April 03, 2009

Mighty lessons

After recent events and talking with someone else in the spiritual field over what has happened and such , they suggested that as I write poems and had written 2 within the last 2 days which were the last 2 posted that I write one on the lessons I've learnt over all those recent events

Mighty Lessons

I've learned now that you can find strength in times of weakness
To know when to talk to release all that built up inner sadness
So much hurt that has been felt some more than others indeed
In all life's lessons I feel this is one we all learn in order to proceed

I sit and look back thinking why was it so hard to just let go
To undo the knots and just follow the river flow
To shield myself when I could have done from all the pain
Even though we may make the same mistake all over again

Lessons learnt always the hard way hoping it was a once off
Next time . well I hope there wont be a next time or I'm off
Just in case it does I'll be much better off knowing what I know now
Next time I wont suffer this much pain mistakes I've made I see now

Hurt caused by others only hurts is we allow it so
This another lesson that will happen even following the flow
A mighty lesson to learn but one of power within
To learn that all our power lies inside so don't give in

To learn that you can only control what you have to give
Nothing else in the world can take that power to make you live
A resilient source and the greatest gift one to cherish not tarnish
Let bygones be bygones and stead yourself well to the finish

Lend a helping hand to others away from the growing action
Helping in the background works the same or better without the suction
Without being caught in all the action around those seeking help in life
Another lesson learnt in my ever growing book now with less strife

It's time now to turn the self revolving tide
And find where my inner powers may reside
To bring them back from being locked away
And start afresh on the dawn of a new day

Jennifer Don (c)

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