out to you,
Listen close because what come's next is true.
Sit in the silence and listen clear,
Be still now and have no fear,

Go into the silence and sit a while,
Listen for the sounds that travel a mile,
Listen for he calls out to you,
Listen what will you do...

The drummer keeps is beat
Will you then keep your feet?
Will you keep a clear head?
Clearing all the clinging dread

Listen to the story sung to you
The voice is carried just of you
The whispers of an angel
Offer words with no label

Coincide to that drumming beat
Can't you see them tapping there feet
Listen to what is said from the light
Listen close it's full of delight

Jennifer Don (c)

Starlight Procession

Starlight procession guiding our way
Show us no heartache we pray today
Show us that of laughter so the world can unite
Show us that of compassion as you light up tonight

The stars above that guide us home
Pray we that you give us room to roam
Pray we that our demons of the past be gone
Pray we so that we can now more on

In your essence and astounding light above this night
Aid our woes and help our life be bright
Pray we that those who suffer find there way
Pray we that they see your light today

In glory and wonder above us so
Still in our eyes as the rivers flow
Fill us with the love we so seek
Help us to aid those in need now so weak

Jennifer Don (c)

Wings Of Flight

Step aboard the wings of flight
Full of hope and honest light
To soar above the shore below
To fly so high and then so low

Step aboard the wings of flight
Through the day and through the night
Upon a journey made for you
Where dreams they really do come true

Step aboard the wings of flight
Absorbing such a wondrous sight
With new surprises all the time
Set for you so there is no line

Step aboard the wings of flight
Full of grace in all delight
Banish all the shadows now
Stand up tall and take a bow

Jennifer Don (c)

January 08, 2010


Let me give to you what I will give of mine
Of bonds so strong and love so divine
Of paths never to be broken
And memories unable to be taken

The very foundation of compassion
Grow's like rose's in full fashion
Flourishing with pride they shine as the sun
With comfort knowing things can be done

Where triumph gains the steady ground
Avoiding the snare's all around
Devotion grows with your dedication
And you develop growing communication

Learning to follow your will your way
Taking another step forward each day
So let me share with you what i give of mine
The courage to learn in love so divine

Jennifer Don (c)