June 17, 2009

Oh Morning Dawn

The dawn breaks shedding new light upon the panoramic view
Spreading the warm glowing sun outwards through nights shadow
Seeping warmth and glimmering hope through the early mornings dew
Lifting the spirits of many in the morning sundance through the window

Clearing the murky shadows from our hearts of sorrow and pain
Turning them to the love and support that surrounds us in nature
Even when inside we feel the change encompass us no longer a strain
Feeling that release and sudden rush of conpelment to take a new venture

That new dawn of hope has come when we in need
To raise our spirits from sadness to uplifement within
To allow us to grow in comfort to be able to sow the seed
The seed of hope and dreams we aspire to and all within

Our morning sunrise the birds sing with more upliftment
A growing sensation that now stability of emotions has come
When we allow what we need and release resentment
We shall grow with support when we all see needs to be done

For this new dawn brings inspirtation and reason now to rise
For we awaken from the haze to see what we have since missed
To see ourselfs in new light and then shed our once beloved guise
To be who we were always ment to be even when some have hissed

From the dark of the night to this new dawn so bright
We have since stepped into the change of live and clear that haze
We are now venturing a new ground full of loveing light
With support it surely wont cause us to be in a daze

Oh morning dawn I have thee to thank for such vision and insight
A reason to get up and carry on to overcome what holds us back
A purpose of life that has now grown within and come to light
Oh morning dawn my hopes and dreams have risen to the morning lark

Jennifer Don (c)

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